Republican debate lies

Several outright lies were told during the debate Wednesday that went unchallenged.  Several of them will have long-lasting fallout if the majority of the people watching believe them.

Trump declared that he knew of a 2 year old who “caught” autism right after receiving vaccinations.  No medical evidence has ever been established regarding vaccinations and autism.   According to the Washington Post opinion:

There were a lot of half-truths and out-right falsehoods peddled at CNN’s Republican debate Wednesday night, but perhaps the most damaging among them was the assertion by Donald Trump that childhood vaccinations cause autism, and others’ skepticism about the safety of the vaccine schedule set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It was particularly galling watching two physicians who are president candidates, Ben Carson and Rand Paul, pander when they clearly know better.

Where were the 2 doctors when Trump was making his bold claim?  Carson equivocated rather than just calling BS.  Rand Paul was silent.  Trump told an irresponsible lie.  His opponents who were in a position to challenge him, didn’t.  Shame on all three of them.


Carly Fiorina also  lied.  She challenged to Hillary to watch a fabricated video of a fully-formed baby with kicking legs being dismembered for its brain.  She lost all credibility on that one.  There is no such video of such any such  event.

Shame on her.  She has a lot going for her as a candidate.  I have scratched her off my list because of her lie.  That is not how stem cell research works.

Hopefully, the more reasonable, truthful  Republicans will bump off the wannabes.

Clinics no longer required to have special building codes and hospital rules

The Virginia Board of Health voted Thursday evening to reverse hospital-style rules and building codes for abortion clinics, fulfilling a campaign promise of Gov. Terry McAuliffe and delivering a setback to abortion foes.

The amended regulations — if finalized — will no longer require the state’s existing abortion clinics to comply with the inpatient hospital code. Nor would the regulations mandate that the clinics have transfer agreements with hospitals or impose strict construction and design standards. However, future clinics will have to follow parts of the construction code.

“Today’s vote is an enormous step forward in the fight to get extreme politics out of decisions that should be between women and their doctors,” McAuliffe (D) said in a statement. “I applaud the Board of Health for ending this disturbing chapter in our history and for heeding the advice of experts, medical professionals and Virginia women about the best way to provide safe access to health care.”

The move also drew praise from the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and ProgressVA.

Don’t be mislead.  These TRAP rules and codes were meant to shut down clinics, not make abortion safer.  Hopefully all new clinics, regardless of the type of medical service provided will have to follow codes that make all procedures safer.  Plenty of us have out patient services that are far more invasive and dangerous than abortion.

Good for the State Board of Health for coming to its senses, now Cuccinelli and McDonald are peddling their influence elsewhere.

The thought occurred to me as I created this post that now our local clinic is closing, the protesters will have further to drive.  Please know that the clinic owner always appreciated them being out there.  Protester presence saved her thousands of dollars annually in advertising.

The best way to end abortion is to do all we can to reduce unwanted pregnancy.  Yet, as we speak, members of the Senate and Congress are trying their best to defund Planned Parenthood.  The Hyde Amendment has made it illegal for any federal money to go towards abortion.  Those chasing after Planned Parenthood with pitchforks and torches need to think about the cost of unwanted, unplanned pregnancy.  Birth Control ought to be a national priority.

I have to go write my check to Planned Parenthood.  You can also designate them through

*TRAP* laws = Targeted Restriction of Abortion Providers