WOODBRIDGE, VA — Donald Trump’s Virginia campaign is ending its relationship with state chair Corey Stewart following a Monday afternoon protest event at the RNC headquarters.

Stewart was promoting his busy day just minutes before news broke that the campaign would replace him over the event.

“Tons of interviews today on behalf of Mr. Trump,” Stewart wrote on Facebook on Monday afternoon. “Then, I went to start a rebellion against GOP establishment pukes who betrayed Trump.”

It wasn’t long after that post that news broke of his exit from the campaign.

“He is being replaced, effective immediately,” said Trump Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie in a campaign statement. “Corey made this decision when he staged a stunt in front of the RNC without the knowledge or approval of the Trump campaign.”

It sounds like Corey was being a good soldier and he got dumped.   I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

Now the Republicans should dump him for excusing horrible behavior and for staging a rebellion of sorts. What is going on here?  Stay tuned.

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30 Thoughts to “It looks like Corey bet on the wrong horse, he got Trumped…errrr dumped”

  1. IVAN

    Trump to Corey, “You’re fired”.

  2. Pat.Herve

    It is very hard for me to believe this Movie Script. What is unfolding in front of our eyes would never be believed on the big screen.

  3. Rachel Maddow is defending Corey…well…sort of.

    Maybe he will become the anti-hero.

  4. NorthofNokesville

    I feel small twinge of sympathy: Stewart was using direct tactics that fit within the Trump playbook, and the Trump leadership ditched him. Reminds me of the old story where a girl finds a half dead snake, picks it up, cares for it, nurses it back to health, and then one day the snake lashes out and poisons her. As she lays dying, she asks, “Why? When no one else did, I loved you and cared for you.” And the snake says, “Yes. But you knew I was a snake.”

    It’s over for DJT. The problem is it’s not over. He has four weeks to continue inflicting collateral damage. And when there’s no strategy, there’s no way to determine what’s a “safe distance.” Stewart surely thought he was doing the right thing, being proactive, even entrepreneurial. That’s the lesson – there is no right thing when it comes to DJT, only the will of the boss.

    My hope: for the next three years, Stewart resolves not to be a mini-me of DJT using the same tactics at the county-level (I assume governor is done, too). If he wants a future, he has to reinvent himself.

    1. Well, this wouldn’t be the first time CS has reinvented himself. I would feel a twinge of sympathy for him also if he didnt continue to back Trump. Trump is a hideous human being. Corey should see that.

      I need to pull in my horns on Corey. I told him he would need a friend when this was all over. I should probably start being a friend. What would I tell Corey? Corey, don’t allow yourself to continue to be misled by snakes and rats. You are basically a nice guy. Develop your own identity that isn’t built on hating someone else. Don’t be mislead by bad people. Find yourself and stick to it.

      You don’t want to insult your wife by supporting some nasty, immature little rich boy like Trump. You don’t want him as a role model for your handsome young sons. You don’t even want your dog around Trump!

      1. NorthofNokesville


        I think the message is pretty simple. 1. Own it like an entrepreneur – I took a risk, didn’t pan out, I’ve got good things to focus on here in PWC 2. Bring back the pragmatic Corey – getting things done over the longer term requires more than whip and will, you need people in your corner from across the spectrum and set of interests 3. Be for something, not against, and be for something that has a longer timeframe than 2017 governor races – what’s the vision for the county, what are we going to be versus what are we not going to be, and it has to be more than chop up farms and built a big road.

        The biggest risk now is that national-level rats get replaced by state-level rats who use some illusory hope of Richmond to coax out continued poor policy choices. Getting dumped by Trump is recoverable, with some humor. Compounding the dumping is not.

      2. I particularly like #3. Be FOR something. Corey likes to latch on to being against. Immigrants comes to mind. He has stretched that one about as far as it will go.

        His original reasons were just bogus.

      3. Dump Trump


        I have to disagree with you here. Corey might appear to be a nice guy, but nice guys don’t abandon their principles to blindly support someone like Trump. Corey might have had a political future if there had been some line somewhere that he wasn’t willing to cross for Trump, but he showed us all that he would blindly follow Trump no matter what. Other Republicans walked away from Trump or at least condemned Trump’s sexual assault confession, but not Corey. Corey agreed that it was OK for Trump to sexually assaults women and get away with it because he’s rich.

        Do you really want somebody with that kind of judgement making decisions for our county?

        The GOP needs to be purged of Trumpsters. Corey needs to be run out of office. Then he can be a nice guy as a private citizen.

      4. NorthofNokesville

        @Dump Trump

        We’re not dealing with nice people by-and-large in politics. The self-selection culls them out. And unless there’s a recall (expensive, doubtful outcome, and who fills void) Stewart will be our BOCS chair for three more years. I’m not convinced there’s anyone markedly better waiting in the wings, and Stewart has a shot to pivot in a positive way. I also predict no one will care until after the national election, and then very few will care, not enough to get spun up and undertake that kind of project.

        To your point, we are WAY over-supplied in somebodies with “that kind of judgment” here in Prince William.

      5. I will admit that he seems to have taken leave os his senses with the Trump remarks.

        I don’t know why he would support someone as despictable and classless as Trump.

      6. Confused


        You could tell Corey to quit public life and stop ruining PWC.

