University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan is being asked to refrain from quoting Thomas Jefferson because of his racist beliefs, according to The Cavalier Daily.

A letter, signed by 469 faculty members and students, was sent to Sullivan on Nov. 11 protesting the use of a Jefferson quotation in her email calling for unity after the presidential election, the student newspaper reported.

“We would like for our administration to understand that although some members of this community may have come to this university because of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, others of us came here in spite of it,” the letter read. “For many of us, the inclusion of Jefferson quotations in these e-mails undermines the message of unity, equality and civility that you are attempting to convey.”

In her message after the election, Sullivan said that “Thomas Jefferson wrote to a friend that University of Virginia students ‘are not of ordinary significance only: they are exactly the persons who are to succeed to the government of our country, and to rule its future enmities, its friendships and fortunes.’”

She encouraged “today’s U.Va. students to embrace that responsibility.”

Noelle Hurd, an assistant professor of psychology who drafted the letter, said in a statement that the intention “was to start a conversation with our administration regarding ways to be more inclusive.”

Oh Dear God!  Do these youngsters realize they wouldn’t have a college if it weren’t for Jefferson?  I am so tired of irrational behavior.  Why do students refuse to accept the fact that times change, values change, and what was the status quo then, in Jefferson’s day, was different than today?

I hope Sullivan says BITE ME to them.

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  1. NorthofNokesville

    She basically did.

    ““I fully endorse their right to speak out on issues that matter to all of us, including the University’s complicated Jeffersonian legacy,” Sullivan said in a statement. “We remain true to our values and united in our respect for one another even as we engage in vigorous debate.”

    Sullivan said quoting someone recognizes “the potency of that person’s words” and that she agrees with Jefferson’s message of University students helping to lead the country.

    “Quoting Jefferson (or any historical figure) does not imply an endorsement of all the social structures and beliefs of his time,” she said.

    Jefferson could not have anticipated the diversity of leaders the University would produce, Sullivan said.

    “All of them belong at today’s U.Va., whose founder’s most influential and most quoted words were ‘…all men are created equal,’’ she said. “Those words were inherently contradictory in an era of slavery, but because of their power, they became the fundamental expression of a more genuine equality today.””

    Bravo, President Sullivan. Basically “so what’s next? we deep six the DoI?” while acknowledging the TJ legacy is complicated.

    1. I have been very impressed with President Sullivan.

      I wonder if these pukes realize the damage they do with this kind of talk? I am tired of being polite about people I think are just being A-holes. The election must have turned me.

      1. NorthofNokesville


        Sometimes people just need a good smacking around (metaphorically of course) and beating around the bush does neither them nor you any good.

      2. Yea they do. I just found those students and faculty members obnoxious.
        None of the founding fathers lived by our standards today. Nor did we live by theirs. Values were different then, in most cases.

      3. Steve Thomas


        Amen Moon. Drives me crazy to hear what comes out of the mouths of these young adults. I think the blame rests more with the faculty who perpetuate this drivel. When you were a college student, could you have ever imagined those who followed you would be so intellectually and emotionally weak, offended by the air itself, needing coloring books and playdough to cope with an election?
        Romper Stomper Bomper Boo. Tell me tell me tell me do. Magic mirror tell me today, did UVA have fun at play?

      4. My daughter calls them the Participation trophy people.

        No, I could not have imagined the whiny boo boo. I believe in political correctness to a point also. I call it having sensitivity and manners. However, those infants have taken it to a new level. They just bring the offensiveness out in me.

        I hate going to Charlottesville now. Too many students….so little time. Whiners!

      5. Steve Thomas


        I think your daughter is on to something there. I believe in manners and respect. I also believe in telling the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts.

        I really wonder what these chronological adults/emotional children will do when they leave college, enter the real world, and have their delicate sensitivities offended on a daily basis?

        This is why I encourage my daughter to engage in results oriented activities like archery. I tell her the arrow doesn’t care about your feelings. It will only hit the mark if you do what you need to do to hit the mark, each and every time. The whole purpose of shooting the arrow is to hit the mark. If hitting the mark makes you happy or missing the mark makes you sad, the arrow doesn’t care.

      6. That’s definitely objective vs subjective training.

        I get bored when I read about micro-racism. I am sensitive to tearing down 100 year old statues of leaders because someone might get offended.
        I might even get on my high horse over such nonsense.

        If left up to some of these cry-babies, all of history might be destroyed because it offends them. Much of history offends me also. (The crucifixion is pretty brutal if you ask me, for example.) I try to learn from history, not reinvent it or destroy it.

      7. I don’t always believe in telling the truth. I have had to teach myself to keep my big mouth shut sometimes. The learning curve has been steep.

      8. Mom


        First, I agree with you and BITE ME is the appropriate response to those precious, entitled, little prisses. Second, given the number of cocktails and impolitic discussions I have had with professors over the years, those with seniority are likely appalled at the behavior of those professors who signed the letter (Except for perhaps Dante Germino who threw me out of his poly-sci course because I stood in the middle of class and called him a Commie Pinko SOB, intentionally as the weather was nice and I needed a beer and some afternoon lacrosse time, had drinks with him later that week). Lastly, you haven’t taught yourself that well (not surprisingly given your professional educational background) and it would be a crying shame if you kept your “big mouth shut” as I wouldn’t have an material to argue with you.

      9. I am laughing. Where did you go that commie pinko afternoon?

        No, I haven’t taught myself all that well but I have tried. Once can’t spend time in PWC without learning to pick and choose your battles. Only go for those you have half a chance of winning.

      10. I am having a hard time getting past this idiocy. How can you not quote the founder of the school? If Thomas Jefferson offends you so badly, don’t go to UVA.

        Again, it sounds like people who want the world to bend to them need to stop being so self centered. I mean how freaking egotistical is it to go to a university and then not quote the founder because he offends you. Oh dear God. This makes me want to punch faces.

        How do these same toadies feel about George Washington? (or do we give a crap?) This is a case of where political correctness borders on insanity.

      11. NorthofNokesville


        SNL parodied this mercilessly

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