I don’t usually pick a fight with Corey.  I like Corey.  I often don’t like what Corey says and does, but I still like him.

Today I feel I must criticize him on two issues–  A gun raffle and calling Carlos Martinelly a dreamer.

The first is irresponsible and the second is simply a bold-face lie.

Corey is sponsoring a raffle for an AR-15 in camouflage.  WTF!!??!!  Suppose someone like me won the raffle.  I have no business owning an AR-15.   I have no idea how to use it.  I have had no training.  To give me an AR-15 would be irresponsible!

According to Manassas Patch:

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VA — This certainly qualifies as an unorthodox method of political campaigning, but Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart is anything but orthodox.

That’s why it’s not all that surprising the Republican gubernatorial candidate is offering those who contribute to his campaign a chance to win an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

There’s a picture of the rifle on campaign material, over which Stewart says “Giving Away an AR-15 for Christmas.”

The rifle is featured prominently on the registration form, as well, where suggested donations range from $50-$5,000.

The Washington Post also weighed in:

In a news release Saturday, Stewart announced the AR-15 giveaway knowing full well that it would probably attract controversy — and news coverage.

“If elected to be your next Governor, you can be 100% CERTAIN I will never compromise on your God-given right to keep and bear arms,” Stewart wrote. “In fact, even though I’m sure it’s certain to send the liberal media into a frenzy, to show my dedication to the Second Amendment my campaign is GIVING AWAY an AR-15 to one lucky supporter.”

Corey obviously just speaks before getting the facts.  Corey announced on FoxNews ( The Kelly File) that Carlos Martinelly (Montano), now in prison for killing a nun while drunk driving, is a Dreamer.  No, Corey.  Carlos was not a Dreamer.  He didn’t have good grades and he didn’t stay out of trouble.  Those two criteria are necessary to be considered a Dreamer.  How do I know?  I taught him.

From www.coreystewart.com website:

Last night, Corey Stewart went on the Kelly File to address a possible softening in tone on immigration by the incoming Administration. Donald Trump recently stated, “We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud,” in a Time Magazine Interview.

Corey is cautiously optimistic Trump will stand by his campaign promises regardless of the softened rhetoric, and stressed the importance of fulfilling those promises that millions of Americans voted for.

“57% of them are adults. In Prince William County, one of these so called Dreamers was released by the Obama administration and killed a nun. Mr. Trump needs to keep his promise! 63 million people took him at his word when he made the promise to rescind this illegal executive order,” said Stewart in the interview. “We have to establish law and order in our immigration system. What’s the point of even reforming the law, if we’re not going to enforce it,” Stewart said.

Dreamers have certain criteria they must meet.  Carlos was not even thinking about college.   I am tired of this situation being used as a rally cry against illegal immigrants.  Carlos was an habitual offender.  Let’s talk about his issues under that mantle.  His immigration status really had little to do with the crime he committed.

Corey, not all young  illegal immigrants are classified as Dreamers.  Please be intellectually honest.

At this point I am convinced Corey will say or do anything to get elected.  Maybe he is becoming Alt-Corey.  Spreading false information just to serve one’s own purposes is just deplorable.




39 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart: lies and irresponsibility”

  1. Kelly_3406

    For the price of providing an email address, one can enter the raffle for an AR-15. It would be sweet to win that rifle right before Christmas. Can you say “Great stocking stuffer?”

    1. Do you seriously think an AR-15 is appropriate for a raffle?

      Now, if there is a gun club and only gun club members are eligible to enter, that would be one thing. However, this situation isn’t limited to a common interest where one can assume knowledge and skill level.

      1. Confused


        Just because one belongs to a “gun club” doesn’t make one responsible. I appreciate that you have issues with this and believe it to be misguided, but if anything, it’s just in poor taste. It’s not illegal and it’s not irresponsible as long as a background check is run before awarding the rifle. Not having a background check would open him (Corey) up to liability that even an idiot like him wouldn’t want to assume.

      2. I think it is in horrible taste.
        No, belonging to a gun doesn’t make you responsible but it would probably be a good indicator that the winner at least knew something about guns.

        I have an issue with the lure of a gun being used to get money. I am not anti gun but I sure don’t think that gun ownership is a “God given right” like Corey does.

  2. Kelly_3406

    I am not particularly worked up about the raffle. All the gun owners that I know are very careful and responsible. I would not provide a weapon to a person of unknown expertise and training due to concern about potential future liability, but I would not presume to dictate to someone else.

