wintersolsticeWhose woods are these?  I do not know.  Certainly none around these parts.  The Japanese maple outside my front door still has all its beautiful leaves.  Winter doesn’t seem to be right around the corner.

So what kind of winter will we have?  I have heard all sorts of predictions.  Cold, no snow.  Very snowy.  Warmer than usual.

What do the woolly caterpillars tell us?  I don’t know.  I never saw a one of them this year.  Nor were the fruit trees laden with fruit.  My holly tree doesn’t have a single berry.  Last year it was full.


It’s all a mystery to me.

13 Thoughts to “Open Thread……………………December 2016”

  1. Mom, I want applause for getting up the open thread in a timely manner.

    1. @MoonHowler

      I’ll give you a standing ovation!!!!!

    2. Mom


      Did you applaud students who turned their homework in on time, I thought not.

      1. Sometimes, when necessary.

  2. NorthofNokesville

    Looks suspiciously like the carton art for Bell’s Winter White Ale.

    1. I bought some more today. This time from Harris Teeter.

      So far I know its at Total Wine in Manassas and Harris Teeter at Bristow.

  3. Steve Thomas

    I watch the squirrels. Of late I’ve taken to thinning out the massive and destructive population with an airgun, perfectly legal within the city.
    There’s one we call “stumpy” who’s missing part if his tail. My ladies have put a moritorium on stumpy. Absent any natural threats, he will enjoy full access to my bird feeders for the winter.

    1. Good for the Thomas ladies!!!

      Stumpy had better watch the sunflower seeds.

      Can you use an airgun on a woodchuck?

      1. Steve Thomas


        You can if you go with the higher caliber ones. Mine is essentially a bb gun.

      2. Mom


        Only if you want to piss him off.

    2. Lafayette

      Squirrels are enemy number one over here Steve. I felt like Ralphie from A Christmas Story. My marine SIL got me a S&W airgun, 2000 pellets. I’ve been begging for years for this fine gift.I feel certain there’s going to be a thinning of the population in my neck of the woods. I’
      @Steve Thomas

      1. Ha! Run squirrels, run!!!

        I don’t mind squirrels, other than them using the bathroom on my ledge. I mind the woodchuck. Grrrrrr

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