Stewart made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and continued to push Congress to do the right thing, and pass a permanent extension of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.

Colbert opened his show by having a bit of fun at Donald Trump’s expense and treating his audience to some footage of Trump having a some trouble with a bald eagle in a photo shoot (which we discussed here) and was interrupted by Stewart who explained he was there to draw attention to the cause of the 9-11 first responders and to get Congress to vote yes to extend their health benefits.

After pointing out that the media won’t pay attention to anything other than Donald Trump, Colbert gave Stewart a bit of help in assuring he would not be ignored in the form of a Trump wig, and some orange makeup made from Cheetos. Stewart proceeded to channel his inner Trump, and lambasted Congress for not passing the bill.

As Stewart reminded everyone during the bit, you can Tweet your member of Congress with the hashtag #WORSTRESPONDERS and encourage them to do the right thing if you’d like to do your part and help out.

And some of you all thought I was all over Jon Stewart.  Not even close.  He will be back!!!  Seriously now…

The 9-11 responders gave their all. Now many are sick from the environmental hazards of the clean up. Some can’t work, some have lost their health coverage. We need to stand behind them with our support and our money. Come on, Congress. Do the right thing. Stop being losers.

3 Thoughts to “Colbert “Trumps up” Jon Stewart over Zadroga Act”

  1. I hope everyone watches this skit. It is hilarious!!!

  2. Wolve

    It is. Colbert needed that. He is doing poorly in the late night ratings — 4th on the viewer preference list. Reviewers say it is probably because he is too political in a competitive situation where viewers can easily switch to a similar show format.

    Sorry to say, however, that John Stewart does not look well to me. Thinner maybe?

    1. He has been working hard to get that bill passed. He’s thinner and has that beard.

      I haven’t followed the ratings. I can’t imagine anyone being more political than Leno or Letterman. I like Colbert but never enjoyed his show as much as I did Jon Stewart. I don’t think Trevor Noah will ever replace Jon Stewart. It cant be done. Travor Noah will just have to become his own man.

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