Are the congressional Republicans imploding?  What’s going on?  Have the hardliners killed the GOP?

Something needs to give.   Do what I call “normal Republicans” even have a chance?  The GOP leadership appears to be in chaos.

This year is definitely bizarre world in terms of politics.  Trump and Carson still have the lead.  They are absolutely not leaders, in my book.

What will happen tomorrow?  I will sort of miss Rep. McCarthy.  There was something endearing about him.

Quote of the day:  Anthony Weiner said “These guys are the straws that are stirring the drink in the Republican party.”  [meaning the 40 rebels]

11 Thoughts to “The sound heard around the Hill: “I am not the one”?”

  1. punchak

    If no new Speaker is chosen, I presume that Boehner will stay;
    maybe until he leaves Congress. Clever ploy???

  2. Pat.Herve

    I still am having trouble believing that this is happening. Is there no Person that the Republican house members can vote in as speaker – why not get one of the big mouths to go in there – Rove, Hannity, Rush, Norquist, Newt – get one of the big talkers in their to show just how this is done. This is exactly why our Congress is dysfunctional. Abolish the Hastert rule and allow the House majority to push legislation instead of the Majority of the Majority.

  3. Pat.Herve

    Another thing that is for House of Cards – So, Boehner announces his retirement. The caucus calls a vote to select the Republican nominee. The chosen one backs out. The vote is called off. Boehner might not retire. And we have more coming.

    Now, tell me the system is not rigged. This is not Democracy it is an Oligarchy.

  4. Ed Myers

    Nancy P. could become speaker. All it takes is 217 votes or something. She’s be less hostile to moderate R’s and maybe could dangle a few plum chairmanships to get the number of defections needed. Once a gang of 29 tells the gang of 40 to either shut up and follow or they will defect and elect Nancy as speaker, Boehner then has the leverage to get some order and discipline in the caucus. The gang of 40 sure seem to be overplaying their hands. When their bluff gets called, what are they going to do?

  5. Pat.Herve

    Oh, Darryl Issa has thrown his hat into the ring. That makes me feel so much better.

  6. Starryflights

    The republican hard right would have had one of their in own as Speaker in Eric Cantor had they not primaried him out of congress. What did that accomplish? Now look at them. They look pathetic, weak, rudderless and lost in space.

    1. There are about 40 I would like to see out of office. When we are dealing with fairly normal people in congress, both sides, something gets done. They off-set each other’s self-interest, which is a good thing.

      That Rep. McCarthy is growing on me, like Boehner did. I am not a conservative about most issues but I think both men have redeeming qualities. Lots of them.

      I think it is childish to think you never have to compromise. This entire country is run on compromise, with everything thinking they got a little of what they want.

  7. George S. Harris

    I find it disturbing that a small number of far right wing Republicans hold the House hostage to anything. This group has no scruples and is willing to shut down the government if it does not get its way. While they don’t run around chopping off heads in public, bombing ancient historical sites, banning music, alcohol and smoking, in some ways how different are they than ISIS? We really do have a Congress that is unable to function. More critical issues will be coming in the next few months, including a budget fight in early December. This mess has already caused a great deal of chaos in the government and with government contractors who don’t know where things are going and thus are afraid to move forward.

  8. Pat.Herve

    Debt Ceiling – Check
    Budget – Check
    Continuing REsolution – Check
    AUMF on ISIS – Check
    No tax reform again – Check
    Speaker on way out – Check

    Oh, lets create a bill to repeal Obamacare – yes, it is heading to the floor folks.

    1. Don’t forget regulating abortion and shutting down Planned Parenthood.

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