It hasn’t been that many decades since there was real prejudice towards the Irish and central Europeans immigrants, mainly because they were Catholic.    Remember the days of WASP and what it stood for:  White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.


What a difference a few decades can make. Today, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these Catholic immigrants occupy the halls of Congress, governors’ mansions and state legislatures. One of them currently resides in the Naval Observatory. And when the head of the Catholic Church comes to visit, he will be warmly welcomed and hailed by politicians of all parties and all faiths.
Indeed, America has traveled a long road since the days when many native-born Americans regarded Catholic immigrants as an ideological and racial threat.

But it’s also a fitting time to recall how things once were. Pope Francis arrives amid a political season rife with violent rhetoric directed at millions of Catholic immigrants and their American-born children. Much like an earlier generation of newcomers who faced a toxic blend of racial and nativist backlash, today’s Catholic immigrants have found themselves the unwitting subject of an intense debate about the very meaning of what it means to be an American.

Are we still revisiting the same old prejudices, just from other countries?  It seems so.

6 Thoughts to “Immigrant Catholics: How things once were”

  1. Kelly_3406

    > One of them currently resides in the Naval Observatory.

    If that doesn’t show the harm caused by unfettered immigration, I don’t know what does. 😉

  2. Cargosquid

    I’m so old that I remember when there was an actual state set aside for us Catholics…..


  3. George S. Harris

    I find no humor in Kelly’s remark Moon and am sorry you do.

    1. I would have thought the “rolling eyes” would have been enough of a hint that I was being sarcastic. Of course I didn’t agree with Kelly. I just didn’t feel the need to go to war with him over it.

      Kelly said it light-heartedly. Did he really mean it? Who really cares.

  4. Kelly_3406

    @George S. Harris

    Is making fun of our politicians no longer okay, George?

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