Hillary Clinton now has the necessary delegates to claim the Democratic presidential nomination. The Associated Press said so Monday, based on weekend primaries in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and on superdelegates who had decided to back her since the last time they were canvassed.

But there is more here than the AP’s tally and Clinton’s support among the party establishment. With Tuesday’s primaries in California, New Jersey and four other states, Clinton finally amassed a majority of pledged delegates — the ones awarded based on the actual outcome of elections. What’s more, when all of the votes are counted, her popular vote advantage over Bernie Sanders (3 million votes going into Tuesday) will likely give her a double-digit victory.

I have been very quiet about the Democrats during the primary process.  I saw no point in beating up one over the other.  I knew that is where I was going to vote, once Trump established his dominance.  Why have to eat your words. Now it’s time for Bernie to just go away.

The historical significance of yesterday is not lost on me.  My grandmother was 31 years old before she could vote.  When I graduated from high school and college, I don’t think I even thought it was possible for a woman to secure the nomination of either party.  I remember when Geraldine Ferraro was selected as a running mate for Walter Mondale.  Her claim to fame was “Tits and Fritz.”  That’s pretty much where the country stood at its knuckle dragging state in the 80’s.

Good for Hillary.   She has done what no other woman has been able to do.  She secured the nomination of her party.  The rest is up to her.

In the words of Neil Young:  Long May You Run!


9 Thoughts to “History in the making: Hillary can now claim the Democratic presidential nomination”

  1. Starryflights

    Today was a great day for our country. She wasn’t my first choice but I will support her.

    1. I did support her but very quietly.

  2. Steve Thomas

    Meh…any previous president can identify as a woman, and we’ll have had a woman president. Gender norms have been bent to the point of breaking. So a “Sis-female” politician has enough delegates to secure the nomination. These bio-gender constructs are offensive.

    I am being sarcastic, of course. Hillary Clinton, in spite of all the scandal and other issues that cling to her, has managed to emerge victorious from a bruising primary campaign, and still has a wounded pitbull clinging to the leg of her pant-suit. Anyway you slice it, it was a hard-fought victory. I will say this, that woman is harder than a woodpecker’s lips.

    But I have to wonder…has the novelty passed? In a time when a boy identifying as a girl is allowed to compete as a girl in the Alaska Highschool track & field state championship, is Clinton’s victory somehow cheapened? Will the fringe-left (as opposed to the center-left) poison this well? Perhaps, as I believe most are Sanders supporters. Call it a feeling.

    1. I read an article just today that say d millennials aren’t impressed at all with her. They say yawn. Mature women like me understand the battle all too well.

      I don’t know what the fringe left will do. I guess it is still an unknown.

      1. Steve Thomas


        Kids…what do they know?

      2. I hate to admit it but that is sort of how I am thinking on this….

      3. Steve Thomas


        Welcome to my world. Been thinking this since 2012.

  3. Cargosquid

    Congratulations to Clinton!
    This is a historic occasion.
    She’s the first person under FBI investigation to be nominated for the party!
    Well done.

    1. Wolve


      Don’t forget, Cargo: FBI “criminal investigation.” The White House said so.

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