Yesterday was too soon. The pain was too raw to post Hillary’s concession speech.

Her speech is perhaps her best.

Hillary, I am truly sorry that you weren’t permitted the chance to break this one last glass ceiling.

17 Thoughts to “Classy, even in the jaws of defeat”

  1. Emma

    This is my favorite part of the election cycle. All parties respectful of the institution of the Presidency and protective of everything Americans hold dear about their system of government, at least temporarily. I hope the protests calm down soon and that we can have a decent transition period and an incident-free inauguration. Then it will be time to see what a President Trump is really made of.

    America’s going to be ok.

  2. NorthofNokesville

    Good speech, and I think some genuine emotion. I know he had to be there, but seeing Bill in his ugly purple tie was a bit jarring (same for her odd outfit, but she gets a pass).

    I was impressed with her performance after the speech, too. So many people were weeping, breaking down, apologizing to her, and she held it together. I was reminded of Hemingway’s line, “Courage is grace under pressure.” Not exactly the right fit, but expresses same kind of sentiment.

    There’s no practice or template for these moments (or the awkward Oval Office thing today). Fascinating and humbling to see some seriously battle-tested folks go through them.

    1. I didnt notice Bill’s tie. I thought he looked horrible.

    2. punchak

      I was totally impressed with Hillary Clinton –
      the way she told us all to join together for the
      good of the country.

      I don’t know how she held together and could speak like
      that of a person who had told her that she’d be in
      jail, if he were president.

      She was MAGNIFICIENT !!

  3. Steve Thomas

    I will have to admit, she was classy in defeat. Taking some time to concede was understandable, considering the degree of shock she must have been experiencing.

    Pity so many of her supporters are having a hard time coming to grips with the results. Riots? We’ve had contentious elections before. Candidates on the left and right have won. When have we rioted?

    Please don’t argue it’s because Trump is so unacceptable. While he was a relatively unknown quantity in 2008, we knew who Obama was in 2012, and to those on the right, he was wholly unacceptable. There were tears and groans when he was victorious (running a masterful campaign), but there weren’t any riots. “Right Wing Militias” didn’t take to the streets, destroy public and private property, or blast twitter with calls for assassination. Obama supporters weren’t beaten in the streets. We accepted defeat and set about working for the mid-terms.

    Yesterday, Starry opined hopes for the future of the Democrat party. I have no doubt it will reorganize into something new. If rioting, calls for assassination, petitions to overturn the election results when the electoral college meets, protests that result in riotous behavior are the immediate plan, it’s not a good start to rebuilding.

    We know from wikileaks and project veritas that these protests-to-riots aren’t spontaneous. and other groups (which coordinated with the DNC and Clinton campaign…fact, in leaked emails) has been engaged bringing in paid agitators to cause civil disorder wherever the opportunity presents.

    There is no acceptable excuse for a riot. Ever. I’m not saying anyone here condones these actions. What I am saying is if the Democrat Party want’s to again enjoy electoral success, shedding certain reactionary elements of the party is a must.

    1. Eric the Half a Troll

      @Steve Thomas

      Steve, riots are unacceptable, peaceful protests perfectly fine. I don’t think you can compare Obama 2008/2012 to Trump 2016 because Trump’s entire campaign was way more incindiary and hate-filled than was Obama’s. Protests in reaction are very understandable. I saw one in Houston last night. Peaceful protest was all I saw. No problems at all.

      1. Steve Thomas

        @Eric the Half a Troll

        I have no issues with peaceful protests. Peacefully protest to your hearts content. Make them feel like their actually accomplishing something.
        Yes, I can compare to 2012. I was on the losing side facing another 4 years of someone I felt hated me, because his policies were directly opposed to everything I believe in. We didn’t protest peacefully or otherwise. We didn’t beat Obama supporters in the streets or vandalize property. We didn’t riot.

        Your “you can’t compare” statement means you are trying to justify this. Threatening to kill the president-elect on twitter, rioting, and the rest is bullshit and demonstrates weakness.

        Demanding the electors disregard the results, therapy dogs and asking to be excused from college exams…more weakness.

