Corey Stewart, chairman of Donald Trump’s Virginia campaign and a 2017 GOP hopeful for governor, stood by the Republican presidential nominee Friday night after his crude comments about women provoked a firestorm.

Stewart’s defense of Trump stood in stark contrast to the condemnation from two other 2017 GOP hopefuls for governor, Ed Gillespie and Rep. Robert J. Wittman, R-1st.

Asked about the condemnation of Trump by Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus and 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Stewart, called them “establishment pukes” and said they want Democrat Hillary Clinton to win.

“What do you expect from the Republican establishment,” said Stewart, a Prince William County supervisor. “They want him to lose and they want the other establishment candidate — Hillary Clinton, to win.”

Stewart said the economy “is heading into the gutter and we’re supposed to vote for president based on some locker room statements by Mr. Trump? I think people are smarter than that.

“He’s not an angel — he’s not a pope. We’re voting for president of the United States. When we nominated him we knew he wasn’t a saint, but he’s probably the only person who can change its direction.”


I don’t generally talk about my conversations with politicians.  I consider those conversations private, to a point.  However, I can’t keep silent any longer.

The night Corey decided to chair the Virginia Trump campaign, I spoke with him.  I hope he will remember my words. I said, “Corey, you will never get the stench of Trump off you.”  I meant it.  I also went on to tell Corey how I felt his decision to be that closely associated with Donald Trump would be a career breaker.  I meant it.

Today, nearly a year later, the situation is even worse than I ever imagined possible.  Unfortunately, I don’t see anything but Corey doubling down and defending his hero Trump.  That’s sad.  It signals to me that not only is Corey unfit to chair the BOCS, he also is unfit for state office.

Corey, quit while you still have a soul.  This Trump guy is disgusting.  His apology wasn’t really an apology.  His behavior is unacceptable in a our culture.


19 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart: You will never get the Stench of Trump off you”

  1. Two Wrongs

    What is Corey thinking? Trump’s shelf life on making Stewart disqualified might be forever.

  2. IVAN

    Corey, Corey, Corey, looks like you jumped into bed with the wrong person again.

  3. George Harris

    Stewart is cut from the same piece of cloth as Trump.

  4. Spider sense

    Stewart is an embarrassment to PWC. He needs to resign. He is supporting a woman abuser.

    Does he want his children to grow up acting like Trump? Does he want them to talk like that about women? Would he like his wife treated like that?

    Trump doesn’t just chase skirts. He is a sexual predator.

  5. Robin Hood

    Lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas.

  6. NorthofNokesville

    The downside of all this is Stewart’s default outcome is to remain stuck as BOCS chair. So look forward to him doing everything he can to line the coffers.

    “Sawyers to the left of me, Stewart to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

    Adiuva nos, Deus.

    1. Maybe Trump will hire him for bigger and better things once Trump loses this election.

      1. NorthofNokesville


        Wall to build somewhere?

  7. Quoting the WaPo, Corey said,

    “They are not concerned that at times, Donald Trump acts like a frat boy. Sometimes he does, but that’s okay. They know he’s not an angel. They know that he can save the country, though.”

    That is the same line of bullshit women were handed in the 60’s (and other times) to excuse really bad behavior out of males. That line of thinking is what kept women subjugated for decades after they got the vote. The ‘boys will be boys’ mantra no longer plays out here in the United States except by women who want to contribute to their oppression or by men who aren’t comfortable with equality and who keep on wanting to be knuckle-dragging cave men.’

    I cite the 60’s because that is the era I can relate to as far as coming of age and no longer accepting the “mad men’ party line.

    I am totally disgusted with people who still make excuses for this immature, unqualified, spoiled little boy. No woman with any self-respect would support him and no man who respects the women in his life would support him. Good grief, everyone has a mother.

    No, Corey, it is NOT OK!!!!!!!!

    1. NorthofNokesville


      It’s a sad, sad time for the country. To the subset of my children who want to watch the debate – daughters – I’ve had to say no. I’ve had to explain that the major political parties are offering a choice between a machiavellian liar who at best looked away while her husband abused women, and a man who bragged about grabbing a woman by her genitals and is OK with his daughter being called a piece of ass. I’ve had to explain that many of the people falling out of their tree over Trump have given others a pass simply because they were politically or personally aligned. I’ve had to explain that some clergy have continued to support Trump. I’ve had to explain that some family members still support Trump. I’ve had to explain that a major “news” organization sat on this video and STILL has not fired the employee who immediately after hearing the comments, introduced the commenter to an attractive woman. I’ve had to explain what a private versus public position is. I’ve had to explain that the “system” they’re seeing malfunction right now is designed to extract from them, and little more. I’ve had to explain that the best I can do for them is to give them as much control over their own destinies as possible, which might include acknowledging somewhere else is a better home. And they’re not teens yet.

