My favorite month is finally here.  Good things happen in October.  Leaves change, the air gets crisp,  mosquitoes go away, and fire pits get used.

Today, October 1, we are wondering if we are going to get struck by a late hurricane named Joaquin.  It’s warm, humid and rainy today, nothing like the beautiful October to arrive in the next week or so.

It’s time for wineries, farmers markets, and leaf watching.  After this summer, I am more than ready!



47 Thoughts to “Open Thread…………………………………………………………..October 1”

  1. Starryflights

    Another day, another mass shooting in America. I’m tired of this sh**. How many more of these do we have to undergo before we do something about the easy availability of guns?

    1. Starry, I was just telling my husband that I have almost become desensitized to the entire phenomena of mass killings. I glanced at the TV to see where. The names just become one big blur.

      People’s lives simply aren’t as important as someone’s rights. That’s the long and short of it.

      At some point we will start voting people out of office who don’t want to toughen up background checks and legislate other measures that keep guns out of the hands of idiots.

  2. punchak

    Why do so many of these shootings take place at colleges, I wonder?
    It is HORRIBLE !!

    1. The suicide rate at colleges is much higher than people know about also.

  3. Starryflights

    And Elementary schools, theatres, shopping malls, churches…

  4. Lyssa

    There are so many they are scrambling for blood. If murdering babies couldn’t bring out the one of the largest lobbiest groups to simply campaign publicly with their money for responsible use of their precious guns nothing will. They disgust me. There’s no more room for discussion. Just disgust. You know the kind those same people have for liberals. That kind of disgust. Back at ya. Respect life, my ass.

    1. If Sandy Hook didn’t cause any change, I simply don’t think we are going to get it. I am sickened every time I think about it.

      All we hear about is why ideas won’t work and nothing gets done. I would gladly give up a little of my rights if I thought it would save a life or two.

      I personalize Sandy Hook. It happened on my birthday and I had a granddaughter in the first grade at the time. Every birthday since I have been depressed over those poor kids, just going to school….

  5. Lyssa

    ..and they aid and abet domestic terrorists. Just case I wasn’t clear about what I think.

  6. punchak

    The shooter: Chris Harper Mercer, age 26.

    1. He wasn’t a student there either. What was he doing on their campus?

  7. Scout

    @ Punchak – re your question about schools – I think the reason this happens so much at schools and colleges is because that’s the demographic node that many (though not all) of the shooters come from – in other words, the world of the young troubled male (you simply don’t hear about women doing this) and his age-peers centers around schools. Another reason is the fact that there are large concentrations of people in these places and the psychopathology of this condition is that the shooter wants to take a lot of people with him. Schools, theaters, fill the bill.

  8. msn.com:

    ROME — Pope Francis’ encounter with Kim Davis last week in Washington, which was interpreted by many as a subtle intervention in the United States’ same-sex marriage debate, was part of a series of private meetings with dozens of guests and did not amount to an endorsement of her views, the Vatican said on Friday.

    Ms. Davis — the Rowan County, Ky., clerk who defied a judge’s order and refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples — was among the guests ushered into the Vatican’s embassy for a brief meeting with him, the Vatican said.

    “The pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis, and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,” the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, said in a statement released on Friday morning.

    I feel better. It sounds like Ms. Kim Davis misrepresented her encounter with Pope Francis.

    All my good feelings about the Pontiff were dissipating over his perceived support of Kim Davis. I don’t see her as a martyr because she could resign. She chose not to. Therefore, she is a scofflaw.

  9. Chris Mintz

    To me, Chris Mintz is a real hero. He charged the shooter and was shot 7 times. I think we often use the term “hero” too loosely. Not this time.

    Both of Chris’ legs were broken as well as other injuries.

    America is responding. Over $100,000 has been raised in 4 hours. We all know that $100,000 is a drop in the proverbial bucket when it comes to medical expenses and recovery.

    To help out with finances, go to http://www.gofundme.com and look for Chris’s name.

