Moonhowlings blog wishes CXO Melissa Peacor a very heartfelt batch of good wishes for a most joyous retirement.  There is just nothing like facing the holidays knowing that very soon, you can hang  it up, get up in the morning, enjoy that cup of coffee, and it is all someone else’s problem.

Yes, I can relate, first hand. I look back fondly on my own retirement from PWC.  I took it to a  level that involved lunch a couple times a week at City Tavern in addition to that cup of coffee at the window watching the birds..   Sweet!

Back to reality…It’s also no secret that Ms. Peacor had 30 years of service and was planning on retiring around the holidays.  If one is known to keep one’s mouth shut, you find out a lot.  Ms. Peacor’s exit was planned well in advance.  Good for her and I wish her all the best.   VRS cuts a sweet pay check, especially at her level.

I also thank her for her years of service to Prince William County.   She has overseen Prince William County’s transition  from a one horse town to a large suburban county with a population of over 400,000 and a triple A bond rating.

Congratulations, Melissa Peacor.

3 Thoughts to “County CXO Melissa Peacor announces retirement”

  1. McCoart Birdie

    She didn’t suffer fools gladly and that bothered the stupid ones. Then they started blogs.

    1. Welcome McCoart Birdie.

      I don’t think anyone who is effective in a high powered position can walk away without a good field of enemies.

      The blogs have caused more problems than they have solved.

  2. McCoart Birdie

    Comment from Imside Nova –

    Peacor is no one’s favorite county executive but no one can agree with the way she has been brutally terrorized and hounded by Mac Haddow and Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland over the last four years. It’s a miracle she was able to stand it this long. She no doubt saw the writing on the wall. With Haddow controlling the Gainesville, Brentsville, and Occoquan seats for the next four years, he only needs one more vote on the Board of Supervisors to make it untenable for any county employee who produces data that doesn’t support the Haddow/Candland agenda. If Stewart is successful in a statewide run, Candland would have a good shot at winning the chairmanship over Nohe, with the Haddow/Candland candidate then winning the open Gainesville seat.

    Once that happens every honest nonpolitical employee in county government will be at risk.

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