    1. [rolling eyes]

      I just find it in horrible taste. On the one hand Corey brags about sending away an immigrant for 20 years and on the other hand he raffles off a gun. Cognitive dissonance.

  3. Starryflights

    Corey Stewart is a liar.

    1. Well, he lied if he said Carlos Martinelly was a Dreamer because that young man would not have qualified.

      I just find the attitude so transparent.

  4. Jerome Doublas

    You stated… ” Corey announced on FoxNews ( The Kelly File) that Carlos Martinelly (Montano), now in prison for killing a nun while drunk driving, is a Dreamer. No, Corey. Carlos was not a Dreamer. He didn’t have good grades and he didn’t stay out of trouble. Those two criteria are necessary to be considered a Dreamer. How do I know? I taught him.”

    And… “Dreamers have certain criteria they must meet. Carlos was not even thinking about college.”

    I am confused about something here… The list of USCIS Guidelines for DREAMers says absolutely nothing about ‘having good grades’ nor does is list as a requirement that the person applying for said status is ‘thinking about college’.

    Guideline number 6:
    “Are currently in school, have graduated or obtained a certificate of completion from high school, have obtained a general education development (GED) certificate, or are an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or Armed Forces of the United States”.

    Also, while the guidelines do layout requirements for legal offenses it does not require that one completely ‘stay out of trouble’. Quite the opposite in fact…

    Guideline number 7:
    “Have not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, three or more other misdemeanors, and do not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety.”

    From what I can tell Carlos Martinelly’s criminal history:

    – 2007 – convicted of misdemeanor DUI in PWC – However, the judge suspended the sentence and he walked because police did not check his immigration status.

    – 10/8/2008 – charged with another misdemeanor DUI at which point it was determined he was an illegal immigrant and ICE took him into custody. However (and this is where it gets interesting) ICE determined that he was a great candidate for the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program and released him.

    4/27/2009 – was sentenced to 12 months and 3 days in jail due to his 2008 DUI. However, a PWC judge suspended almost the entire sentence resulting in him serving less than two weeks.

    – 5/5/2009 – charged with failure to appear in Fairfax County for driving without a license. However, this charge was dismissed and ICE was not contacted.

    – 4/27/2010 – charged with misdemeanor reckless driving but there are no records of him being booked, fingerprinted or that ICE was contacted.

    From everything I can tell this guy was eligible for DREAMER status depending on the legal definition of a ‘significant misdemeanor’. He had several encounters with law enforcement but it looks as if they were all either misdemeanors or charges were dropped for one reason or another.

    I could be wrong about that but from everything that I have read this guy would not have disqualified for DREAMER status because of the reasons you mentioned.

    1. Perhaps we need proof that Carlos was a Dreamer. Did he graduate high school? Did he have a GED? Did he serve in the military?


      If we go by Corey’s definition of Dreamer, anyone could be one.

      1. Jerome Doublas


        You’re absolutely correct Moon, there needs to be proof that he was a dreamer if that was Corey’s claim. However, the reasons that you gave as evidence of him NOT being a dreamer do not make sense to me when compared to the USCIS dreamer requirements…

        You said: “He didn’t have good grades and he didn’t stay out of trouble. Those two criteria are necessary to be considered a Dreamer. How do I know? I taught him.”… and “Dreamers have certain criteria they must meet. Carlos was not even thinking about college”

        With that statement you are saying in order to become a dreamer you MUST have good grades, stay out of trouble and have college aspirations. According to the USCIS Guidelines of being a dreamer none of the criteria you provided is accurate.

        There are no GPA requirements, there is no burden of proof that you’re going to attend college and you can get into trouble, just not THAT much trouble.

      2. You are aware that the Dream Act has not passed? Therefore, he wasn’t a Dreamers. However, I don’t think you read the link I left that explains the difference in the Dream Act vs the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals executive order (DACA). From USCIS.gov:

        On June 15, 2012, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that certain people who came to the United States as children and meet several guidelines may request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years, subject to renewal. They are also eligible for work authorization. Deferred action is a use of prosecutorial discretion to defer removal action against an individual for a certain period of time. Deferred action does not provide lawful status.

        This action has to be renewed every 2 years. It is NOT the Dream Act. These kids aren’t really Dreamers.

