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Funniest thing. Two local bloggers go berserk making all sorts of charges about Prince William County becoming a sanctuary city. they obviously need to spend more time howling and less time whining and making up crap.

Those of us who have been around a while and who were involved with immigration issue remember all too well what happened.  We knew it wasn’t true.  Our police department has always cooperated with I.C.E.

That didn’t stop the local bloggers. One them  absolutely knew better. He wanted to send the immigrants back with love.  In fact, he led the charge to send them out and drive them out.  (I would sure hate to see “hate”.) The other one just wanted to take a few more pokes at Melissa Peacor and Chief Hudson. There might have even been a little gouge or two directed at Corey Stewart, just to poke the bear.

That’s too bad. The immigration resolution of July 2007 was one of the ugliest times in the history of Prince William County. It was formed on hate and intolerance rather than on solution seeking. One of those bloggers was directly responsible for creating and allowing much of that hate to go on. The other blogger didn’t exist in 2007 but he was sure happy enough to pile on over misinformation, as long as he could do some character assassination of some of his least favorite people.

All of the local blogger accusations were false. Chairman Stewart called for an audit of the process the Prince William County Police Department goes through when dealing with illegal immigrants.

Yesterday that audit report was presented. The result was that our police department is 100% in compliance with ICE regulations.

Perhaps we need to present the bill for these services as well as the man-hours spent to the local bloggers who stirred up such an unsubstantiated stink of rumors. Both the bloggers would be the first to decry the reporting of “main stream media” yet they fell for obvious erroneous reporting hook, line and sinker.

To read the report, click the word  “ice” in blue.



Meanwhile, if I had made false accusations, I would at least run a post on my blog and apologize for the inaccuracies. What do we see? Nothing. What do we hear? Crickets…..

Prince William County is doing just what it should be doing.

[UPDATE:  There has been one mild correction on one blog–certainly not the full apology that making such dastardly accusations should involve.  Shame! Shame! Shame!  You just don’t try to ruin people’s lives and then say ‘Ooops I did it again.’

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  1. Rosebud

    The Gainesville/Brentsvill blog has an apology for accusations of “misdeeds”. The accusations included collusion, gross insubordination and lying. Major violations of public trust and stewardship. For two employees with over 60 years of combined public service those accusations are slightly more serious than “misdeeds”.

    I hope many will see through the apology and realize the purpose of that blog is to destroy targeted individuals not benefit PWC. It was they who began the East/West tug of war when they began the rants about the more well off Western end paying for the stinky masses who live East.

    1. Hello Rosebud. Thanks for posting on my blog. I think I would have felt the admission of being wrong was more sincere had it gone up right after that report was given on Tuesday, rather than after I posted it here.

      Yes, the accusations made were horrible and directed mainly at two public servants who certainly didn’t deserve such a diatribe. I suppose the truth didn’t matter just as long as the targeted individuals are destroyed.

      I await another blogger to apologize but I doubt if that will happen. Not holding my breath.

      This blog grew out of the county’s immigration resolution/debate. We worked hard to disavow these kinds of accusations and knew enough about the process of how the county deals with ICE to know that what was being said was simply not true. Yet ugly lies and accusations arose. Corey did the right thing ordering an audit. It cleared the air.

      Its very difficult to prove the negative…that you didn’t do something that doesn’t exist.

      There was no violation of public trust and I wish I could send a bill for the time, trouble and expense that county went through, once again.

  2. Starryflights

    Not to mention, the advocates for the 2007 resolution got their way. Their resolution passed and they declared Victory. If that’s the case, then there should be no undocumented immigrants in PWC anymore. So what are they complaining about?

  3. There were three articles on the one blog that contained such nastyisms as:

    For whatever reason, including not liking the policy or acting in response to Chairman Stewart’s “wink and a nod” direction, it is professional insubordination by both Ms. Peacor and Chief Hudson.

    The only other defense for Ms. Peacor and Chief Hudson is that they are so incompetent, arrogant, and just plain dumb that they no longer should occupy the positions they currently hold.

    Either way, arrogance or stupidity, it should result in two pink slips.

