New call for background checks in Virginia


Seven Northern Virginia delegates and two Democratic nominees to the House of Delegates joined the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence at a news conference in Arlington to urge that background checks cover all gun sales, including those at gun shows and online.

Virginia law does not require background checks for gun purchases from unlicensed dealers or private sellers. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) tried to change that, but his proposal was rejected by the Republican-controlled Virginia legislature.

The governor again mentioned closing the gun-show loophole, as it is commonly called, in the wake of the Roanoke shootings, drawing the ire of Republican lawmakers who noted that the gunman in that case purchased his weapon legally.

The fact that the Roanoke shooter bought his gun legally speaks volumes.  Rather than excusing Virginia gun laws, it should condemn them and make us want to shore up requirements.  This guy had a paper trail both hard copy and digitally behind him a mile long.  Flares should have been going off.

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Migrant crisis, part 2


The humanitarian crisis in Europe continues to grow each day.  I believe these people are more than migrants. They aren’t moving for jobs or education or even new cultural experiences.  They are moving to save their lives.  The longer these people are denied refugee status, the longer Europe can put off accepting the inevitable.

The pictures we see now on TV must be the modern day version of what it looked like (see picture above) some  75 year ago, give or take,  when  Europeans, many of them Jews, left their homes and headed to anywhere they presumed they would be safe.  How many of those people were turned away?  How many people were not given sanctuary?  How many of those people and their descendants would be alive today if some town or country had give them safe harbor.

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