        If the Dream Act had passed, the whole point is to allow a student to attend college or serve in the military. Somehow good grades were involved to get accepted in college.

      3. Jerome Doublas


        Great point about DACA vs DREAMers… So, lets take a look at the requirements for DACA:


        “Are currently in school, have graduated or obtained a certificate of completion from high school, have obtained a general education development (GED) certificate, or are an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or Armed Forces of the United States; and
        Have not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor,or three or more other misdemeanors, and do not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety.”

        The DACA requirements directly mirror the USCIS Dreamer requirements. Again, there is no GAP requirement, nothing at all about a requirement of attending college and you can commit crimes… just not THAT many crimes.

        So your statement of:

        “He didn’t have good grades and he didn’t stay out of trouble. Those two criteria are necessary to be considered a Dreamer. How do I know? I taught him.”

        …is inaccurate. Having good grades and staying out of trouble are NOT criteria necessary to be considered either a Dreamer or DACA status.

      4. Since the Dream Act didn’t and hasn’t passed, then he is not a Dreamer. Would he have been a dreamer? No.
        Now, the point of the Dream act is to basically allow young people brought here by their parents a chance to obtain legal residency so they can attend college or join the military.

        How do you go to college without decent grades? You also have to have good moral character. That quality is inherent in “staying out of trouble.”


      5. Jerome Doublas


        If you would have stated that Corey was wrong about this guy being a Dreamer because the Dream Act never passed then that would have been an excellent point. But you didn’t… you stated:

        “He didn’t have good grades and he didn’t stay out of trouble. Those two criteria are necessary to be considered a Dreamer.”

        Which is completely inaccurate and false as I have detailed on previous posts. Before this guy killed the nun he could have been granted Dreamer status (if he law existed and assuming he completed some form of high school or GED program).

        You then state:

        “Dreamers have certain criteria they must meet. Carlos was not even thinking about college. ”

        You’re insinuating that a person must be in the process of going to college to meet the criteria of being a dreamer. Which again, is completely inaccurate and false. I’m not trying to be difficult but this post is solely based on the assumption that you made:

        “Spreading false information just to serve one’s own purposes is just deplorable.”

        I’m just pointing out that you, as well, are spreading false information. Not one of the reasons you gave for this guy not being a Dreamer is accurate. You then ask:

        “How do you go to college without decent grades?”

        Easy, community college, vocational school, some schools allow entry based on entrance exams, online schools, etc. There are a million ways to extend ones scholastic career post-high school if that person had bad grades. If the goal of the legislation was to have kids go to college after high school then there would have been a criteria stating that after high school they have X amount of months to be enrolled into some sort of school/training program. But there is no such thing, why do you think so many people opposed it? Because it was a bill of goods being sold on a bed of lies.

      6. You want to be right so badly you can taste it. You love arguing with me. That’s why you don’t go through and are in a continual state of moderation. It gives you some sort of sick pleasure. There is no discussion, its a gotcha and an attempt to parse everything I say.

        There is no way Carlos would have been a Dreamer, if the Dream Act had passed. He wasn’t in the military. I feel fairly certain he didnt graduate and I don’t think he had a GED. Now if you want to think he was a Dreamer, be my guest. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think. I care about what Corey states as fact when indeed he is wrong. More than wrong, he is being opportunistic and using this kid who was a substance abuser to score political points.

        That part escaped you.

        BTW, people do use the term “dreamer” erroneously to mean kids who want to stay here and further their education or go to the military. He doesn’t even qualify for the erroneous definition.

      7. One more thing….an undocumented immigrant can go to the community college. The problem is getting into a 4 year college. Most 4 year colleges do not allow illegal immigrants to register. Most 4 year colleges I know anything about that have some degree of academic standards.

        That’s pretty much all I am going to say to you on the subject.

      8. Also, I haven’t addressed DACA status in this post. My point was directed at Corey’s claim that Carlos Martinelly would have been a Dreamer.

    2. Perhaps you and Corey would find this clarification useful.


      I repeat, Carlos wasn’t a “Dreamer.”

      Additionally, the Dream Act never passed congress. Therefore, he absolutely wasn’t a Dreamer, regardless of the spin Mr. Corey wants to put on it.

  5. George S. Harris

    Corey reminds me of the scorpion in the story of the scorpion and frog. He can’t help himself-it’s his nature.