  10. Prince William County’s express tax pay just loops you around. It is impossible to pay your taxes online.

    Thanks a lot, Prince Billy Bob County. I had better not get a fine for paying late.

    1. Note to self…don’t use Microsoft edge that comes with Windows 10 upgrade. Use Chrome browser. I got it paid.

      My blog technical manager saved the day.

  11. punchak

    Great finale for the Redskins this afternoon. Winning with 26 seconds left!
    Fun to watch even for this “not exactly a fan” woman!

  12. Pat.Herve

    South Carolina is a mess with these catastrophic storms and will need FEMA funds. Here we go again, FEMA funds, budget and debt ceiling coming together. We have a dysfunctional Congress that just waits until the deadline (and then extends) everything – and there are those that call this leadership. WE, as a country deserve better leaders.

  13. Pat.Herve

    If this was on House of Cards – I would say it was too extreme to be real. Is there NO Republican that can take over as Speaker of the House?? Newt, Romney, Rove, Hannity, Rush, Norquist? This just proves to me that they are all blowhards that like to throw rocks instead of governing.

  14. Bill Cosby sickens me, every time I see his face. Why hasn’t he been arrested? If ever a person needs to spend jail time, its him.

  15. Big Dog

    ” I’m not so concerned about the return
    on my investments as I am the return of
    my investments.”
    Will Rogers

    Greece, China, the Fed, crazy Republicans – this year
    has been a challenge. Although the last few weeks have
    been good – hope the market can keep it up. Don’t expect
    to get rich, just a modest steady return.

    Hope you are doing O.K. Moon.

    1. Thanks, Big Dog. We miss you!!!

      I wish the market would move faster. Mine needs a little recovery. Its been sluggish. Mine seemed to get stuck on the crazy republican issue for a week or so. Glad the govt. didn’t shut down.

  16. Jackson Bills

    Will there be a ‘Democrat Debate Lies’ thread after tomorrow?
    Can’t wait to see how Hillary Clinton explains her flip flopping on sever issues. Apparently Bernie Sanders is going to press her on her ever evolving views.
    To be honest that’s all I’ve got… this is going to be a snooze fest. I’m gonna have to tape my eyelids open for this one.

    1. So if the general election were held today, who would you vote for?

      It’s ok to change your mind. I think all of us evolve over time I don’t feel the same way about some things as I did ten years ago.

  17. Jackson Bills

    Great question Moon. Rubio?
    When it comes to Clinton flip flopping it isn’t on things from 10 years ago. It’s things that she fully supported as SoS and now all of the sudden she doesn’t. To Sanders credit he pulled her in the direction she is going which is why I think he will address that in the debate tonight.
    Any chance on getting a ‘democrat debate lies’ thread after the debate? That would at least get me to watch some of it 🙂

    1. Nah, I can’t really muster up the interest. I am not even sure I will watch it. Voting for someone and supporting someone are really 2 different things. I will take the issues that are important to me, and see which candidate (whoever it is) will do my bidding.

      Judging from what’s important to me, then I could probably vote today, not even knowing the candidate.

      Flip flopping doesn’t bother me particularly…I tend to consider it bending to the will of the people. The only person who flip flopped where it really bothered me was George HW Bush. then I felt he let me down.

  18. Jackson Bills

    I’m kinda in the same boat Moon. Not sure at this point who I would vote for but I do know who I wouldn’t vote for. Can’t pull the lever for a socialist or Hillary ‘Milhous’ Clinton so that leaves me with just one side. Can’t pull the lever for most of the front runners at this point and nobody has stood out for me.
    Just hoping that this debate is at the very least somewhat entertaining. But that’s like hoping that the Sinks will at the very least be in the Super Bowl. Not likely either will happen.
    I must admit that I’m looking forward to seeing what Hillary will wear. It’s almost like her stylist is a cross between Kim Jong Un and Dr. Evil. Hopefully she wears something better but I’ll bet $5 on a Kim Jong Un’esk ensamble, most likely orange or a shiny grey.

