Donald Trump’s national spokeswoman offered a pretty stunning accusation during an appearance on Fox Business Network on Monday morning. She alleged that members of the political media have “literally beat Trump supporters into submission.”

“They are tired of seeing left-wing reporters literally beat Trump supporters into submission — into supporting policies that they don’t agree with,” Katrina Pierson said.

This is merely the latest wild accusation and strange claim made by Pierson this campaign. A charitable explanation would be that she attended the Joe Biden School of What ‘Literally’ Means. But Pierson does this kind of thing a lot — and she has been particularly factually challenged this month.

Just this weekend, in fact, Pierson alleged in no uncertain terms that President Obama started the war in Afghanistan, despite his having been a state senator in Illinois at the time.

“Remember: We weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time,” Pierson said. “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan, creating another problem.”

Asked to clarify whether she was accusing Obama of launching the war in Afghanistan, which started in 2001, Pierson doubled down: “That was Obama’s war, yes.” She later appeared to blame “audio disruptions” for her comment.

Katrina Pierson needs to blame woeful ignorance on her part for her comments.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

GOP, rescue your party from these unqualified people!!!

Trump needs to fire this woman and put someone in who at least can understand chronology.

10 Thoughts to “Trump’s spokeswoman seems a little confused: Blame Obama!”

  1. Starryflights

    Trump supporters are a stupid bunch.

  2. Dump Trump

    Be careful what you wish for! The Trump campaign has brought in the guy who runs Bierbart as his new campaign manager. (Is this the third or fourth campaign manager since April?)

    The Post is reporting that Trump felt “boxed in” at Manafort’s attempts to get Trump to tone down his comments. ‘Cuz Trump’s gotta Trump! Buckle up, boys and girls, it’s gonna be a fun ride!

    The most recent state polls show that if Clinton only wins the states that she is ahead by 5 points or more in, she has enough electoral votes to win. But the good news is that the longer this drags out, the more likely it is that at least some Trump supporters will believe their orange messiah lost and won’t listen to the veiled calls for violence Trump is sure to make.

  3. Scout

    There are scads of problems with the Trump campaign, starting with the candidate himself. But some are more easily fixed than others. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they let people like this Katrina Pierson woman appear on media as a “spokesman” or surrogate. She is deeply ignorant. My guess is that having someone as competent as Kelly Ann Conway means that amateurs like Pierson will disappear

    1. This entire campaign is like watching a train wreck. I just can’t turn away.

      Do these people realize what jokes they are?

  4. Ed

    I have run out of popcorn and the show goes on for 80 more days. Will Trump actually make it to election day? What’s his exit strategy so he can remain a winner but not actually win? How many fools will vote for him? Is he totally batshit crazy or will he reveal some amazing con at the end? This is such a nail bitter since he theoretically could win and that would be a horrible tragedy. I’m hoping this show remains farce comedy to the end because I don’t like horror flicks.

  5. kelly_3406

    No matter who wins in November, the country will be in for some big-time challenges. Trump has been hammered on this blog, and deservedly so.

    Hillary has been bought and paid for by foreign interests. She is corrupt. She puts her political fortunes above all else.

    The fact that Trump gets hammered continually, but no one acknowledges her dishonesty and corruption tells me that there are a lot of heads stuck in the sand.

    1. Robin Hood

      Trump drowns out Hillary’s problems with his out of control mouth. He calls all the attention to himself and then blames the media for covering it. Maybe he doesn’t want to dump Pierson because she is so much like him.


      1. How many leaders in three months? UFB.
        To those who wonder why we don’t cover Hillary? Why should we? She isn’t where the action is. Regardless of what she has or has not done, she is light years ahead of Trump in the stability department.

  6. Ed

    @Kelly, we can assume everyone is corrupt and that personal aggrandizement is what makes people want to be president.

    We have a fairly complete picture of the scope of Hillary’s corruption. We don’t have that for Trump. We don’t have tax returns, medical records, college transcripts, business records (or he won’t put it in a blind trust.) Because he won’t release these records we can only assume that records about Trump U and other failed business ventures that teetered on fraud can be extrapolated to reveal higher levels of corruption than Hillary who has been scrutinized for 30 years.

    How one runs a campaign and the people involved is a good predictor of how the executive branch will be run at least initially after election. Trump’s disorganized campaign, major shifts in strategy and key people within a few months time, bombastic rhetoric, inability to recruit the top experts, etc. are all indicators that Trump isn’t prepared to be president.

    Even if Trump had the perfect ideology, he can’t implement anything without collaborating with Congress and he has burned those bridges already. Better to have a functioning government that one can complain about than none at all.

  7. Scout

    It’s important in this medium to admit when one is wrong. I thought this woman would disappear when Kellyanne Conway took over. Apparently not. Ms. Pierson has been out there in the past 24 hours saying that Mr. Trump’s views on immigration haven’t changed, he has just changed the words he uses to describe those positions.


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