    And how about this one from the same source:

    Peacor and Hudson have willfully and deliberately ignored the policy approved by the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and are flat guilty of insubordination.

    These comments deserve far more than an “ooops we were wrong.”

    Those kinds of unsubstantiated comments are professionally and personally damaging. You can’t erase the internet. Both Hudson and Peacor should have signed letters of apology and there should be public apologies also.

    You just can’t continue to attack people over rumors and print them as fact. Both Hudson and Peacor have been professionally discredited and no report is really ever going to undo those lying words said about them.

    The blogger needs to remember this incident and stop doing what he does. He is running a blog that is often based on bias, lies, half-truths and rumor-mongering at other people’s expense.

    In my opinion, that behavior is down-right immoral. The people who profit from this behavior, especially the elected officials who are the “pets”, often present themselves as above reproach, really have the stench of that blog all over them. It will never wash off.

  4. @Starryflights

    Good and decent people stood up to it and the original resolution was modified so that just those arrested were checked. the directive changed from everyone who might be an illegal immigrant to those who were committing crimes.

  5. The big reveal


    I just came across your blog. I am a PWC resident and heard about several nasty blogs operating in PWC with ties to the Brentsville/Ganesville supervisors. Shear hporcrisy that the two Supervisors act like the moralists on the board but behind the curtain are spending taxpayer money like no tomorrow on their office spending,on frivolous awards,appointments of friends to committees as a reward.

    They punish Melissa Peacor on these blogs because she makes the Gainesville Supervisor look like a little boy whose trajectory is to whine when he doesn’t get his way. The birdies at McCaoart are not chirping the lies told on that blogsite site SON, but are laughng out loud at that foolish Supervisor and his minions.

    1. Welcome, Reveal.

      Complex 1 sure is talking today. You can’t imagine the email I have gotten.

  6. Pat.Herve

    The person behind the blog is a vile little man. He should be exposed for the harm that he does. Glass Houses.

  7. Earnie Porta

    History unfortunately repeats itself in Prince William in this instance. A different fabricating, hate-blogger, supported by different members of the Board of Supervisors, unethically attacks a different County Executive and Police Chief. This time, though, Mac made a slight tactical mistake.

    Before I go on, I say, “Mac,” because, as most who know me are aware, I (speaking for myself and in no way, shape, or form speaking for the owners or operators of this blog) firmly and absolutely believe that Mac Haddow, the convicted felon and head of Supervisor Pete Candland’s and Supervisor Jeanine Lawson’s joint Gainesville/Brentsville budget committee, is the fabricating hate-blogger, the Sheriff of Notthingham. I know, I know, Mac denies this, and over time that blog has had postings saying that the Sheriff is multiple people, then one person, then multiple people again. And there is little doubt in my mind that Mac has orchestrated things so that in his tortured rationalizations he could argue he is truthful in saying he is not the Sheriff because others have contributed or someone else handles the hosting, or set it up, etc., etc., etc. But that’s all smoke and mirrors to me. As far as I’m concerned, for all intents and purposes Mac Haddow is the Sheriff of Nottingham. Why wouldn’t he want it known? First, if there is any justice in the world it would be damaging to the supervisors he controls and through whom he is trying to exercise power. Second, it would probably harm his consulting/lobbying business, whose clients, aware of his major past misdeeds but having been assured that he is reformed, would not feel warm and fuzzy about him still engaging in such ethically suspect conduct. There are other reasons, I’m sure, but those will suffice. Lastly, I know that people are afraid because Mac threatens to sue them at the drop of a hat if they try to call him the Sheriff. I’m not afraid. And none of you should be either. PEOPLE OF PRINCE WILLIAM, RISE UP AGAINST YOUR OPPRESSOR, BE NOT AFRAID. 🙂