    1. I can’t vote for anyone who votes to end reproductive rights. I am just not very interested in any of them. I have Clinton fatigue and I don’t like how Sanders talks. I am even tired of Bill, now he is a skinny old man who doesn’t eat meat. Sigh.

      I will take any hair style on Hillary except that straight style she wore about a year ago.

      The Republican debates are far more entertaining to me, unless the democrats have clowns up each sleeve.

  19. Jackson Bills

    Oh and $5 on Bernie’s hair being a hot mess. Does anyone have any money on O’Malley breaking out his guitar? What’s the other dudes name? $5 says he drops out in two weeks.

  20. Jackson Bills

    She wore a blue Kim Jong Un suit, do I get partial credit? Got the style correct, just not the color.
    Damnit! Bernie’s hair is combed today (somewhat) and O’Malley did sing a song. I’m striking out so far on this one… Any other bets?
    Maybe every time ‘climate change’ is mentioned you take a drink? Any other phrases?

  21. Jackson Bills

    This. Is. One. White. Debate.

    1. Who do you want out there? Rev. Al? bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha

      I will let your side have Carson. Ugh.

  22. Jackson Bills

    Hillary’s hair looks good, dressed like Dr. Evil but looks great. Webb looks a bit like a cadaver. Sanders is having trouble putting a coherent sentence together. O’Malley doing better than expected. Other dude…. Eh.

  23. Jackson Bills

    LOL!!! Hillary just said that she and Obama crashed a meeting with the Chinese and forced them to sign a climate change deal. Are you F’ing serious? Are they super heros now? Reminds me of her bobbing and weaving sniper fire.

    1. Think how tired you will be of her by 2025!!!!

      You are right, her hair does look good.

      Webb doesn’t look like himself. I think he has had cosmetic surgery….seriously. I like him most of the time.

  24. Jackson Bills

    Oh boy, now her and Obama ‘hunted the Chinese down’ and forced them to sign an agreement.

  25. Jackson Bills

    2025? She will be 127 years old.

  26. Jackson Bills

    Moon-howler :
    Who do you want out there? Rev. Al? bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha
    I will let your side have Carson. Ugh.

    No Hispanics, no Asians, is the rev Al the only African American Dems have?

    1. I would hope no political party would really be that obvious. I am not much for affirmative action.

      If I had to pick someone, I would pick Bill Richardson.

  27. Jackson Bills

    Webb looked like a right wing extremist compared to everyone else. At least when asked which enemy he was most proud to have he didn’t name fellow Americans. All other candidates named Americans, not ISIS, Assas, Putin…. Americans. Pretty telling.
    Hillary even went as far to say ‘Republicans’, wow.

    1. If I were Hillary I would have said Republicans also. Think about it.

      Enemies come in all shapes, sizes, colors and political parties. Do you think Putin even knows who Martin O’Malley is?

      It told me nothing actually. Webb has a whole different set of experiences than Hillary or Sanders do.

  28. Cargosquid

    Webb’s situation shows you how far left the Democrats have moved, because he was a centrist Democrat. And if I have a choice between him and JEB!…….. I might have to vote for Webb.

    But I’m holding out for a Cruz/Rubio ticket. Rand doesn’t seem to be doing well.

    1. WEbb a centrist democrat? [raised eyebrow] He used to be a Republican under Reagan. I think most Virginians would consider him a blue dog Democrat.

      What is it you like about Webb? Not even going to respond to ask abut Cruz who I think is unfit to hold office.

  29. Cargosquid

    He says what he thinks. He’s not PC. I like his position, compared to the rest of the Democrats and some GOP, on immigration and guns. He’s more conservative than Jeb.

    1. It’s fairly ironic that he isn’t PC, based on the gaffe that pretty much got him elected.

      What is his position on immigration? I don’t recall it being remarkable one way or the other. what I would find off is if he was a member of the “illegals” crowd because Annabel and Eric of 9500 Liberty fame worked in his campaign.

  30. Trick or Treaters are very light. Only 2 door knockers.

    How about in the City? Light or heavy?

    If I were a kid I would go to the town houses. Too much walking here. More bang for your bucks.

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