Here we go, February.  It’s the shortest month of the year.  It can be warm and balmy or it can be frigid.  There are lots of holidays in February.  Both Lincoln and Washington were born in February.  We have 3 family birthdays this month.  February 9, 10, and 26.

I just got the call of doom.  Car totaled  I got deered by a deer.   I have to bury a wonderful car.

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  1. Friar Tuck

    Apparently the Sheriff of Nottingham didn’t like my comment. He didn’t post it.

    More attacks on Marty, this time for missing a meeting.

    I can see you took your nasty pills today.

    Will you ever tire of character assassination?

    How often has Petey missed a meeting?

  2. Wendy

    No, no no, Friar you’ve got wrong…..they’re GLAD Nohe is gone. Stewart put the concealed weapon fee elimination on the agenda again. If the other four that supported it last week vote for it again without Nohe, it will pass. Being nasty is a cover.

    Now let’s see what the true colors are of the other three, err, two.

    1. Corey’s behavior was outrageous last week. I was embarrassed for him.

  3. Cargosquid

    What makes you think that the Bushes were conservative. Both of them like big government.
    As for Reagan, you know as well as I do that the only way he was able to get what he wanted was to allow the Democrats to get what they wanted.
    Also, I seem to remember a promise by the Democrats way back then to cut spending as he asked….that they would do it in the NEXT budget.

    The Democrats don’t want to pay for it. They want to force the Rich to donate to them by threatening them with higher taxes, knowing full well that no amount of taxation will pay for their programs.


    But supporting the Constitution and having an ideology are two different things. It started at the beginning with the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

  4. Pat.Herve

    Reagan had a Republican Senate for 6 years – hard to blame the Dem’s for all the spending.
    And it was Reagan’s Republican buddy’s that misrepresented the facts –

    1. All I know is he nearly killed the middle class with income tax. I understand the wealthy didn’t get hit nearly as hard.

  5. Scout

    Now I’ve got both you and Wolve in my camp at the same time on the same subject, Cargo. How often does that happen?

    1. I am not going to say a word…..but should I be worried?

  6. Wolve

    Scout :
    Wolve, in his mind at least, doesn’t live in the greatest Constitutional Republic in the history of the world. He lives in an ideological war.
    Obama should appoint a qualified replacement as quickly as possible. If the Senate finds the nominee unqualified, they can vote him/her down. The next president will have a chance to fill plenty of vacancies on his/her own watch. There is no constitutional support for the idea that a sitting president can only fill vacancies that occurred in the previous president’s term. What kind of odd system would that be?

    And Scout lives in a political fantasyland.

  7. Scout

    No question that my political ideals and principles are not always practiced by politicians, Wolve. But, for me at least, these ideals have value, and they emanate from all that’s good and great about the American Republic. My hope is that I can articulate them enough here and there that a few other people hang on to them and that they do not become pure fantasy. At that point, America is no special place any longer.

  8. Cargosquid

    Actually, I just re-read that comment.

    I clicked on the wrong reply. The OUTSTANDING and the comment were supposed to go to Wolve’s #151.

    That’s how it happened.

    Your comment about ideology is pretty good, but you are ignoring the fact that we have had ideological fights since day one.

    1. Let’s define ideological first.

      I absolutely think it has changed drastically over the years.

  9. Scout

    Actually, Cargo, my view is based on the fact (which I consider a great strength and uniqueness about America) that we have had virtually no ideological disputes in this country. If there is an ideology, it’s quite simple and defining – the country was founded on the principle that government derives its authority from the consent of the governed. I’m not sure that even that can be fairly described as “ideology” (as opposed to a founding principle), but it’s as close as we come. Everything after that is practical problem-solving. Even the greatest conflict we have had internally, the Civil War, was not an ideological battle. It was very much a regional, economic clash, a clash that could get going into outright military conflict because of drafting uncertainty in the Constitution about whether individual states, once they had joined the Union, could voluntarily opt out.

