This speech is pathetic and embarrassing. Is she on drugs or does she drink too much? Every time she talks it gets worse. She is incoherent and doesn’t even make sense.

I heard the morning on TV that she is supposed to be fixing Trump’s woman problem. I don’t think that is possible and I sure wouldn’t use her to do it. I am not sure what she said nor do I think she did Trump any favors.

It’s time for Palin to go back to Alaska and stay there. The lights are on but nobody is home.

12 Thoughts to “Sarah Palin: April Fool or just a fool?”

  1. Jackson Bills

    I don’t disagree with anything you said about this speech… I think you’re correct in that she isn’t doing Trump any favors.

  2. Steve Thomas

    I am a bit disappointed with Palin. I can understand her animosity towards the “establishment”, who threw her under a bus during and after the 2008 race. What I can’t understand is her embracing Trump over Cruz. She was one of Cruz’s strongest supporters, and continued to cheerlead him while was in the Senate. From and ideology/positions standpoint, she aligns with Cruz so much more than Trump.

    So what is this affinity? Perhaps it’s the fact they are both veterans of reality TV?

    1. Probably. By all means, that’s a reason to vote for them both.

      Maybe Palin thinks she will get some sort of deal out of it. She is opportunistic on a grand scale.

    2. Jackson Bills

      Completely agree, I pretty much wrote her off when she backed Trump over Cruz which makes no sense to me.

  3. Starryflights

    She is pathetic

  4. Pat.Herve

    and why does this surprise anyone who looked at her back in 2008? She has not changed.

  5. Lyssa

    She cost McCain the election. The Republicans have been pandering to the extreme right for a decade. Now they have succeeded with Trump and Cruz. She was the beginning….

    What a case of be careful for what you wish for.

    1. Wolve

      I suggest that McCain cost McCain the election.

      1. Lyssa

        I was in a hall full of people who bailed on McCain at that point. I can only project based on that experience. Just being less general and more specific….

      2. Wolve

        I don’t know about the bailing, but I recall that McCain’s campaign was going absolutely nowhere until he latched onto Palin. That drew in a lot of conservatives who were about to kiss the whole thing off and stay home. Unfortunately, in my opinion, McCain’s handlers, the same fools who had helped to put his campaign into the doldrums (with a lot of help from McCain’s own persona and the Bush economic fiasco), got hold of Palin and ruined the effort.

      3. Perhaps you should look at this from Lyssa’s point of view. I expect she knows a lot more moderate Republicans than you do.

        Moderates are always needed to win an election.

  6. punchak

    It was said, that Trump sent Palin as his substitute.
    Now, that´s reason enough not to vote for Trump.
    She was weird, to say the least.

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