12 Thoughts to “The Church Lady–She’s baaaccck!!! Isn’t that special!”

  1. Wolve

    Disgusting anti-religious bigotry — as usual.

    1. I am curious why you think that skit is anti-religious?

      1. Wolve


        Christian believers are being killed for their faith in the Middle East, in South Asia, and in Africa. This SNL mockery aimed at those who express their faith openly is not worthy of any further comment beyond my first post. I look forward to the next SNL comedy skit series entitled “The Mosque Muslima” But I won’t hold my breath.

      2. Muslim and Jewish believers are also being killed for their faith in the Middle East. It has nothing to do with the Saturday night live skit.

        You do understand that the entire skit is about hypocrisy?? Oh please say yes.

  2. Wolve

    Those SNL comedy skits have almost always been aimed at fundamentalist, evangelical, and other conservative Christians in a blatant effort to taunt and embarrass all of them by flaunting the failures of those among their number who have fallen off that wagon, so to speak. Got a Jimmy Swaggart out there, do ya, Christians? Well, maybe you all should just shut your mouths about family values or we will call you hypocrites.

    Come on, Blogmistress, you know the score. Quit pretending you don’t. And the revival of a bigoted SNL skit at a time when Christians are being persecuted and killed in many parts of this vicious contemporary world is absolutely relevant to the discussion, as much as you may not want it to be.

    And I say again. Where is SNL’s “The Mosque Muslima” with its mockery of Islam? Or do the the ant-Christian libs piss in their pants as usual when contemplating that alternate possibility? Reminds me of the LGTBers who scream about toilet selection in North Carolina and say not a word when homosexuals are tossed to their deaths off tall buildings in Syria and Iraq.

    A Wolve middle finger to SNL.

    1. First off, I am not a real big fan of SNL for a multitude of reasons. It also often bores me. However, there are some skits I enjoy. Church Lady has always been one of them. I don’t know that I have ever seen Muslims mocked but I certainly have seen Jews mocked on that show. Pretty much nothing is sacred–liberal, conservative, orthodox.

      Swaggart got made fun of because he condemned everyone else and then got caught doing it himself. It wasn’t his religion that was mocked, it was his hypocrisy.

      I don’t think the LGBTers in North Carolina started this one.

    2. One more suggestion–Maybe the family values crowd wouldn’t bring ridicule on themselves if they didnt set themselves up as the end all be all in morality, then get caught with their proverbial pants down. Yes, people laugh at them and deservedly so.

      Transgendered people are rarely homosexual.

  3. Scout

    Church Lady is a comic, fictional character. If Wolve thinks she bears some realistic relationship to sincere Christians, he’s hanging with a rather fringe, heterodox crowd.

    Although I am a Christian, I find the Dana Carvey character hilarious. (Although I am a great admirer of George H. W. Bush, I found Carvey’s caricature of that president hilarious). The idea that someone would get angry or annoyed about such things makes me wonder how they perceive mainstream Christians. I think one would have to believe that the Church Lady character is in some way typical of Christians before one would miss the humor of the character or could take offense at the portrayal.

    1. I think Church Lady is hilarious and it has obviously withstood the test of time, since I remember watching it and howling several decades ago.

      I expect George H. W. Bush also thought his caricature was hilarious also.

      I have discovered that some evangelicals don’t think that mainstreams Christians are Christian. Oh well, the mainstream folks, and I include myself in this subset, don’t answer to those folks.

  4. Lyssa

    Well, I find Trumps awkwardness with the language of faith (obvious unaccustomed language) worse. He just shouldn’t discuss it. He blundered last year in Iowa but quickly recovered…..

    I like the Church lady – it’s really a double parody.

  5. El Guapo

    This reminds me why I stopped watching SNL

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