Open Thread………………………………………Wednesday, September 2

hello september


The leaves won’t be changing for a while.  Right now August is in September.  Soo the skies will turn bright blue and the air will be crisp.  The nights will be cool and at times chilly.

The crickets and jarflies are loud–loud enough to drown you out if you are sitting on your deck.  In the evening, the frogs try to outsing the crickets.  Ants are marching many by many trying to store up food for the winter.

Everything is alive in fall, hurrying to get the last of the warmth and light in before the cold winter sets in.

The Pope goes to Congress

Pope Francis’s address to a joint session of Congress on
September 24, 2015 (10:00 AM ET) will mark a first in the history of the
Catholic Church and United States.

Invited by Speaker John Boehner, a Catholic and product of Jesuit education, Pope Francis will speak to a Congress where over 30% of members self-identify as Catholic and nearly 15% attended a Catholic college or university.  In addition, 55 of the members were educated at Jesuit universities or high schools.  His address to Congress will be an opportunity to invite legislators to reflect on the U.S.’s response to those who are marginalized by poverty and injustice, especially migrants, those plagued by climate change, workers treated unjustly, etc.


First off, I love the Pope.  I think he is a neat man and he behaves, in my opinion, as a man of Christ should.   To me, he has humility, has eschewed much of the opulence and ostentation of the Vatican in favor of a simpler life.  He seems to listen to the real needs of people.


However, I am far too much of a “wall of separation” person to be giving this Congressional address a 100% thumbs up.  I just am not sure that religious leaders should be addressing Congress.   I confess that I would be having a fit if Billy Graham or Jerry Falwell had  addressed Congress during their lifetime.  The Pope is a little different because he is a head of state.


This isn’t my sword to fall on.  The Pope has a good message of brotherly love.  I might not agree with all he says.  ( I don’t expect to) but I don’t believe he has a political agenda.   I will be watching to hear his address.  I know there are those who will boycott.


Does anyone here plan to see the Pope?   How do you feel about him addressing Congress?  Should we be treating him like royalty or just a head of state?  How many of us have Papal fever?  I just admit to having a slight case.