    Politicians often try to impose an ideological overlay on issues because it’s a way to capture weak or distracted or uninformed or lazy minds and translate those people into votes. There’s a human instinct to want an overriding explanation for everything. That’s where ideology comes in. It joins another human instinct to want to be on a team, or in a tribe, or wear the same uniform or conform. (I’m a “conservative”, I’m a “liberal”, I’m an “anarcho-syndicalist”, etc.).

    But the strength of America is that we are essentially non-ideological problem solvers working under the great principle that government must always have the consent of the governed to have legitimacy.

  10. Wolve

    Ideological or not ideological. Maybe. Maybe not. However, I would posit that, in this contemporary era, we are in danger of losing the republic in favor of centralized power under a blitz by all three branches of the federal government. If we lose the republic, of what good is it to have the Constitution? The legendary Ben Franklin warning seems to me to be coming true.

  11. Ut OHHHHHHH…what is Corey going to do about the spiff between the Pope and Trump.

    I guess that puts Corey out on a ledge.

    I doubt if Pope Francis would have given Corey accolades back here in PWC 8 years ago either though.

  12. Wolve

    Corey will just have to quote from that famous speech by JFK to the Baptist ministers in Texas in 1960. That should take care of that.

  13. Lyssa

    The Pope is free to say what he likes. Pointing out what he sees as a social problem is his job. And he did it. I wouldn’t say Trump “lashed” back, he sort of deflected the arguement and said what he liked. So no big deal. I kind of handed it to Trump for what I think was a tempered response. (I can’t believe I put that in writing but that is based on what I heard around 3pm today).

    Many of the religious right have said they don’t think Catholics are true Christians. So they shouldn’t have anything to say about a representative of non-Christian religion calling someone names. There are those in that group that do plenty of that.

    I’m starting to connect secularism to ideology in my head, but I think I’ll watch the Caps instead.

    Corey never met a conviction he couldn’t give up – I think that’s the definition of opportunism. Gee, he and Hilary have a lot in common. Never put those two together.

    1. If Catholics aren’t true Christians, who is?

      Most people here know that I am the daughter of someone who left the Catholic Church, before I was born. As a child, I questioned him about it, probably around the time Kennedy was running for office. I had probably heard something about Kennedy taking directions from the Pope.

      He sat me down and have me a good talking to about how the Catholic Church had been the only thing keeping Christianity alive for 1500 years…until the reformation. It was one of those things that stuck in my head.

      I think the Catholic Church is pretty solid in the Christian department if I remember what Walt said all these years later.

  14. Lyssa

    Wolve, you read my mind, very scary 🙋🏻

    “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote;”

    He was a hero to my first and second generation parents – everyone all from Ireland and most in Boston where they were treated like crap. They were very proud of their beliefs but were so proud American first. You know that was the impetus behind the Knights of Columbus? Organized to help immigrants sort through religion and homeland and become proud Americans and balance religion with the need for separation.

    On to the Caps…

  15. Sean

    Moonhowlings needs a specific post on this political stunt the BOS is pulling on the tax rate again…its like Groundhog Day with this flat tax

    1. I am working on it. Right now, all that comes out of my fingers are curse words.

      I am so disappointed in Corey. He is like a tree flapping in the breeze. Last year he stood up for sanity. This year he has gone back to flapping in the wind.

      Let’s talk about the unholy alliance cut with the Gainesville crew. They all simply make me sick.

  16. Sean

    Agreed on all points. I think Corey voted that way for politics sake, knowing it wasn’t going to pass. Now he can broker a compromise and be the conservative, leader and peace maker. Its all politics…sadly

  17. Pat.Herve

    Cruz at it again – a no show in the Senate, yet he can hold up legislation. How can that be. It is wrong.


    Congress is failing us.

    1. Congress has been failing us. I keep waiting for NCLB to be defunded. I keep waiting for an immigration reform bill. Nothing has happened.

