August is the month where everything  starts to become ripe.  August is the time of cicadas, frogs,  and loud nature.  August is a warning to school kids that their freedom is waning.

Watch for the dog days.  They are upon us.

There is nothing quite like August in Virginia.

August is the time of sunflowers!

110 Thoughts to “Open Thread………………………………..Saturday, August 1”

  1. Friar Tuck

    Cronyism must be alive and well in the office of the Gainesville Supervisor.

    I think you have to pass a religious test before you are hired to work there.

  2. Jackson Bills

    Moon-howler :
    Oh please. That is really conspiracy theory if I have ever heard it.
    you are closing your eyes to an awful lot.

    Hahahahahahah! I’m closing MY eyes???

    1. Yes. If you think that George Soros or any other rich dude is behind the riots and protests in Ferguson, you are kidding yourself. This one is rooted in a lot of history.

  3. Jackson Bills

    And put on steroids with $30 million from Soros busing in THOUSANDS of fake protesters and agitators.

    1. Just what would his personal objective be?

  4. Cargosquid

    Moon-howler :
    That’s a deflection. We aren’t talking about Clinton. We are talking about Trump. Clinton never talked about women like that in public, regardless.
    So do I assume you would be comfortable with a president who talked about women in that manner and who threatens debate hosts because of the questions that she asks them?
    Man, how low can we go here?

    I’m not defending Trump. I hold him at almost the same low level as Bill Clinton. Unlike Bill, however, none of Trump’s “offended” women needed ice.

    As for Soros….why are you closing your eyes to published reports that show his organizations paid the agitators? Its not conspiracy. His organizations did this.

    Some background on Soro’s activities and the sort of things he likes:

    Thus the outside agitation.

    1. “his” organizations is a misnomer. Perhaps organizations that he contributes to do things you or I wouldn’t like to see done. That doesn’t mean he is doing it. I don’t give a rat’s ass about George Soros one way or the other. I just don’t think he is the boogie man you right wingers think he is. Too much Glenn Beck.

      To Glenn Beck, he was the anti Christ.

      Do you think that there wouldn’t be any protests in Ferguson if Soros didn’t exist?

  5. Scout

    Cargo and Jackson are demonstrating how access to information and ability to process it are two completely different things. We can know just about anything, but we still believe that there are albino alligators living in the sewers of New York, or that aliens are being held POWs by the Air Force.

    What is accurate is that a group that Soros has contributed to has also provided funding (not all their funding but funding) for groups that do a number of things, among which are support for demonstrators in Ferguson. This gets stuck in some people’s minds as the idea that everything that Soros gives to the original group (i.e., the $33m) went to bus “thousands” of protestors to Ferguson. Jackson embarrasses himself more than once even in this particular thread.

    By the way, the very same group that Soros helped fund has also done quite a few things that I’m sure that even Jackson and Cargo would approve of.

  6. Cargosquid

    HIS organizations. HE set them up.

    I believe that the protests in Ferguson would have been more peaceful if he wasn’t involved paying “community organizers” to stir up trouble.

    Please…name one thing that Soros or his organizations have done that I might approve of.

    1. You must pay more attention to him than I do. I guess he and the Koch brothers cancel each other out.

  7. Cargosquid

    By the way….

    YAY! I FINALLY got to see the Persieds. My daughter and I went some place dark….well… darker, and we saw 5 or 6 get through the city glow.

    Very cool.

    1. I saw 4. One was very bright. Clouds moved in. Then they left, then they came back. Battling mother nature to observe nature is difficult.

  8. Lyssa


    Warren Harding

  9. Pat.Herve

    Lyssa :
    Warren Harding

    Oh my goodness – sex in a WhiteHouse coat closet by a Republican President – how could it be….and a daughter out of wedlock and at least one other affair. I need a my valium. /sarcasm

  10. Scout

    I think rather better of Warren Harding, not worse, as a result of these revelations. The man was in over his head big time as President. His wife is reported to have been a battle axe. He died prematurely under what some consider very suspicious circumstances. And, in his love letters to his mistress, he left us the immortal lines: “I love you garbed, but naked more.” What other President has left us with that sort of poetry?

