Rachel tells us that our new soon -to-be president will flat out lie to us and will put it in writing even when we can check the information for ourselves.

Does this frighten anyone else but me?  For years I have heard people condemn various Democrats for lying.  Clinton about Lewinsky springs to mind…

This lie deals with our national security.  Does he think we are just stupid?

I have a shiver down my spine also.

10 Thoughts to “Maddow calls Trump out as a liar”

  1. Kelly_3406

    Maddow is delusional. It is clear to anyone with a pulse that Trump has major differences with the Intelligence Community. It appears that Trump was attempting to be more diplomatic by stating his beliefs without directly calling out the IC.

    If the intelligence community desired to be more up front, the correct public statement would have been that there is no evidence showing that the Russian hacking had any influence on the election. By choosing a statement that leaves open that the Russians may have influenced the election, the IC is playing political games.

    The top levels of the IC have become hopelessly politicized. Trump needs to clean house. The senior executives just below the political appointee level should all be given pink slips.

    1. I thought she backed up what she said pretty well.

      Trump has never attempted to be diplomatic.

      Ha, maybe they didnt say there was no influence on the election because that would not have been a true statement. I don’t think they are able to determine if there was influence or not.

  2. Jerome Doublas

    “Rachel tells us that our new soon -to-be president will flat out lie to us and will put it in writing even when we can check the information for ourselves.”

    Reminder… “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” – President Obama – the Lie of the Year for 2013 by Politifact.


    1. And your point is? Oh wait, you don’t have a point. Trump is a serial liar. I don’t think you want to get into a pissing contest over who has lied the most.

      1. Jerome Doublas


        Here is over four pages of President Obama outright lies to the American public so yes, President Obama is a serial liar. However, I do not recall Rachel telling us about that.


      2. Question for you– was the article about Obama? Why are you deflecting? Did anyone ever state that every word out of the President’s mouth was totally accurate?

        This isn’t a comparison. Address the issue at hand.

        You should be very concerned over just WHAT Trump is lying about. So should all Americans.

      3. Jerome Doublas


        Not deflecting, just wondering where the outrage and chills down the spine were when President Obama so easily and confidently lied to our faces (see link) over and over again about things he knew for a fact were not true.

      4. Let’s discuss the issues at hand. President Obama will not be president as of Friday. Yes, you were deflecting because you didn’t want to address the Trump issue. You could not defend the indefensible.

        Are you not concerned about Trump’s Russian connection? If you aren’t, you should be. Attempting to change the subject to Obama is just not a mature way to deal with something that is scaring the Hell out of a lot of people.

      5. Jerome Doublas


        like the but but but Bush… defense we have heard over the past 8 years is? What’s good for the goose and so on…

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