He’s back….at least temporarily!!!!

God, I have missed that man. I needed a Jon Stewart laugh, especially after that convention.

Speaking of which, I think Hillary should recruit Ivanka for her introduction. Ivanka is the most closeted Democrat I have ever hear….or rather not-so-closeted.

What will become of Faux News without Roger Ailes?  Hats off to Gretchen Carlson for delivering the death-blow.  Now I know why a smart woman, Valedictorian of her class, Stanford graduate, acted like such a bimbo.

Perhaps the biggest take-away from the skit:


“I saw a lot of people on the convention floor with their ‘Blue Lives Matter’ rhetoric who either remained silent or actively fought against the 9/11 first responders’ bill reauthorization,” he continued. “So I see you, and I see your bullshit,”  (triggering CBS’s censors.)

20 Thoughts to “Jon Stewart does a Trump take-down”

  1. Ed

    Since Trump has staked his campaign on the apocalypse, there is strong incentive for his supporters to make bad things happen to validate that vision and improve his poll standings. Imagine what he (his supporters) are going to do during the D convention to make it all about Trump and I-told-you-so validation of the awful state of the nation. November can’t come quickly enough for me. It is a train wreak and I can’t look away.

    1. Steve Thomas


      I think you are confused, Ed. It ain’t Trump supporters rioting, burning flags, or assassinating cops. There’s enough Sanders supporters to disrupt the DNC. Trump supporters aren’t shooting up nightclubs, office parties, and military recruiting stations. There are plenty of death-cult missionaries to do this.

      1. Robin Hood

        After being humiliated with the late breaking ghost writer’s plagiarism confession you resurfaced to defend the people who punch those who disagree with them at Trump rallies. I have to give you credit for clinging to your selective reality where you only acknowledge what reinforces your opinions. Let’s not confuse anyone with the facts if your mind is made up already.

        When I was growing up the terrorists wore sheets and hoods and burned crosses and now the Klan’s leader wants to run for the U.S. Senate because Trump has inspired him.

        @Steve Thomas

      2. The WaPo editorial yesterday was scathing. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it.

    2. I don’t think that people who attend rallies can be compared to delegates. Delegates have roots and have to go back to their respective committees.

      1. Steve Thomas


        Speaking of committees…the chairman of the DNC will not be addressing the DNC delegates at the DNC convention, after the release of 20,000 leaked emails, hacked from the DNC servers.

        What is it with Democrats and emails?

        Pass the popcorn…

      2. What’s with Republicans and their candidates? I strongly suspect after last weeks circus show, the Democrats didn’t want the Republicans to get all the attention.

        Bring on the next chair!

      3. Steve Thomas


        Of course, now that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a free agent, the Clinton campaign has hired her. Well, she’s got the email qualifications down.

        I didn’t watch much of the RNC convention, beyond Trump’s acceptance speech. I think the DNC will be much more entertaining…like a hockey game…you really only watch it for the fights.

      4. We shall see. I certainly don’t expect some of those Bernie-bunchers to go quietly. I am not sure they were really Democrats in the first place. I think there are a lot of third-party people in there.

        There are some things being mischaracterized, however. Washerman-Schultz wasn’t going to use his “Jewish” attribute against him but the fact that he might be an atheist. I see that as business as usual amongst political parties who often try to out-Christian each other.

        The implied message was…its ok to be Jewish. It’s not ok to be an atheist. I guess that bothers me–there should be no religious test for office, even though we know there really is.

      5. Steve Thomas


        I am having a great time listening to the soundbytes coming out of the Hillary camp, trying to tamp this down before the convention gavels in. Apparently “experts” told Clinton Campaign spokesman Robbie Mook that the Russians are the ones who are leaking these emails, in an attempt to help the Trump campaign. This is a laughable deflection.

        The public is supposed to ignore what the actual emails said, which are quite embarrassing. Martin O’malley is a “joke”, and Bern’s statements from the trail are “spoken like someone who has never been a member of our [Democrat] party and knows nothing…”

        Poor Hillary. Her husband had to deal with a “vast right-wing conspiracy”… She has to deal with an vast, International conspiracy. Where’s James Bond or Jack Ryan when you need them?

        Panem et circenses.

      6. Well, aren’t you glad you never planned on voting for her anyway? I heard about the Russians a couple weeks ago.
        I am just thinking this is all just another election tempest. So someone tried to set Bernie up as an atheist. He probably is. BFD.

        Neutrality? Seriously. Who believes that out of either party. No you, including you.

      7. Steve Thomas


        It goes a bit more deeply, than just someone floating the idea of painting Bernie as an atheist. When Bernie remarked, “were sick and tired about her damned emails” little did he know that emails would continue to be an issue, not only for Hillary, but for the entire DNC as well. Maybe if Bernie had been a bit less tired about emails, he’d be rolling into Philly as the nominee.

        The always-helpful folks over at the gateway pundit have put together a list of some of the best: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/detailed-list-findings-wikileaks-dnc-document-dump/

        Still, there’s over 20K of them, so I would imagine the best is yet to come. Yes, I know…I am having a bit too much fun with this.

      8. Steve Thomas


        Well that didn’t go well. When you get booed off the stage by the delegation from your home state, when you are running for reelection, not sure things are looking up for you.


      9. That was expected. I guess you reap what you sow.
        On the other hand, didn’t everyone know that the Bernie-ites were going to be a problem for the Democrats?
        Stay tuned. I make no predictions.

        All I know is I will not under any circumstances vote for Trump, no matter how bad it gets on the other side.
        Basically, Debbie ain’t my problem.

      10. Steve Thomas


        You could vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. I am sure both of these alternative candidates will see a bump in the polls over the coming days, which just might neutralize Hillary’s convention bounce.

  2. Ed

    Can Trump and his supporters lie enough about the facts to convince a majority to give away their freedom to a strongman? People with even modest brains know that if the core message is that he is rich because he is smart but won’t show his tax returns, that he is scamming us.

    Actually, since this is an election masquerading as a reality show, I think we should have a cage match to the death. The loser’s VP is the next president.

    1. Robin Hood

      Hillary can be embarrassing sometimes but Trump is scary. At least she knows when to stop talking.


  3. Brian Smith

    I’m done, finished, kaput in defending Republicans (the party). Romney was defensible. Palin was not. John McCain was defensible. Cruz certainly was not. Trump was and is indefensible from any standpoint. The GOP will do anything to WIN and has abandoned the tried and true concepts of small government, strong defense, and pro-business in order to score one in the win column (they hope). I have , maybe, fifteen years left on earth (max) and I can’t see me forgiving the GOP for Trump anytime during the time I have left. I will not have a favorable impression of those that do support the Donald, either.

    I am definitely not happy with Hillary, but she is the clear and obvious choice for an America that rejects racism, sexism, ageism (is that a word?), ignorance, self-promotion and transparency in all its forms (taxes). I don’t know what she will do for my country… I do know what Trump will do against my country.
    For those that doubt my meaning here, know this…. I have voted Republican in the past.

    I doubt that I will in the future. The Republican party has shown its true colors with TRUMPISM.

    1. Brian, I hope that you are planning on more than 15 years.
      I hope there is a word called “ageism.” I use it a lot.
      Good post!!!

    2. Dump Trump

      @Brian Smith


      Well said! I’m an independent, but salute all Republicans that stand up to Trump. It’s natural for Democrats and independents to dislike GOP candidates, but when long time Republicans stand up to Trump, people take notice. I hope the GOP takes a good hard look at itself in the mirror after the election and starts the long journey to win back the credibility they’ve lost getting in bed with Trump.

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