      Your point on the 60’s is apt. The traditional barriers came down, but (no shock) a gentler, egalitarian, respectful equilibrium did not emerge. I am disgusted with the excuses, for both the perpetrators and the enablers, the leering eye and the blind eye.

      1. There is a difference between skirt chasers and sexual predators.

        I absolutely do not think that Hillary turned a blind eye. I think she responded as most women do–and I expect I have talked to more women who have been cheated on than any male. Most women are in denial and often believe their lying husbands. They are also disparaging about “the other woman” whether they accept the infidelity or not.

        Most women see and have seen Hillary as a victim. I don’t know what men think.

        Finally, Trump doesn’t realize that he isn’t running against Bill Clinton.

        The power women emerged from the 60’s with perhaps made up for gentler.

  8. NorthofNokesville

    Sorry… the attacks via proxy, being cagey around “accusers” versus “victims,” and the hypocrisy around “everyone has the right to be believed”… it’s a bit much. Clinton (Bill) is accused of worse than chasing skirts. Not wanting to re-argue an old thread, just what’s on my mind. Trump is a human dumpster fire, no doubt. I see truth and decency being gutted by both (watching live, so wishing our system allowed for a mulligan on both sides). I’d take 2012 all over again, any day.

    1. People in public life often have “accusers.” Additionally, when many of the “accusers” came forward, we tended to look at things differently. In a post-Anita Hill society, there is more of a tendency to belief accusers, unless of course, you are Anita Hill.

      I think Hillary acted normally, as a wife. I make no excuses for Bill.

      Was Gennifer Flowers there tonight? Many/most of those women, from what I can tell, were willing participants. If Hillary went after those women, who could blame her?

      Finally, Trump isn’t running against Bill Clinton.

      1. NorthofNokesville


        Everyone has the right to be believed. Otherwise it’s just revictimizing. Sorry, “Hillary acted as a normal wife” is too close to “boys will be boys.” No excuses either way. And my issue with her is more around the pattern of deceit and cover up across issues.

        And my angst is less about HRC per se than what our choice has been reduced to. We’re picking between lying thugs who both have huge scandals playing out in real-time, and we’re giving one or the other the most powerful office in the world, give or take. And it’s gone tribal, including the supporters and media who have lined up one way or the other. Principles either way don’t seem to have much to do with it. So maybe Corey Stewart is right – in this arena, it’s bloodsport and you leave scruples at the door. What you win is what you get away with. It’s not a far cry from Polemarchus. I just don’t want to believe that.

      2. What normal wives do has nothing to do with boys will be boys. Let’s change it to normal spouses do when they realize they have been betrayed. Infidelity takes two (or more). There is rarely an innocent party unless of course the “other person” is unaware that the cheater is in a relationship.

        Boys will be boys is an excuse for poor behavior.

      3. A betrayed spouse is a victim in most cases.

        Trump just turned this country into a banana republic, threatening Hillary that if he is elected he will put her in jail. How unacceptable is that kind of threat to one’s political opponents? Does he think he is in some third world country where that kind of threat is the norm?

  9. Dump Trump

    All Trump supporters in public office need to be held accountable, especially those that continue to stand by their confessed sex offender. (But I guess confessed is the wrong word, since Trump is proud of his sex crimes.) There’s no chance Corey will get the GOP nomination for governor next year and he should be voted off PWC BOS as well. Trump supporters have no place in public life.

    It sure has gotten quiet from all the Trumpsters since the tape came out. Maybe some of them are finally starting to see the real Trump.

  10. Ed

    HIllary is going to win. Trump went nuclear on her and she is still standing. I’m sure there is going to be a constant drip of unflattering Trump revelations from now until the end of the month. Trump made all opposition research fair game.

    If Trump is not going to win, then the best course for a voter who detests Hillary is to write in None of the Above. Only if Trump loses really badly can the Republican party be saved from the Alt-Right and have a chance at reclaiming the White House in 2020.

    1. NorthofNokesville


      It’s done. Only questions now are the down-ballot races.

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