        The left lost, fair and square. Trump took everything the left and even some within his own party had to throw at him. He took what the media threw at him. The rigged polls…everything…and he won

        If I were advising the democrat party I’d tell them to quit their tantrums, wipe their noses, roll up their sleeves and get to work. Figure out why you lost and set about fixing it, because joe and jane six-pack used to vote for you, but now they vote for us, and mr and mrs six-pack could give a crap about some soyfed mangina college student’s need to have his feelings validated.

        I’d also let them know that Obama may have tolerated that crap, giving them “room to destroy”. Doubtful Trump will. Loretta Lynch’s DOJ may have gone after cops more than criminals. Rudy won’t play that game. He took on the Italian Mob. Soro’s MoveOn crowd? Fugettaboutit.

      2. punchak

        @Steve Thomas

        “democrat party”
        Democratic party !!!

    2. I expect many of those protesting are millennials (just looking at them). Only 19% of the millennials voted.

      I think to say that all those people are disgruntled Hillary supporters is a leap. I think they are just people who hate Trump.

      1. Steve Thomas


        I would say that you can’t separate the two, and if they voted 3rd party, they are certainly in the extreme minority.

        Consider this: Rioting has become a tool of the left during the Obama Admin. It began with the Occupy Movement, intensified with the BLM Movement, and is now being used by those unhappy with the election results. These “movements” are all being funded and orchestrated by MoveOn.Org and there was coordination between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, and some democrat aligned super PACs. We know there was a concerted effort to implant paid agitators at Trump events to incite violence We know this because of the leaked emails and project veritas video. The evidence is undeniable.

        We know HRC’s Celebrity Force has taken to social media using incendiary rhetoric, encouraging these “peaceful protests” that escalate to riots when the Soros teams show up. It’s all right there on Twitter, Instagam, and Facebook, so you can’t deny this either.

        The right had/has the Tea Party. No riots. Peaceful demonstrations that didn’t require Riot police to control, Fire & EMS to intervene, and Hazmat teams to remediate. The closest think you could possibly point to is the Bundy and Oregon standoffs. 1 death vs. how many police officers and civilians killed and injured by the leftest mob? Zero public and private property damage vs. literally Billions?

        Dismiss this as “conspiracy theory” if you’d like. The facts are out there, thanks to Saint Julian, patron of transparency, and project Veritas (which is Latin for Truth). If something is actually happening, it ain’t a conspiracy. These protests don’t happen spontaneously…they take coordination.

        The soft condemnation of these actions only embolden their furtherance. The far-left owns this, and is proud of this, and the center-left tolerant of it, and does great damage and discredit to the “progressive cause”. When Chris Mathews and Michael Moore are saying this very thing, Democrats best take notice, and set about getting these elements of “Democrat Coalition” under control.

      2. Perhaps it is the labels of left/right that I find offensive. I don’t really care about peaceful protest. Actually, I remember anti establishment demonstrations long before Obama hit the trail running. Try Vietnam and civil rights protests.

        If “the right” didn’t protest it was because they were probably too old. Protest tends to be a young persons game.

        Are you saying the Bundys and Oregon was an anomaly?

      3. Steve Thomas


        You only need a couple thousand millennials to have an effective riot, and the organization funding and organizing this isn’t controlled by millennials. George Soros isn’t a millennial. I would imagine that to Soros, millennials are just useful idiots.

      4. I have no problem with peaceful protest.

        I doubt very seriously if what I am seeing on TV has paid participants. Prove me wrong.

      5. Cato the Elder

        Steve Thomas wrote:

        You only need a couple thousand millennials to have an effective riot

        And you only need 25 National Guard personnel with live ammunition to stop it. See also: Kent State. Have your fun while you can, little snowflakes.

      6. Well, that was a cryptic message.

  4. Steve Thomas

    And to reiterate…Mrs. Clinton took her final curtain call with grace ( not a word I throw about lightly) and I have been pleasantly surprised with the tone of Mr. Obama, post-election. Good for them for not exiting on a sour note. Harry Reid could learn something from them…or he could just leave.

    The celebs need to go back to making movies I won’t pay to see, songs I won’t listen to, and tv shows I won’t watch. Really, why would anyone care what Lena Dunham, JLaw, Madonna, Lady Gaga and the rest think about anything? Go hold another Live Aid concert or something. Learn how to lose gracefully. Go ask Mitt Romney how it’s done.

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