Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a controversial abortion bill Thursday that, among other things, would ban the procedure if it is sought because the fetus was diagnosed with a disability or defect such as Down syndrome.

Shortly before his deadline to act on the sweeping measure, Pence called the law “a comprehensive pro-life measure that affirms the value of all human life,” according to the Associated Press.

The law, which was passed by the legislature earlier this month, would make Indiana the second state in the nation, after North Dakota, to ban abortion in cases where a fetal anomaly is detected. It also would bar the procedure in instances where the decision is based on the sex or race of the fetus. And it could make Indiana the first state in the country to require that fetal remains be buried or cremated, rather than treated like medical waste.

So this is where it is all going?  Fetal anomaly is certainly a compelling reason to have an abortion.  In fact, to me, it is  the most legitimate reason of all.  The cost and the wear and tear on families caring for a seriously disabled child is more than most people can bear.

It is a private decision and one that should only be made by the family involved.  It certainly should not be made by the government.   This case will head to the Supreme Court.  This law defines “undue burden.”

I am shocked and outraged over the denial of abortion for fetal anomaly.  As for burying fetal remains–another undue burden.   What are they suggesting as a casket?  A now inch match box?  Those people are nuts–totally insane, bat-shit crazy.


7 Thoughts to “Indiana: Abortion banned for fetal anomaly”

  1. Starryflights

    I have a friend whose two kids have Downs. It’s tough situation. But they treasure those kids and they are wonderful. Having said that, that decision to carry through should be the parents’.

    1. Totally agree…it should be the decision of the parents.

      Absolutely it should not be the decision of the state.

      The cost for the parents and for society are astronomical with some of these cases. How can the state relegate parents to hundreds of thousands of dollars in care for a child who can do nothing for him or herself as a child or an adult? As I read the article, Downs is just one of the anomalies that was listed. There are many others out there that are totally debilitating.

  2. middleman

    Talk about nanny state (pun intended).

    It seems that the only difference between Republican and Democratic overbearing government in this instance is that the R’s insist you have the baby and the D’s tell you how to raise it.

  3. Lyssa

    NDSAN has a waiting list of people to adopt children with Downs Syndrome.

    1. That is admirable. However, adoption isn’t for everyone and many fetal anomalies aren’t down’s syndrome. It’s a private decision, and shouldn’t be a government decision.

  4. Lyssa

    I agree it’s a private matter not a government matter.

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