      I want to defund congress.

  18. House of Cards to release on March 4, 2016. I can’t wait.

    Meanwhile, I am addicted to The Killing. The Killing began on AMC and was taken over by Netflix. I need to go to detox to come off of the show.

  19. Pat.Herve

    Rubio had income of $335,561 in 2014 and paid 19.3% in income tax – a far cry from the 39% advertised rate. And Florida has no state income tax. $566K in 2013 and 25% in taxes. This is very much less than the Irish income tax of 40% above the income level of 43K Euro. Are we really the highest taxed country in the world? Nobody in the US pays the 39% rate.

    I am not sure why he decides to pay a penalty every year.

  20. Starryflights

    In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens

    When he was asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday whether he would condemn the praise of former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, Donald Trump declined to disavow Duke’s comments.

    “I don’t know anything about David Duke, okay,” Trump said. “I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. I don’t know, did he endorse me? Or what’s going on. Because I know nothing about David Duke. I know nothing about white supremacists.”

    In 2000, Trump declined to run for president as a member of the Reform Party because the “Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr. Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani. This is not company I wish to keep.” As Trump himself noted on Twitter, he also disavowed Duke in a press conference earlier this week.

    Campaign 2016 Email Updates
    Get the best analysis of the presidential race.
    But this incident also brings to mind another report, unearthed in September by the technology blog Boing Boing.

    On Memorial Day 1927, brawls erupted in New York led by sympathizers of the Italian fascist movement and the Ku Klux Klan. In the fascist brawl, which took place in the Bronx, two Italian men were killed by anti-fascists. In Queens, 1,000 white-robed Klansmen marched through the Jamaica neighborhood, eventually spurring an all-out brawl in which seven men were arrested.

    One of those arrested was Fred Trump of 175-24 Devonshire Rd. in Jamaica.

    This is Donald Trump’s father. Trump had a brother named Fred, but he wasn’t born until more than a decade later. The Fred Trump at Devonshire Road was the Fred C. Trump who lived there with his wife, according to the 1930 Census.

    The predication for the Klan to march, according to a flier passed around Jamaica beforehand, was that “Native-born Protestant Americans” were being “assaulted by Roman Catholic police of New York City.” “Liberty and Democracy have been trampled upon when native-born Protestant Americans dare to organize to protect one flag, the American flag; one school, the public school; and one language, the English language.”

    It’s not clear from the context what role Fred Trump played in the brawl. The news article simply notes that seven men were arrested in the “near-riot of the parade,” all of whom were represented by the same lawyers. No doubt to the chagrin of those in the Klan, the seven faced a Roman Catholic judge.

    When news of the old report surfaced last year, Donald Trump vehemently denied his father’s arrest. “He was never arrested. He has nothing to do with this. This never happened. This is nonsense and it never happened,” he said to the Daily Mail. “This never happened. Never took place. He was never arrested, never convicted, never even charged. It’s a completely false, ridiculous story. He was never there! It never happened. Never took place.”

    Given the politics and cultural constraints of 1927, the Klan wasn’t the sort of thing that a politician would necessarily be asked to condemn. An article in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle from that December notes that the Klan would probably weigh in heavily against the potential presidential nomination of then-New York Gov. Al Smith, given that he was a Catholic and a “champion of ‘alienism.'”

    It’s worth noting that Trump’s comments came one day after another Klan brawl, this time in Anaheim, Calif. Thirteen people were arrested and three were stabbed after a Klan rally turned violent. And it’s worth noting, too, as did Jonathan Chait at New York magazine, that Trump’s claim to “know nothing” about white supremacists echoes the language of the 19th-century “Know Nothing” party — a nativist group that supported only Protestants for public office.


    Trump is a liar and a bigot. He will lose badly in November and take the party down too.

  21. Jackson Bills

    You could be right Starry, and then we would be left with this:

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