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Glen Frey was simply too young to die. What talent. He was an excellent guitarist, talented song writer and his vocals were exceptional. Eagles, the group, have had a following that spans 40 plus years. I simply can’t stop listening to their songs. I even broke down and brought my Eagles best into the house, out of the car.

I really did go to Winslow Arizona about 10 years ago just to see the Standing on the Corner statue. That fire made it unsafe to get up to the actual park.

Winslow is right on route 66. All of those small towns along that route really dried up once the interstate went in. Winslow was just cool.

Thinking about favorite songs, I can’t make up my mind. I guess Lying Eyes, New Kid in Town, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Take it Easy, and of course, Hotel California. I only saw them once. I sat in the nose-bleed section at RFK. I paid a fortune for the tickets also. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

RIP, Glen Frey. You rule!

Update:  Winslow today as of June 2015


11 Thoughts to “Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona”

  1. Wolve

    As one recent visitor to “The Corner” in Winslow put it: “This was our growing up music.”

  2. El Guapo

    Sound the geez alarm

  3. El Guapo, we cover a lot of topics here. If I had to stick to politics, I would be so depressed I would shut down the blog.

  4. middleman

    We were there too, on the way from Sedona to the Painted Desert. Kind of depressing little town, but the “corner” was neat.

    I had no idea that Frey had such a tough time for so long medically. RIP- he gave us a lot of good music.

    1. I also hit Gallop, NM and went nuts with Indian jewelry. Painted Desert is very neat. I didn’t see as much of it as I wanted. Too much time in Gallup.

      I didn’t realize he had been sick either. He was by far the most likable of the band.

  5. Wolve

    Geezer Pride! That can take you back so fast. Those boys had the joy of music on their faces. And the guitar work was fabulous.

    1. Geezer pride right back at ya, Wolve!!!

      I have always loved the Eagles.

  6. I did say that those first 3 pictures are mine. I was being a winslow groupie.

  7. middleman

    It was just what we needed in those days- songs about America that brought to mind the good things with simple lyrics and smooth melodies. Easy listening with enough meat in the lyrics to keep you interested. Their songs bring back great memories. ..

    1. Isn’t that the truth. I miss lyrics in music. I am not a huge country music fan but most country music has good lyrics and tells a story.

      I always wondered about Lying Eyes. I just heard the story last week.

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