  6. Robin Hood

    After the Trump campaign and transition so far we should be able to recognize the behavior pattern for what it is. In fact, Stewart began experimenting with it about ten years ago. Campaign like the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and, if successful, govern like a Russian oligarch, uh wait, I mean a Republican. Maybe both?

    1. Mom

      @Robin Hood

      Well I suspect that is better than governing like the Dictator of a Banana Republic, err, School Board Chair/

      1. Not sure I see much difference.

      2. Robin Hood

        I can translate for you.

        The Republicans want their school board back, so we have to put up with permanent campaigning at the expense of governing.


      3. As a person who lived under the thumb of school boards for many years, I think they should all do what is in the best interest of the kids and the employees and quit being partisan. I know…I know…too much to hope for.

      4. Mom

        @Robin Hood

        That’s likely preferable to most over the behavior of the current chair. Last night’s meltdown at the end of the meeting is becoming all too typical of the arrogant and petulant child that occupies the seat. Don’t bother responding, it is clear from your constant comments on every site that you are simply the cleaning lady, an apologist who mops up after Peanut’s messes.

      5. @Mom

        well, let’s hear what happened.

        I am proud to say I don’t watch the school board meetings. At some point, I grew tired of their silliness. I think the Godwin School debacle did me in. It simply made me no longer care. Probably the “I’ll be watching you” comment made to the teachers who spoke out about the change was the final nail in the coffin. Yes, old news but like an old dog, I don’t forget.

      6. Mom


        If you haven’t been following along its a little tough to explain because generally nobody is as stupid or arrogant as Sawyers. I rip Marty up and down and though he is in my view manipulative and arrogant, at least he is not stupid.

        Sawyers simply states and writes in press releases, social media posts, etc. that everybody else is wrong or a liar (btw calling specific supervisors liars in emails to constituents and forwarding those emails to the supervisors is probably not the best way to ensure adequate school funding come budget season) . He then lies, misconstrues facts, twists precedent, etc. and doubles down when called on his misstatements by repeating them, simply more loudly than the first time.

        He is a clown, a true caricature of a politician. He is reprehensible, malignant and worst of all simply too dumb to run the register at MdDonald’s much less a billion dollar school system.

        My problems with him have little to do with his political persuasion but everything to do with his unfitness for public office.

      7. Robin Hood

        “A Place for Civil Debate” is the subtitle here.

        If you were so sure you were right you wouldn’t have to resort to name-calling. By the way, you should read this week’s Prince William Times editorial. The headline says it quite well . . .

        “Dear supervisors, show us the money.”


      8. Mom

        @Robin Hood

        Like I said, cleanup in aisle 4.

      9. Robin Hood

        I remind you and Moonhowler that the subtitle of this blog is “A Place for Civil Debate: A Blog for Grown Ups.”

        (Moon, Mom may need help with civility and grown up posting.)


      10. Mom

        @Robin Hood

        If your skin is so thin (akin to that of Peanuts) then perhaps you might want to reconsider reading blogs you post to. BTW, Pot meet Kettle and Moon does a pretty good job of policing her blog and scolding me when appropriate.

      11. Actually, I thought Mom was doing pretty well for Mom. Perhaps I have just been worn down over the years.

      12. Robin Hood

        Those of us who follow the expectations and haven’t been scolded can be offended when others don’t meet the standards.


      13. Mom

        @Robin Hood

        Blessed are the sanctimonious for they shall feel superior.

      14. NorthofNokesville

        @Robin Hood

        LOL. School board is largely a lint bin of political D listers. You can find some of the R’s (elected successfully or defeated) lacking on basic competence, and still look at Sawyers and see a man unfit to address the task in front of him (or LJ, unfit to do much of anything). You do your best to defend your guy, I get it, but he’s a buffoon, pure and simple.

        As a parent, it’s a horrible dilemma.

      15. Robin Hood

        Thankfully, I retired from Prince William County Schools, but I attended enough school board meetings to know that your characterizations cannot be limited to the current board. Before the current board was sworn in we had to endure a school with pools, resolutions to Richmond about Medicaid and Common Core and two votes against the bigger 13th high school.

        It is a bottom of the ballot office for a reason. They’re just above the Soil and Water Commission.


      16. You have made me smile also.
        Robin, I lived through a lot of school boards. I like the bottom of the ballot remark although some of my favorite people in the world have served on the school board.

      17. Mom

        @Robin Hood

        At least we agree on one thing.

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