COLUMBIA, Mo. — The University of Missouri system’s president, Tim Wolfe, and the chancellor of the flagship campus, R. Bowen Loftin, announced on Monday that they were resigning their posts in the face of growing protests by African-American students, the threat of a walkout by faculty and a strike by football players who said he had done too little to combat racism on campus.

Wolfe made the stunning announcement at the start of a special Board of Curators meeting Monday morning that had been scheduled to address the growing crisis at the Show Me state’s flagship university. The board voted in favor of accepting his resignation. Several hours later, Bowen Loftin, chancellor of the university’s flagship campus, announced he will step down from his post by the end of the year as well.

I have not been able to find any specific examples of the systemic racism that supposedly exists on the Campuses of the University of Missouri. I do know what their demands were. Some of them are absurd.

Has a dangerous precedent been set?

As a student during the 60’s, I say yes. Perhaps others will say no.  So far, I have not been impressed.  Are racial problems worse in Missouri?  Should Michael Brown or Ferguson been a part of the University of Missouri issues?
Your discussion.  Have at it.


16 Thoughts to “Mizzou: Justice or a chance to act out?”

  1. Steve Thomas

    The “incidents” are BS. None of the so-called incidents had anything to do with “institutional” racial bias at the school. This guy was scapegoated by a mob. Something is happening on colleges and universities in this country, in that PC has run amok, and every single offense, imagined or real, demands someone be punished. The mob doesn’t care who gets thrown into the volcano, just as long as the PC gods are appeased for a time.

    1. Two were certainly thrown in yesterday.

      The more I watch, the more I am sickened by what took place.

      As for Michael Brown–he was not a student there. Why should the college president mention him?

      This situation seems to me to be mob rule also. Did anyone catch the assistant professor calling for the photographer to be beaten up? What a harpy.

  2. Steve Thomas

    Like I said, something is going on within our colleges and Universities. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of thought are anathema on today’s campuses. There are whole study-programs whose entire purpose is to produce “educated victims” and “Thought Conformity”. PC is out-of-control. What is concerning is these young people leave these incubators lacking the knowledge and educations required to enter the workforce, unless it is the “victimhood” industry. In that regard, business is booming.

  3. BSinVA

    It sounds like you are talking about military academies.

  4. Steve Thomas

    BSinVA :It sounds like you are talking about military academies.

    Did you attend one?

  5. Steve Thomas

    So reporters were physically assaulted and intimidated by the “protestors”, which included a Mizzou professor of Mass Communications. The reporter was in a school designated “safe area” and the professor asked for “muscle” to help force the press to leave. Let that sink in for a minute. A left-wing professor of Mass Communications (a link to her staff-bio is included in the story…and she’s a verifiable lefty) wants the left-wing press ejected from a school-designated “1st Ammendment Zone”.

    I think that illustrates the hypocrisy of the radical left in this country. It also portends the eventual collapse of the left, if not before they inflict a whole bunch of anarchy on our society.

    1. Maybe I am off base here but I thought the job of educator was to teach a person how to think, not what to think.

      She was a hypocritical harpy. The problem with college ideology is that no one has lived enough of live to know what the hell they are talking about for the most part. I have no problem with lefties or righties as long as the thoughts are their own, based on accumulated knowledge, rather than something that person has been spoon-fed. I see it on both sides and it makes me sick. I also think that real thinking people aren’t all one thing or the other. You might learn fairly hard one way or the other but…when its all or nothing then there has been some serious radicalization.

  6. Emma

    I think the athletic scholarships need to be revoked for breach of contract. It would be interesting to see how these team members perform academically if they also have to work for their tuition like so many other students these days.

    I hope these coddled little darlings have never uttered a sexist or homophobic thought, or harassed any women on campus. What are the odds?

    1. Oh what an excellent point. Might I also add that I heave heard a lot of racial epithets amongst athletes. Hmmmmmm…I wouldn’t mind pulling some scholarships also. We all know that would never happen though. Football rules.

  7. Steve Thomas

    ” I see it on both sides and it makes me sick.”

    While there may be far-right academics, “Academia” as we know it is decidedly left, moving leftward still, and that’s a problem. Now we see the snake eating its tail, and are shocked?

    1. Study math. In most cases its fairly non political.

      Psych and the social sciences? not so much.

    2. I guess I just reject all political indoctrination at universities. I understand that private schools may do what they want but Mizzou isn’t private.

      Brigham Young…expect indoctrination because it is what it is.

  8. Steve Thomas

    It’s more than just political ideology. It’s about world-view, individualism vs. collectivism. It’s about what exactly constitutes civil discussion. Check out this article for more:

  9. Emma

    If I saw my kid participating in that kind of nonsense over unsubstantiated claims rather than studying for midterms, they would come home for Christmas and enroll at NoVa. And they would get a job to pay for it. End of story.

    1. Thank you, Emma. For a moment there I thought my mother was alive. (and I was much younger)

      That is exactly what she told me. I didn’t want to go be a hippy protester but it was clearly spelled out to me what the consequences were should I decide all that change.

      In fairness, I did go to Mary Washington. It was all girls and many of us dated the military (Quantico, Belvoir, etc)
      that doesn’t lend itself to being an anti war protestor. Actually I was engaged to a Vietnam Vet during part of the time. I didn’t marry him but that swayed my thinking.

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