    Okay, now that that is addressed, let me get back to the issue at hand. That blog is filled with vicious fabrications, but is normally careful to put the person being attacked into the position of having to prove something didn’t happen in order to defend themselves — typically an extremely difficult, if not impossible, task for the person attacked. In this instance, he apparently didn’t anticipate that there could actually be an audit or report that would show compliance. As for the so-called apology, you’re absolutely correct, Moon. It is nowhere near satisfactory. I know that people had problems with Melissa Peacor’s management, but she in no way deserved the vicious and unethical campaign of character assassination that she has been subjected to since Supervisor Candland came into office four years ago. Nor obviously, was there any basis for the character assassination of the very honorable Chief Stephen Hudson. This is the same kind of excrement that was thrown at Craig Gerhart and Chief Dean. What makes it more dangerous this time around is that the people attacked are less experienced, and the attacker effectively controls several seats on the Board of County Supervisors. While no substantive apology is likely from Mac, this reflects most poorly on the Brentsville and Gainesville Supervisors. As with all of these types of attacks, including those lodged against their political opponents over the years (the personal attacks on Lawson’s opponents during her special election were outrageous), they could have put a stop to them (on at least one blog) with a phone call. And even if that was not possible, they could easily disavow and denounce such attacks from the dais, on Facebook, or even on the blog itself. Given their ties, it is unethical that they did not vociferously do so, and exposes their hypocrisy given their stated political, religious, and personal values.

    All of this is potentially a significant problem for Prince William County. Fewer and fewer competent employees are going to come to work for Prince William County or stay here if they will be subjected to vicious, fabricated personal attacks with the complicity of several Supervisors. In fact, there are some who think that is part of those Supervisors’ long-term strategy — make county employees so fearful that it is impossible for them to adequately do their jobs, making the anti-government rhetoric of the far-right self-fulfilling.

  8. Earnie Porta

    For a moment last spring, Mac had been soundly beaten. His cumulative attacks on Stewart and Nohe, for example, were so over the top that the two eventually realized nothing they ever could do would bring him permanently to their side (presumably since his sole purpose was to exercise control by elevating Pete Candland). So they simply stopped trying to placate him (I’m not sure Marty Nohe ever had any interest in placating him anyway). With Stewart and Nohe ignoring him, Mac tried to replace them with proxies, who ended up losing their convention battles. And with Jim Riley not stepping up to challenge Maureen Caddigan, she also found the space to reassert her independence forcefully. I saw Mac at a Committee of 100 Panel boast about how the joint Gainesville/Brentsville budget committees were preparing their supervisors to “go to war” over the budget. In the end, he and his proxies got trounced with nary a wimper. The emperor was shown to have no clothes in the face of a responsible governance group.

    That group of Stewart, Nohe, Caddigan, Jenkins, and Principi would still exist in 2016 but for Stewart’s political ambitions. Corey doesn’t want feuding Republicans on the BOCS while he is trying to run for statewide office (he remembers how difficult he made it for Connaughton), so as much as he would rather not, he is incentivized to make peace with the Haddow cabal on the Board. Haddow, no doubt, has figured out that the best way for him to exercise control and elevate Pete to the chairmanship in the near-term is by Corey being successful in a state-wide run, leaving Pete to run for a chair in a riskless special election (riskless because he would not have to give up his Gainesville seat to run). That leaves Marty Nohe in the extremely difficult position of having to navigate all sorts of cross-currents to preserve his potential viability as a responsible alternative to Pete Candland (the same would hold true for Maureen Caddigan if she has aspirations to be chair — so far no one I have spoken to thinks she does and I have not asked her myself). None of that bodes well for Prince William County, with responsible Republicans like Nohe (and potentially Caddigan) having to always keep in the back of their minds the potential need to placate a far-right base in order to preserve the ability to beat Candland in an earlier-than-anticipated head-to-head matchup. Already controlling three seats, the ambiguity potentially puts Mac in charge of the BOCS on any given issue — unless he somehow gets called out or blocked.

  9. Mac Haddow

    Earnie, et. al.

    I am not The Sheriff of Nottingham.

    Those who choose to engage a conversation with the Sheriff can do so by simply emailing him and asking for a phone call. I did. Others have done so. I understand others have even met the Sheriff personally.

    But it is much easier to make the false accusation without any accountability. I have had a lot of respect of Earnie Porta — less so, I will acknowledge — today. I have great empathy for his efforts to answer the call to public service despite the past legal issues he encountered. I also share the frustration that people have little interest in knowing the truth of the issue and would rather leap to conclusions that are easily formed — however uninformed — because they make for better political attacks.

