Let’s keep it simple.  There will be only one surprise and its a BIG surprise:

Clerk of the Court:

Jacqueline Smith

Commonwealth’s Attorney:

Paul Ebert

Virginia  29th Senate District:

Jeremy McPike

Virginia Delegate 13th  House District:

Don Shaw

Supervisors’ Race:

Coles District:

Marty Nohe


Corey Stewart


Virginia 13th Senate District

Jill McCabe


That’s pretty much it.  It actually should be pretty obvious why.  I didn’t endorse candidates for many of the posts–no specific reason.





18 Thoughts to “Moon-Howlings Endorsements”

  1. Jackson Bills



    Corey Stewart

    Is this a typo?

    1. Apparently you haven’t been paying close attention over the past 4 years. Most of the time I have supported Mr. Stewart.

  2. Maximus Meridius

    MSNBC interviewed Satan this morning and he said his house had just frozen over. What gives?

    1. Funny you should ask. Old issues are no longer causing a riff between the chairman and this blog. Let me be honest, in endorsing Corey, I in no way denigrate his opponent. I just feel Corey has a better handle on how to run the county. He has been effective despite an onslaught of attacks, many untrue, from local bloggers who were trying to soften him up, so to speak. The attacks have been going on almost Corey’s entire term.

      Let’s just say the puppet cartoon I posted 4 years ago, showing Corey as the puppet master was not accurate. The puppet turned on its presumed master, chose another “master”, and has continually been a pain in Mr. Stewart’s ass. The fact that Corey withstood the whining and back-biting coming from my neck of the woods has earned him my endorsement.

  3. Here is the referenced puppet cartoon.

    I was wrong. Core-man did not end up as the puppet master. I have thought about erasing the name, adding a few wrinkles and identifying the new puppet master but ….I don’t feel like being personally harassed. I know I would be.

    At any rate, my apologies to Corey for a 4 year old case of mistaken identity.

  4. Steve Thomas

    I am surprised a little, at your McPike endorsement. I understand your anger at Hal over the zoning ordinance, but I thought you couldn’t stand a bully, either, which McPike is. Yes, McPike is a bully, and a jury saw fit to rule as such. I figured you’d just skip this one, as you have other races.

    1. I have not seen the bully side of McPike. I would not expect you to vote for him because of the gun issue.

      If you are referring to the “whistle blowing situation,” I don’t get involved in those types of things when I decide who to vote for.

      I will say this: Both sides in that race have thrown so many inaccuracies out there that it disgusts me. I have never gotten so many phone calls from the Republicans or so much mail in the mailbox from both candidates.

      I understand that it is the battle of the century for control of the state senate. But lets give it a rest.

      I am not mad at Hal. I am disappointed. I have told him to his face how I feel about it but I still like him and think he is a decent man. I think Jeremy is a decent man also. Too bad that vote was a tie and two decent people want the same office.

  5. Steve Thomas


    I was referring to the “whistle blowing situation”, which was more than a “situation”, it was an actual court case…Henery Lewis V. City of Alexandria, with a Judge in robes and jury and all of that. McPike was found to have attempted to illegally coerce an subordinate, and then illegally terminated him for “insubordination and and the city ordered to pay. Sounds like a bully to me.

    And I wouldn’t have voted for him even if he was a life-member of the NRA. He’s corrupt government employee. The court case demonstrated the corruption. We have enough of that in government without electing corruption.

    1. And you know which bully I wouldn’t vote for. (not that its an issue) That happened to me personally.

      I don’t get involved in those employee lawsuits. They are all he said/she said. There is more to that lawsuit than meets the eye. People are often paid off just because its cheaper. I believe that individual had other lawsuits against his employers in the past.

      In my case, my home was called more than once and I was screamed at and talked over. That’s the kind of bullying I get involved with. I only had one witness–my husband.

  6. Steve Thomas

    “I believe that individual had other lawsuits against his employers in the past.”

    He worked for the city for 32 years or something like that.

    1. Well, I only know what I was told. How about me being bullied?

      I just don’t pay attention to private citizen lawsuits, as a general rule.

  7. Steve Thomas

    Just surprised me is all. I think it will be close, but am optimistic of a Parrish win. I could be wrong, but can’t see Democrats turning out to vote for $17 tolls and gun-control, which is really what this race has boiled down to in the final weeks, thanks to Bloomberg and Giffords dumping a boatload of money into this race. If there were a ballot initiative, it might be more effective, like what they did in WA and OR, but as a decider of individual legislative races, I don’t think “we need you to get out and vote for this or that gun-control candidate” will be nearly as effective, and very well might have the opposite effect of driving pro-gun voters to the polls.

    As for the $17 tolls issue, I don’t think anyone would rush to vote for that. The GOP has done a good job of tarring any NoVA Dem candidate with that one, and the Governor didn’t do a good job explaining or defending it.

    Guess well see in about 7-8 hours.

    1. Except there are no new 17 dollar tolls. That is all made up. No one can drive those lanes now if they aren’t HOV.

      Both of the campaigns have lied about each other. I have thrown the stuff in the garbage as soon as it hits the house. Tomorrow, I can discuss specifics.

  8. Starryflights

    I hope McPike and Gecker win.

  9. Steve Thomas

    No surprise there.

  10. Mom

    Hating your Gainesville School Board vote, snicker.

    1. One turned in to 2. Live with it. snicker back. Going to have a scotch now.

  11. Well, 4 of mine won. Marty ran unopposed. Do I get to count him?

    I am pleased that Ryan Sawyers won school board chairman. I stayed away from school board endorsement for some reason. Basically, until the school board is given enough money by the BOCS to really fund all it needs to fund, there is only so much anyone on the board can do.

    A million bucks buys 10 or 11 teachers. That’s the reality. All the rhetoric in the world will not change the mathematics of the situation. Class size didn’t just happen. Its been a problem for at least 15 years. Don’t let anyone tell you it hadn’t been a problem. It got critical during the financial crunch. The same percentage of money was put in the school system. There was no added money for catch up. Peter was robbed to pay Paul.

    Prince William County has the lowest per student in Northern Va. Until that changes, PWC will not have a world class education system. I think it needs a new logo.

    Furthermore, until every child is assigned a hard copy text or electronic text in core subjects, the school system will just be…going on the cheap.

    Warning to all: I will not back off this text book issue. The election is over. My school board rep had time to go insert herself into Occaquan district’s business but after a month, has not answered my very polite correspondence over my grandson not having textbooks in core subjects.

    So who do I write to? I got a math book for him through the school. Now what about those other subjects? What about those other kids who don’t have a grandmother with a big mouth?

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