      7. I doubt he would listen to me….I am hardly his confidant!

  5. Watching

    Looking at some of the videos I’ve seen, it looks like he has a PWC lapel ID on. If it is, that’s a big no no while campaigning. Hard to tell though.

  6. Starryflights

    Now if PWC residents would do the same.

  7. Robin Hood

    Maybe Trump wants to be the only clown in his circus. On the other hand, Prince William County has a diverse ensemble where Mr. Stewart has a rich assortment of supporting characters for his dramas and stunts.

    1. NorthofNokesville

      @Robin Hood

      For the time being (and with apologies to comments I’ve read in other venues), PWCS Chair Sawyers holds the “this guy got elected how?” title. I have yet to meet a parent or teacher with a positive assessment. And that’s a cross-county, cross-aisle sample. If there’s one suit of jester’s motley to go around for the county, he’s got the best claim, for now.

      1. Robin Hood

        We haven’t met and we live on different sides of the county.

        Stewart has a track record. Sawyers is new.


      2. NorthofNokesville

        @Robin Hood

        LOL. Yes, Stewart does, and it is mixed but not laughable across the board.

        Sawyers is new, and yet has crammed an enormous amount of blundering into a small space of time. Strategically, he squandered the usual honeymoon period (doubly foolish because there’s so much that IS not his fault). He’s made himself appear the fool which empowers his critics. He’s caused collateral damage for political allies. Not every position player has what it takes to be a coach or manager.

        His blundering on the bathroom/equality issue is a perfect example. He failed to position it, failed to sell it, failed to plan if he had succeeded, and obviously failed to have a contingency plan for failure. And he went full speed ahead during back to school, when most parents (and teachers, who behind closed doors are very honest about their feelings) are focused on painful mechanics and helping kids get used to over-stuffed schools. So he looks out of touch, either cynically starting a distraction or laughably believing he has the bandwidth and support to address the equality issue adequately.

        And – this is telling – he failed the very people he wants to help. Take a situation where there’s a troubled but functioning equilibrium. Start a fire. Then dump gas on it, repeatedly. Bring opponents out of the woodwork. With no plan. Life as a teen is hard. Life as an LGBTQx teen is even harder. Preventable, friendly-fire incidents are inexcusable.

        I look at Sawyers and ask, does this man have any upside? I don’t see it.

        Best take on the subject:

      3. Robin Hood

        Sawyers does wrong things for the right reasons. Stewart does wrong things for the wrong reasons.


      4. Mom

        @Robin Hood

        Sawyers does wrong things for Sawyers, Stewart does wrong things for Stewart, two peas in a pod.

      5. NorthofNokesville

        @Robin Hood

        That’s too simplistic. Stewart has done the right thing on numerous occasions, and sometimes for the right reasons. Some actions fall squarely into wrong-thing, wrong-reason overlap, I grant you.

        Sawyers… not sure I agree on reasons. He seems like he got an office he really doesn’t want to see through. Disdain is hard to disguise, whether it’s re: Joe/Jane Citizen, or other board members. He needs to do something concrete and positive directly related to the office, not a personal vendetta or misguided crusade. And frankly the county can’t afford for him to be a punchline.

        An old policy hack used to tell the story of kid standing on a rooftop who drops a kitten off. The kitten falls, and the kid cries, “I thought she’d fly.” That’s a teachable moment. If you look down and there’s a pile of a hundred kittens that have been dropped, you don’t care about the motivation. You stop handing the kid kittens and take them off the roof.

      6. Corey knows how to do the right thing. Sometimes ambition gets in his way, however.

        Becoming the Virginia Trump chairman is one of those times when ambition clearly directed him to make a bad decision.
        He needs to cut his losses immediately and kick Trump to the curb. In what reality does a pig like Trump, with no redeeming qualities, become president?

      7. NorthofNokesville


        When the 19th amendment gets repealed, he’s a lock.

        And while he’s at it….

        26: Let’s nix some millennials
        24… give it a pass, Trump needs down-market voters
        15: Dem stronghold… odd, I didn’t see anyone brave enough to advocate this on social media.
        1: Catholics getting squishy even after Podesta

      8. Dump Trump


        It’s too late for our local Rudolf Hess. Even if he came out against Trump now, it would be a case of “I dumped her, she didn’t dump me.” And we already know the truth.

      9. NorthofNokesville

        @Dump Trump

        Seriously, the reducto ad nazism arguments deserve their own delete key. There’s sensible criticism to be leveled – hyperbole like this is inaccurate and unhelpful.

    1. I don’t know why Corey is still defending that maggot.

      What Trump did to Corey is disgusting. He fires Corey to ingratiate himself to the RNC, then pulls out of Virginia.
      He ought to be kissing Corey’s butt for representing him.

      1. NorthofNokesville


        Trump has some very thuggish management tendencies. He is THE boss. There is no external source of truth or measurement. One example that some observers commented on… when Christie finally endorsed him and appeared on stage, Trump still criticized him openly.

        It’s a style thing. It’s ugly. But it’s also been part of DJT since there was a DJT.

        I do wonder if the timing of the firing and the pullout were coincidental.

        Strange times we live in.

      2. Christie must have Stockholm Syndrome or abused wife syndrome. What is wrong with him.

        Yea, Trump is a thug for sure. The fact that he could become president is terrifying to me.

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