What’s going on at school board meetings in PWC?  I am hearing just horrible stories coming out of those meetings–stories of teachers being threatened, students in certain districts being threatened as far as funding goes,

Tell me it isn’t so!!  I decided I would go look for myself.  I tried to find the video of last night’s meeting.  Talk about a wild goose chase.  Finding the video of a meeting is difficult and definitely not intuitive.

I finally was directed to the little TV icon on the main website, www.pwcs.edu.  Finally.  When I got to the site, guess what!  The board meeting had not been posted.

Come on school board site.  You have more resources than the non-school part of the county and their board meetings are up and running several hours after the meeting is over.  You can do better.

If what I hear is true, that board meeting archive will probably disappear anyway.  However, before that, I would like to watch the May 4, 2016 meeting  for myself.

Every day I offer up thanks…that I no longer work for Prince William County.

6 Thoughts to “School Board Meeting Briefs: The forked tongue?”

  1. Retired Teacher

    The video is there now. It’s posted the morning after and there’s a schedule of reruns on PWCSTV. Since I was there I can tell you it’s more than four hours and some of it is disturbing. The Accountability office was asked to identify problems, plans to solve them and progress to date regarding academics. Their response was a 125 slide power point of sugar coated manure. This is what was missed when everyone was focused on school naming and ignored the budget until after it had gone to the Board of Supervisors.

    1. I am still laughing over sugar coated manure.

      Mrs. Jessie needs to learn to not sound so condescending. When she speaks, she sends a signal to teachers that whatever they do, it will never be good enough.

      1. Retired Teacher

        She only cares about us at election time and forgets us after Thanksgiving.

  2. Pat.Herve

    I hear that the School Board is going to reduce funding for schools in more affluent areas and give more money to schools in less affluent areas. How exactly does that work? Just because someone thinks an area is more affluent does not make it so. Battlefield serves Dominion Valley and Bull Run Mountain – is Bull Run Mountain now affluent – who knew. The people in Dominion Valley think they are affluent, I find many of them are not.

    1. I wonder which has more foreclosures, Dominion Valley or Bull Run Mountain? I bet on the former.

      I think the chairman is blowing smoke on that one. I can’t find where in the video he says that.

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