7 Thoughts to “Wolves change rivers: where are the deniers?”

  1. Jackson Bills

    Who denies that man can impact an ecosystem? That is a silly question…

    1. But you took the time to answer it. :mrgreen:

  2. Pat.Herve

    There are plenty of denier – acid rain deniers, tobacco deniers, high fructose corn syrup deniers….

  3. I am sure that wolves have a positive impact on the ecosystem at Yellowstone, but this video is really just propoganda. The biggest influences on rivers are large-scale changes in the pattern of rainfall, snowpack and drought. If Yellowstone rivers are no longer flooding over their banks, it is probably because of drought.

    It took me all of 5 minutes to find this article that attributes reduced elk reproduction to drought rather than primarily to wolves:


    So that confirms a drought has persisted in Yellowstone.

    1. So it looks like different scientists and studies disagree. Now, here’s my question–you state that the video is propaganda. Propaganda for what? If the end result is rivers changing, would that be pro or con wolf?

  4. Kelly_3406

    Everything in the video was about how the presence of wolves restored balance to the ecosystem. It seemed like the changing rivers were presented as positive, so this too was pro-wolf. When the plan to re-introduce wolves was first announced, there was fierce opposition to it. I suspect that they are anxious to show a benefit from the presence of wolves.

    I do agree that wolves positively impact the ecosystem, but let’s keep it real. If the rivers no longer overflow their banks, it is much more likely to be due to drought than to wolves.

    1. It’s a good discussion piece. The people I know of that are on a collision course with wolves are ranchers. Real problems exist on public lands also.

      I found wolves to rivers a bit of a challenge. However, it was an interesting point A to point B.

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