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Why do politicians involve themselves in these issues?

If a girl becomes a boy, unless he has had surgery, he can’t use the urinal.  Therefore, he goes into the stall.  The door is closed, what’s the issue?

If a boy becomes a girl,  then she goes into the girls’ room where there are stalls with doors.  There are no urinals.  Close the door, do your business and leave.  No politician needs to be involved.

If we are speaking of school environment, if the Moon-Howler solution doesn’t work, then build a unisex bathroom with a single stall.  One at a time.  Mission accomplished.

We don’t need 500 rules to govern bathrooms.

For people who want less government interference, the Republicans in North Carolina have really out-done themselves in the invasion department.

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11 Thoughts to “Bathrooms: What’s all the hoopla about?”

  1. Pat.Herve

    If a child wants to associate with the opposite sex – use the single stall bathroom near the nurses office. I do not see why that cannot accommodate every one. If you have the appendage, you use the boys room – if not, the girls room.

    Allowing girls into the boys room or boys in the girls room – is just ASKING for issues that no school administrator, nor parent, wants to have to deal with.

    1. I don’t have real strong feelings on this issue except that what NC is doing is simply wrong.

      People who are transgendered do not see themselves or identify themselves with appendages or lack thereof. Over the years, various accommodations have had to be made to public buildings. (visual fire alarms, handicap ramps, etc) Get a “unisex” single stall bathroom.

      It’s a difficult question for schools because kids act so stupid about bathroom issues anyway. It’s also an excellent place for bullying to go on.

  2. El Guapo

    I have the misfortune of having to work with a bunch of pigs. There is frequently an unsavory odor in the men’s room that is too often just plain disgusting. I bought some cans of air freshener, but for some reason picking up a can and holding the trigger for a few seconds is too much work for some people. I like to brush my teeth after lunch, and sometimes I have to go to the second floor bathroom.

    So that’s how I see this issue. If someone you don’t like is in the bathroom, then go use another bathroom. We all have to get along. I have to work with inconsiderate men with irritable bowels. I once saw a former co-worker I didn’t like on the subway. I got off at the next stop and got on another car. I don’t see the need to make a law forbidding that person from riding the subway just because I don’t like him.

    1. Interesting perspective and one that isn’t about appendages.

      I just watched The Danish Girl. It wasn’t intentional. I thought it was about something else altogether. I guess it made me aware of a few issues I hadn’t considered.

      Frankly, I am not the most open-minded about “transsexual issues.” I don’t understand them and transexuals confuse me, starting with appropriate pronouns. Because I am confused is certainly no reason to enact discriminatory laws.

      Perhaps its time for some education on the subject so that those of us who are not transexual understand what it is all about. I seriously think it isn’t about genitalia.

  3. Steve Thomas

    I think this is just the LGBTQXYZ movement trying to remain relevant after achieving their goal of same-sex marriage.

    I think the whole trans-rights movement is just another sign that our society has lost its collective minds. The CDC estimates the “Trans/Sis” population at less than 1%. Moon, your examples of accommodating public buildings all deal with an actual physical handicap/disability. However, these gender-confused individuals are just that: confused. Their psychology doesn’t agree with their biology….now which one do you think is “off”?

    What about the rights of the majority to do their business in peace, without worrying about some confused biological male wanting to use the facilities made for Women/Girls. Now the Federal Government is weighing in? Sweet Buddha on a rubber raft! When are we going to wake up and quit indulging all of this silliness?

    1. Steve Thomas

      @Steve Thomas

      And one more thought: I have an actual physical service-related disability. I am hard of hearing. So what if we who are hard of hearing decided we shouldn’t have to choose between not hearing or wearing our hearing aids…Nope…hearing aids are expensive, and can be a pain to wear. They may be uncomfortable and diminish your self-esteem. We want everyone else to accommodate us. You need to shout when you speak or learn sign-language. All music or public address systems must be set to “Rock Concert Level”. Never mind that it’s annoying and uncomfortable for you to shout and the PA is blowing out your ear-drums. I WILL BE ACCOMMODATED OR ELSE I WILL SUE!

      Sane people would say I’d lost my mind if I think the whole world needs to change to accommodate me… They’d tell me to wear my hearing aids, or don’t hear…

    2. That’s the reason I ignored it for a long time. It isn’t the sword I am going to fall on, that’s for sure. I also admit to not understanding it.

      I just don’t see making a big deal out of it or more specifically having a bunch of laws about which bathroom to use. I agree with you to some degree about relevance also.

      I think the accommodations are a sign of the times and there will always be something new to have to adjust to. I should have also thrown in asbestos, expensive handicapped bathrooms and no peanuts in the classrooms. Your kid can’t have a peanut butter sandwich because mine has an allergy mentality.

      I think the worst of the accommodations was the fire alarms. I honestly believe I have hearing loss from those things. In addition to the flashing lights, there were also extremely loud horns to the point your ears were killing you. (the kind put on nursing homes or dormitories)

  4. Scout

    A non-problem that some pols think is an issue that will get them cheap votes if they get government to weigh in on it. We even have presidential candidates trying to harness it up. Sheesh.

    We are getting so good at hyper-ventilating over nothings. Where do these guys in North Carolina stand on getting hard infrastructure built for the next century? How do they propose to do it? Where will the revenues come from?

  5. ColMorrisDavis

    Irony: Right-wingers will pass emergency legislation to thwart imaginary perverts and write letters singing the praises of an actual pervert.

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