A Prince George’s County police officer was killed Sunday in a fierce shootout with a man outside a district station in Landover, in what the police chief said was an unprovoked attack.

Police Chief Henry P. Stawinski III said a man walked up to the District III station and opened fire outside the front doors about 4:30 p.m. Officers rushed out to stop the attack. Officer Jacai Colson, 28, a four-year department veteran, was killed in the gunfight, the chief said. Police said the suspect was wounded and taken to a hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

Police said they didn’t know of a motive, but the suspect and a man police officials described as his brother were both in custody.

“One of your defenders lost his life in defense of this community today. This was an unprovoked attack,” Stawinski said at a somber news conference Sunday night.

Officer Colson is the second law enforcement officer killed in the metro area in three weeks.  In this case, it appears that two brothers ambushed one of the PGC police stations.  Officer Colson was killed in the ambush.  One of the suspects was apprehended at a Popeye’s restaurant, in the bathroom,texting his brother.

Blue lives matter.  We as a regional community cannot continue to have our police officers ambushed and gunned down by people who don’t seem to care at all about human life.

It appears that you aren’t even safe in front of the police station.  Officer Colson was raced to the hospital in a police cruiser.  All medical efforts to save his life failed.

RIP Officer Colson.  We here in Prince William County are especially reeling from this senseless loss of another police officer.

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3 Thoughts to “Prince George’s County police officer ambushed and killed”

  1. Pat.Herve

    No Police Officer should lose his/her life like this. Seem like the guy was on a death mission.

    Reports are out now the the Police Officer died from friendly fire.

  2. Wolve

    I also heard it was friendly fire. Also seems that the slain officer, a young detective, responded solo to the attacker so that his fellow officers could get into position to take the attacker on. They say it was a difficult shoot for the responders because there were houses and people right behind the shooter. If that is indeed the way it went down, I would say that we have not just a slain police officer but a true hero who lost his life being courageous.

  3. Wolve

    Radio reports said there was one shooter accompanied by two of his brothers. While the shooter sprayed anything around him, including an ambulance and civilian cars as well as the police station, one of the brothers was taking a video of the whole thing. Crazy. Suicide by cop……maybe……

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