All our fallen warriors are important.  However, some hold a special place in our hearts, as individuals.  We cherish them not just for who they are but for their families and friends.

This past year I had my XX high school reunion and touched base with many old friends from Charlottesville.  I talked with Brenda, a high school friend.  We somehow got on the subject of Charlie Milton, who was killed in Vietnam.  Charlie was a high school chum of mine and a little more than that to her.  We both had a good cry and promised to go to The Wall together.  I had already located Charlie a number of years ago.  It still breaks my heart.

Did I mention that this song in the video, was written by another classmate, John Rimel.  He and Jimmy Fortune co-wrote More than a Name on a Wall together.  One of their friends had been killed in Vietnam.  It was so good to see John and he had changed so much.  He was tall, distinguished, and still so very talented.

As I close, I think of my friend Mark and his wife who lost their son in Iraq.  Colin was certainly more than a name on a wall to his family and friends.

Maybe its time for us as a nation to start thinking about the cost of war in human terms.   I have gotten so I can barely stand to go to The Wall any more.  That’s my generation.   My mother felt that way about the WWII Memorial.  She never went.  Perhaps neither of us has the stomach for war.


4 Thoughts to “More than a Name on a Wall”

  1. Brenda Bibb Stevens

    Thank you John Rimel, my classmate, and Jimmy Fortune for writing that beautiful song in memory of all those men who lost their lives for our Freedom in Vietnam!!! Also, Betsie, thank you for making Charlie “More Than Name On A Wall”!! I hope you will make one more trip with me one day to the Wall so I can say “Good Bye” to Charlie as I never got the chance!!! It’s been too long and it needs to be done!!!

    1. Welcome, Brenda. We will make that trip for sure.

      See you Wednesday!

  2. George S. Harris

    It took me a long time to go to the wall; I just wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact of seeing all those names of all those brave souls. All those names, all those stories, all the tears and broken hearts. Thank you John Rimel and thank you Betsie for posting this.

    1. You are more than welcome, George. I will probably see John Rimel in July at a mini reunion and I will give him your message.

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