  11. Scout

    @ Cargo: some of the many activities by Soros-financed groups that I have to assume you would support are:

    Anti HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB programs in Africa;

    Advocacy groups urging reform of prison conditions in Russia and other places;

    promotion of democratic (note the small “d”) processes in Russia and former Eastern Bloc countries;

    Prison education programs designed to reduce recidivism;

    International student exchanges;

    Support for the Ukrainian Government against Russian subversion

    The Open Society Foundation, the Soros-financed group that got our confused friend, Jackson, so distraught, lists among its goals:

    strengthen the Rule of Law;
    respect for Human Rights;
    promotion of a civil society that keeps Government power in check.

    What’s not to like?

    1. Thanks for that wealth of information, Scout!

  12. Pat.Herve

    And the latest transgressions by a Republican – – this story is getting worse and worse. It does prove that although some people think they are better than others, they are all just the same. Slime balls come in all colors and flavors.

    1. So to cover up his fling, he wants to make up a distorted, untrue story about himself? What a jerk.

  13. Cargosquid

    Because I don’t trust that nazi as far as I can throw him. especially with his organizations in the US.

  14. Scout

    I was unaware that Soros was a member of the National Socialist Workers Party, CS. Those guys must be rare as hens teeth these days. I would have thought that at least one of those programs I listed might be something you could get behind.

  15. The stock market continues to give everyone the heebie jeebies. When does this “correction” end?

  16. Cato the Elder

    Moon-howler :
    The stock market continues to give everyone the heebie jeebies. When does this “correction” end?

    January 20th, 2017.

    1. Bwaaaaahahahahahahaha @Cato. That sounds like a pipe dream.

      Apple is coming back nicely at the moment. I will take what I can get.

  17. Big Dog

    Sell in May and go away – enjoy the summer months.

    1. Hi Big Dog! So good to see you.

  18. Big Dog

    Hi Moon, glad to see you are keeping up the Good Fight.

    1. I try my best, most days, Big Dog. Are you in town or are you teleporting in for a visit?

  19. Big Dog

    Hope to visit Manassas this fall, but living now
    near Raleigh in Holly Springs NC.

    Spent yesterday in next door Apex ” Peak City”.
    It was just selected by Money magazine as America’s
    top small town and does have a very nice restored
    Old Town area, but I don’t think it measures up
    to Manassas.

    1. Let us know when you will be here in the fall. Perhaps we can have a moon rising function in your honor.

      How close do you live to Cindy?

      I don’t think Manassas is the same since you left!!! 🙁

  20. Lyssa

    Now Donald Trump has called Kelly a bimbo. Unprovoked. I think the only thing she “did” is return from vacation. Can’t wait to hear this defense.

    1. Trump brings new meaning to “low class.”

  21. Starryflights

    GOP loyalty oath proposal in Virginia may signal trouble for Donald Trump

    By Jenna Portnoy and Robert Costa August 25 at 8:18 PM
    RICHMOND — The Virginia Republican Party is considering requiring a loyalty oath from presidential primary contenders — a move widely considered an early sign of GOP skittishness about Donald Trump’s campaign.

    State party officials are debating whether to require candidates to pledge their support to the eventual nominee and promise not to run as a third-party candidate — as Trump has hinted he might do.

    The development could be an early sign of trouble for Trump, particularly if other state parties consider similar ideas. But it also is being debated cautiously by Republicans who worry that it could backfire and breed resentment among activists who are suspicious of attempts by the GOP establishment to control the party.

    Most of all, the idea — which began to circulate the morning after the first GOP debate, when Trump indicated that he wouldn’t rule out an independent run — signals growing concern about the businessman, who has electrified the Republican field with his flamboyant and controversial candidacy.

    Particularly in the key swing state of Virginia, which most Republicans think they must win to take the White House, Trump’s potential as a third-party spoiler should he not win the nomination makes some leaders nervous.

    Heh heh.

  22. Big Dog

    Atlantic Monthly website: Candidates Who Are Making Headlines
    – based on major newscast mentions in last 7 Days.

    Top Four:

    Trump: 7,869
    Clinton: 2,669
    Bush: 2,292
    Sanders 884


    Webb 11
    Gilmore 0

    Seems like our Virginia boys need to ramp it up a little.

  23. Friar Tuck

    Pete Candland sucks up to Scott Walker. That shows us how Pete really feels about teachers.


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