Let’s keep this short and to the point.  I have been very impressed with the Dream Team comprised of Pam Sebesky, Rex Parr and Mark Wolfe.  All three candidates have a long community service record.  All three candidates have run a great GOTV campaign.  I have been pleased with how they work with each other.  That tells me that they will attempt to work as well on the Manassas City Council.

Together they can accomplish great things.  Sometimes people’s political parties leave them.  I am happy to see my friend Mark Wolfe has found a new home with the Democrats.  I know that switching political parties isn’t easy.   However, Mark always looks to better the community, regardless of political party.  When pushing to buy a new fire truck, political party is just not important.

Good luck to all three candidates. endorses all three, Pam, Rex and Mark!  Vote Parr, Sebesky and Wolfe!




2 Thoughts to “Manassas City Endorsements: Parr, Sebesky and Wolfe”

  1. Ivan

    Excellent choice, a winning ticket. Turnout this morning looks like a record number of votes will be cast today.

  2. El Guapo

    Does anyone have any thoughts on newcomer Terry Coates Ellis? It’s too late now I know she didn’t make the cut, but would anyone like to comment?

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