    It is very much like someone making an accusation that another person they disagree with or dislike is the Sheriff of Nottingham blogger without a shred of evidence other than the idea or thought they personally have, or a collective misimpression based on the views of others who have similar disagreements with the target of the criticisms but who also have not a bit of evidence to prove their false accusations.

    As to the alleged influence I have in county government, it is a Clintonesque accusation about the “vast right wing conspiracy” that is out to get all Democrats. It diminishes the independent thinking that every member of the BOCS exercises. The fact that I agree with some group on the Board, just as Earnie clearly does in the case of Principi, Jenkins and Nohe does mean either Earnie or I control the group we individually agree with. The “horse” is the stand on the issues these BOCS members take, and the “cart” is those of us who agree with one or more of those BOCS members.

    I try to make a contribution as best I can to the community. Most of my involvement is on the issues. That is what motivates me to support various candidates. It is not a function of whether I think they can win, but where they stand on the issues that are important to me personally.

    I have served as an HOA president in my community for 15 years. Along the way, those who found a reason to disagree with a policy or decision by the HOA, used my past legal issue — now 30 years old — as an weapon to attack me.

    I have had only very brief personal interactions with Earnie. Yet, he certainly knows how to contact me if he wants to have a reasonable discussion. Using this blog to personally attack me is certainly unfair and unwarranted.

    To the extent that any of the anger Earnie has is misplaced, as it is in this case, I am open to a personal discussion. I have made similar offers to others who choose to attack me personally and try to misstate my past legal issue. My number is 571-294-5978.

    It is interesting that when the nameless people who take their cheap shots against me personally are provided that invitation to contact me personally, not a single one has ever called me. To his personal credit, Earnie put his name to the personal attacks, and I hope he has the integrity to take me up on the offer to discuss this in person.

    I hope that Moon will respect that offer and block the personal attacks that may ensue here by commenters. I extend the same offer to her in terms of a discussion. Perhaps Earnie, Moon and I could have lunch. I would welcome that opportunity.

  10. @Mac Haddow

    I am not part of this conversation, nor am I following it. I don’t really want to be a part of it. My post is about the absentee voting irregularity. I will gladly discuss that with anyone who wants to discuss it. I was an absentee voter so I feel it very much involves me.

    For the record, I go by Moon while on this blog and that isn’t how I spell my name. But you knew that. I see no reason for you to have broken protocol here on that score. What was the point? No, I am not going to redact it, but I think most people know why it was done.

  11. Mac Haddow

    Please accept my apology. I corrected the error. And for the record, I did not know the “protocol” nor do I understand it. I misspelled your name only because I did not look it up.

    It this post is about the absentee ballot issue, then Earnie’s comment and my response are non-germane. Perhaps it is appropriate to take both down.

  12. The big reveal


    I heard that this Haddow fellow is a very controversial person and a pathological liar. I would not give him the time of day. From the victims of his bullying behavior, I have been told he hates woman he can’t control. Word throughout the county is those elected officials who cater to him are making a deal with the devil.

    He is going nuts over one woman with high credibility he can’t control from what I have been told. He makes disparaging comments about her which the folks he saids this to just ignore because she is widely respected.

  13. Notice to all:

    Let’s keep the focus on the fact that local blogs have been trying to manipulate the political process. In fact, two did just that regarding PWC being a “sanctuary county.” More to the point, I as a county tax payer would like to send those two blogs each a bill for the expense they both cost us.

    I have read both bloggers state their contempt for MSM, yet both bit the lure from WJLA instantly, even though one of those said bloggers was actively involved in out past immigration debate. The other one was not. One knew better.

    My advice is for both to stop always trying to stir up crap that doesn’t exist. Neither blog cares who gets stomped or trampled in the process. Ms. Peacor and Chief Hudson were both vilified and disparaged in this latest attack. That is simply wrong–dead wrong.

    Apparently, deals have been made with the devil. The trouble is, as we know, Satan is a shape shifter. One day he will turn up as this politician and tomorrow the next politician. Then on another day he will turn up as some other player or angler.

