A 37-year-old man has been charged after police say he chased and assaulted — while naked — a 16-year-old girl on her way to the school bus stop Wednesday morning.

It happened on Charter Court off Prince William Parkway in the River Falls area as the Osbourn Park High School student was walking to the bus stop around 6:15 a.m.

The victim told police she was approached by a man wearing no clothes and she attempted to flee, but the man chased after her. At that point, a witness intervened, knocking the man and girl to the ground.

Still, the naked man at one point grabbed the victim and tried to prevent her from getting away, said Prince William police spokesman Nathan Probus.

When officers arrived, the girl had gotten away and the man had been detained. He was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, and remained hospitalized Thursday, Probus said.

The man, identified as Musab Mohamed El-Sheikh, of the 4800 block of Grand Masters Way in Woodbridge, was charged with abduction, indecent exposure and assault and battery, Probus said. A court date is pending his release from the hospital.

How on earth do we teach our kids to avoid this kind of behavior?  This is truly one of the most insane stories I have ever read.   Who does this creature belong to and why was he out of the house?  Wasn’t he cold?

As people sit around wondering why cops sometimes have bad attitudes, I think I might have just found the answer.  Why would anyone work a job where they had to deal with loony tunes like this?

I think a mental health evaluation is certainly in order.  What was his intent?

7 Thoughts to “Naked man chases PW teen on her way to school”

  1. Steve Thomas

    Due to the apparent presence of mental illness, I am going to avoid the temptation to compare this to what is going on with the well publicized assaults in Europe.

    Clearly, this dude is nuts.

    1. Clearly but it is still something cops have to deal with. That girl is lucky that someone intervened.

  2. Wolve

    I assume they are checking for drugs. It seems to me that many, if not most, recent reports about a naked man appearing in public and doing something nasty bring up the use of drugs, especially the synthetic ones of which we have seen so much in recent years. Extreme violence seems to be part of such scenes.

  3. This happened down the street from my house infront of a family friends house. She is the one that called the police about the incident after hearing screaming outside.
    The guy has mental issues and lives in the neighborhood with his father.

    1. Very scary thing to happen. Is the naked dude going to be returned home or do we commit people now?

  4. Great question Moon. This happened about 1 mile away from an Elementry school and 1.5 miles from my sons Elementry school. It may sound bad but at least the incident happened early in the morning to a highschool student who could fight back and was loud enough to alert neighbors.
    The situation could have been very different had it been a bit later with smaller children.

    1. I think you all have a right to totally raise hell. I would want him removed from the neighborhood. How does the father control him? He can’t chain him to his bed. Sad situation but….it shouldn’t turn in to a danger to the neighborhood. I would also be asking if this nut has access to guns or knives.

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