At some point, we really have to address bad behavior.  This video shows the type of behavior inspired by a Donald Trump rally.  Are these really the people we want to decide the next president of the United States?

It’s difficult to decide what is the most offensive in a sea of filth.  I think that perhaps the flag-motiffed testicles  might just be the nadir of various spectacles.

Perhaps it is mostly gender-driven.  Are women just less likely to accept this hideous behavior than men are?  I don’t think that I could live in this country if that were the standard.  I would fear for my life with thugs running things.

Some of my contributors might not like the democratic candidate.  That’s fine.  But who do you really have to blame for the Trump existence?  These things don’t happen in a vacuum.  Why the frustration?  It seems to me like a minority  showing their temper over not getting their total way.  This country was made great by compromise.  Great deals have been worked out in the past, although probably not in the past 20 years.

The GOP congress (both houses) have set out to stymie any advancement, any compromise.  Now that their “base” has turned against them, perhaps they want to rethink all of that.  Trump isn’t a conservative.  I don’t know what he is.  Perhaps some political Frankenstein cobbled together by various factions of hate and distrust of anything government or intellectual.



8 Thoughts to “Not my America: Compilation of hate from Trump rallies”

  1. Robin Hood

    If you look at our history since World War II you will find that we have had nine presidents who had to deal with a Congress at some point where one or both houses were controlled by the opposition party. But most of them were able to compromise to get things done. Even Nixon enjoyed bipartisan cooperation until it became apparent that he was involved in covering up Watergate and Bill Clinton worked with Congress between confrontations. Truman turned the tables on Congress and beat them at the polls.

    We now know that Republican leaders resolved on the day of President Obama’s inauguration to set him up for failure. Mitch McConnell was famously quoted as saying that his legislative goal was to make him a one term president. When that didn’t work four years ago they doubled down and now we can’t even fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

    This outrage we see is a result of that obstruction. If nothing gets done the less sophisticated voters will blame the party in the White House. It might have worked except that a loose cannon came along to harness all of the frustration and now he can’t be trusted to stand up to Russia, or be careful with nuclear weapons!

    1. Kelly_3406

      @Robin Hood

      My memory is slightly different than yours. Obama pushed through a stimulus package and Obamacare without allowing Republicans to have any input. He used his super majority to get what he wanted without compromise. When Republicans objected to the cost of the stimulus, his response was “I won, you lost”.

      It wasn’t until late in 2010 after these issues that Mitch McConnell declared his intention to make Obama a one-term president.

      Obama has raised taxes, increased regulation, and imposed Obamacare, all of which led to the worst recovery since WWII. The country would have been in much better shape if McConnell had been successful in his bid to limit Obama to one term.

      1. What taxes did Obama raise? I thought Congress had to do that. I clearly remember Nancy Pelosi pushing through Obamacare. Rather than all the bitching and complaining about Obamacare, I have wondered all this time why the Republicans didnt try to fix the parts of Obamacare they didn’t like. That would be so simple because there are some good things about it.

        Meanwhile, there are still a lot of people who aren’t covered. That would be my biggest beef about it.

      2. Pat.Herve


        It is well documented that the Republicans set out to stymy any and all proposals from the Obama team – while he was President Elect and every since then.

        Obamacare – there are plenty of Republican wants in there – it is the Heritage Foundation plan. Too bad the Republicans want to continue to obstruct instead of solve – plenty of votes to repeal Obamacare, but no vote or plan to replace it with something.

        Obama has cut taxes for all but the very high income ($450k+).

    2. Eric the Half a Troll

      @Robin Hood

      Actually, the outrage is not a result of the Republican obstructionism as it was exactly the same people who demanded no compromise with the Democrats who are now so outraged. It is simply that they are a bunch of children who are frustrated that they did not get their way. That is the “force” that Trump has harnessed. A temper tantrum.

  2. Starryflights

    Trump supporters act like animals.

    1. Some sure seem to but I hate sweeping generalizations. I am sure many don’t also.

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