    A cadre of people in Prince William County watch all of it and we compare notes. Some folks aren’t as slick as they think they are.

    The bottom line is, if this crap doesn’t stop, no one will want to come work in Prince William County. Is that what some want? Is that less government? How about those services?

  14. Starryflights

    No one will want to live here either if people keep talking trash about our community. If these people hate it here so much, why don’t they just move?

    1. That’s a very good point, Starry. If you trash your own home, you end up with nothing.

  15. Wolve

    Sometimes you have to trash your own “home” in public so the local BOS, zoning offices, and law enforcement agencies are forced to wake up and help you rectify the wrongs. That happened here about 10 years ago; and the result, while no means perfect, was an improvement.

  16. Lyssa

    This is one of those situations where those who claim to be fiscal conservatives and/or have (R) after their names should not be automatically assumed as “victims” of liberal views.

    1. It’s really funny how so many R’s seem to think that liberals are out to do them in. Funny that they would rather be dead than have someone call them a liberal. This isn’t the 60’s.

  17. El Guapo

    @Earnie Porta
    Mr. Porta,

    I believe that Mac Haddow is telling the absolute truth when he says he is not the Sheriff of Nottingham. There is only one Sheriff.

    I also believe his next comment, “Those who choose to engage a conversation with the Sheriff can do so by simply emailing him and asking for a phone call. I did. Others have done so.”

    You asked the wrong question. Mr. Haddow artfully gave you the answer to the right question.

    Can you figure it out now?

    1. I have to ask myself and you, El Guapo, why Mr. Porta would want to email the “Sheriff” and get a phone call back. You make it sound like an audience with God or something. Oye Vey!

      It really doesn’t matter who claims the title. The character assassinations need to stop.

  18. El Guapo

    You missed my point.

    The Sheriff is nothing more than a system administrator these days. His identity doesn’t matter. The identity of those who write his material does.

    Mr. Haddow artfully and honestly answered that question. He and others are the birdies who provide the content for the Sheriff’s blog. Those who remember the Gainesville Truth Squad quickly recognize the style and the authors. They just found a new tool. The Gainesville Truth Squad just expanded its territory to include Brentsville and Occoquan.

    Some of the Sheriff’s content is written before actions even go before the board, and are published shortly after the board meetings. It is synchronized closely with the actions of three of our Supervisors. The smear campaign against Porta is a very good example. There is only one way this could happen. This new Gang of Three (Candland, Lawson, and Anderson) can be counted on to regularly passes material to the Sheriff through this new Prince William County Truth Squad.

    It’s interesting that Mr. Haddow complimented Mr. Porta for writing under his own name while admitting he and others regularly communicate with the Sheriff to hide their identity. He and others would demonstrate more integrity creating their own blog so people may discuss issues directly rather than hide behind the Sheriff.

    The next four years should be interesting.

    1. Interesting. I guess I didn’t read carefully.

      May the force be with you. Interesting theories there.

  19. Renegade

    El Guappe and Earnie Porta have me confused. They rail against all the nasty stuff swirling around and they claim it is all made up lies or badly distorted information. They complain it is all done by a secret blogger.

    I checked the tax records and could not find El Guapo, Moon-howler, Wolve, Lyssa, Starry Flights, the Big Reveal, etc. listed anywhere. I did find Earnie Porta and Mac Haddow, two people among just a few who post here under their actual names. For the record, I am Joe West, but I really like the sound of Renegade. I might march down to court and get that changed.

    Earnie Porta claims most every negative thing said about him is just made up stuff where people are making claims that are not supported by any fact or concrete evidence. But he has no problem going with his gut and accusing this Haddow guy of being the awful Sheriff of Nottingham. And Earnie makes the point that Haddow is a convicted felon. And he adds to that the awful accusation that Haddow has put three of the Board members under some sort of political spell to control everything they do. He does not mention the same kind of spell that Harry Wiggins has over Frank Principi, John Jenkins, Marty Nohe and Corey Stewart.

