To all our veterans–thank you for your service.   Any time someone signs his or her name on the dotted line and joins one of the branches of the US military, he or she puts his or herself in harms way.  We should never forget that sacrifice.


We can best honor our veterans by insisting that they receive decent medical services in a timely fashion.  Our nation has not always succeeded in this endeavor.  We also need to ensure that all our veterans have a place to live and enough food to eat.  Our efforts should be directed towards Congress.  But….

If we know of a veteran who is having a difficult time, we need to kick in and be resourceful.  Local community services and churches provide meals and often temporary shelter.  For that matter, if you know of a homeless veteran, how about packing a lunch for him a couple days a week.  Every little bit helps.  We can all do our part!

Meanwhile, to all our veterans in the family–Carpe Diem!  Today is your day.  Live it up!  Again, thank you for your service!


4 Thoughts to “Veterans Day November 11, 2016”

  1. Steve Thomas

    Thanks for remembering us, Moon.

  2. Starryflights

    Happy Veterans Day

  3. Kelly_3406

    Thanks to all our Veterans and to those who support them. The sacrifices of family members who support military members should be remembered also.

    1. I agree, Kelly!
      The military families make huge sacrifices.

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