    Of course, Harry Wiggins will tell you he has no spell powers. But Earnie and I know he would just say that because he is so humble. But Haddow denying he has powers, well that is just a big lie.

    Haddow responds to Earnie’s comment on this blog and says that most of what Earnie says is not true. He does cop to the felony charge. He offered to talk to anyone who had any questions about his past, and published his phone number. So I took him up on the invitation and I called him. He told me the whole story, and I checked it out. I won’t bore you with the details, but according to a couple of articles by nationally syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, Haddow got hosed and was a political fall guy in the Reagan Administration. Whether true or not, that was 30 years ago. And Earnie says people should not jump on him for something he was involved in 20 years ago?

    Shame on Earnie Porta – in my opinion at least. What a hypocrite.

    The El Guappe jumps in for damage control and says Haddow is not the Sheriff, but Haddow talks to the Sheriff. He claims Haddow admitted that. And if that is the great sin in life, that I have a confession. I have emailed the Sheriff and I gave him some really great insider stuff on an issue. The Sheriff actually published a post on the issue. But it wasn’t what I sent, so I complained. The Sheriff responded that he had checked it out and decided that the information he was able to get from the county office involved convinced him I was at least partially wrong.

    That bastard!

    Why would he check it out? I thought he just printed every really headline-grabbing accusation anyone wanted to make.

    Then the Big Reveal — funny name for a person who just wants to anonymously attack Haddow — reveals they have an anonymous friend who knows Haddow and he is a big bully and he hates women. Are we kidding here? That is the kind of nonsense the Big Reveal accuses the Sheriff of doing. Isn’t that being hypocritical?

    And I have a cousin who has a friend who is the sister of Big Reveal’s spouse and he says Big Reveal is an insufferable bore who is a sloppy drunk. How do you like those potatoes?

    1. Renegade, you sound like an angry person. I might be anonymous to you, but I am not anonymous in the community. In fact, every supervisor out there knows how to get hold of me. They pick up the phone and call. My regulars know me and I know who most of them are. Actually, I bet you know how to get hold of me also. [raised eyebrow]

      I have several things to say about your comment and I chose to address them separately, otherwise it all runs together.

    2. Let’s address the term “convicted felon.” I am going to ask that from here on out, let’s ALL leave that term out of the conversation, especially if directed towards Mr. Haddow. I don’t want to discuss it with Mr. Haddow because it isn’t any of my business. My belief is, whatever happened back in the day, (everyone has their own story) he has served his time whether one day or 1 decade or whatever. It’s over. Done.

      I am very sensitive to this issue. I have a very dear friend who is also a convicted felon. This term sticks with a person their entire life. There is simply no amount of atonement that erases that term. It keeps people from getting the jobs they want. It hurts credit and generally follows that person around in ways that the rest of us not wearing that term around our necks like an albatross cannot even imagine.

      I believe in second chances. I know if one is a convicted felon it is a matter of public record. Everyone knows this. I really like my friend who wears this albatross.

      It’s public knowledge that Mr. Haddow is very involved in local politics. Let’s just all stick to the issues out there leave the past in the past. It really is irrelevant.

    3. Renegade, your comparison with Mr. Porta and Mr. Haddow was comparing apples to oranges. I think you also got a little ahead of yourself. I went back and reread Earnie’s post and I didn’t see him mention a word about anything that happened to him 20 years ago. Perhaps you are confusing this blog with another blog. Hmmmmmmmm….

      His words were about the accusations on a blog about the Immigration Resolution rearing its ugly ahead again and that misinformation had been spread. He then addressed the misinformation and character assassinations on a more general level.

      You see, Renegade, some of us just don’t live our lives that way. I have seen people I really don’t care much for publically or personally trashed on some of these blogs and it saddens me. I am speaking of local people–people we see in the grocery store and at the local high school football game.

      Can you imagine having to go to work every day not knowing what nasty lies were going to appear in print about you?

      I try not to live my life that way. Sometimes it can be ignored. Other times, I feel it is necessary to rise up and call out individuals or groups who are simply not living by the Golden Rule.

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  20. @ someone going by the moniker of “Charlotte”

    Your comment was removed.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    But I repeat myself. How funny. Every time Mr. Haddow comes on this blog, I can always count on someone named Charlotte to come along shortly afterwards, or so it seems–trying to make a case for him. Mr. Haddow does quite well for himself.

    Did you seriously think I was going to allow that diatribe to stay up? Why did you even think it was appropriate?

    I totally disapproved of the way a sitting supervisor used this information right before an election. It was low, unprincipled politics. The information had sat there for 20 years. Then the week of an election, a supervisor feels the need to stand behind the county seal of Prince William County on county property and drop that load of crap on everyone? That lawsuit had nothing to do with the election. I have been told by several people I know that the supervisor even had the gall to call around and invite people to join her. So much for the Golden Rule.

    Obviously you thought what you had to say was more important than what I had to say. Please read up 2 posts to see what I said about standards on this blog. It takes a certain ego to think I was talking to everyone but you.

    You know, I almost NEVER take down comments unless someone specifically asks me to. It is rare. My regulars can all fight and scrap but 99% of the time, they don’t disparage other people in a personal way. I planned on redacting the felon comments but didn’t get to it in time.

    You have no idea what happened at Georgetown. You weren’t there. Civil cases are very trick little devils. But, like we said, it was 20 years ago and really has no relevance in today’s discussion. Now, what Mr. Porta does today very much does. I have always known him to be a gentleman, at least in his dealings with both my friends and with me.

    Shame on anyone who had any dealings with that press conference. It was disgraceful. It certainly starts Ms. Anderson off on a less than positive note. She profited from very trashy election behavior, even if she wasn’t herself responsible for it. I wish her luck and I hope she can overcome the pall of impropriety than hangs over that supervisors race.

  21. Wolve


    Leave me out of this, please. I don’t live in PWC.

  22. Earnie Porta

    Wow, Moon! I take a few days off the computer to Christmas shop and look what happens. 🙂

    Well, I know this thread has gotten a bit off track of your original post so I’ll try to keep it brief. I am glad you decided to keep my two earlier posts up; they are relevant, since I was asserting my belief that the Haddow cabal (no vast right-wing conspiracy — in fact, most of the right-wing is not involved, in my opinion, just those tied to Mac) had a significant role in playing up what turned out to be false information in order to trash Chief Hudson and Melissa Peacor — two people who because of their positions are constrained from defending themselves.

    As for Mac’s comments, I am not buying any of it — not his assertions that he is not involved in any way with the fabricating, hate-blog, the Sheriff (I know what El Guapo is talking about and appreciate his pointing it out rather than me having to belabor it), nor his attempt to establish some sort of moral equivalency between all the vicious attacks he has participated in and him simply being accused of being the Sheriff, nor his paean to how he is just an altruistic individual trying to help his community, nor his linking a meeting with him as some sign of integrity. He mistakes for anger what is the enthusiasm of being unfettered from any political considerations for the first time in 10 years.

    As for Renegade, well, there is no registered voter by the name of Joe or Joseph West in all of Prince William County, so already I’m skeptical of Renegade’s truthfulness. More importantly, I realize that there are people who want to defend the Haddow cabal (and it is a cabal) by going after me. If they think that is going to intimidate me or prevent me from exposing the truth about the Haddow cabal activities and public misconduct and malfeasance, they don’t know me at all. In fact, Moon, if you so choose, I’m willing to participate in a completely separate thread that addresses the lawsuit I was involved in.

    1. On the issue of immigration and false accusations against Chief Hudson and Melissa Peacor, to be fair, Mr. Candland’s blog where he is the fair-haired child is not the only blog who participated in that batch of lies. There is another blog that didn’t even print any type of retraction. But then again, I didn’t expect him to. Nottingham at least semi-admitted that they were wrong. It just never should have happened. Words can damage people forever.

      Since the discussion of said lawsuit sat on this blog for all to see before I realized it was here, I feel it is only fair to allow you to address the lawsuit you were involved in.

      I also vehemently dislike how it was used as a political tool against you and your campaign a week before the election, even though those records had sat there for 20 years. It was a cheap political move.

      You just let me know when you are ready to participate, Mr. Porta.

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