The women’s march in Washington was roughly three times the size of the audience at President Trump’s inauguration, crowd counting experts said Saturday.

Marcel Altenburg and Keith Still, crowd scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University in Britain, analyzed photographs and video taken of the National Mall and vicinity and estimated that there were about 160,000 people in those areas in the hour leading up to Mr. Trump’s speech Friday.

Those are just Washington figures.  Consider all the sister marches around the world.  My guess is the new president and Congress are going to have a rough go of it.  That’s a lot of energy out there.

Not to snag and paraphrase a famous saying but…a sleeping giant has been awakened and she is pissed.

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  1. NorthofNokesville

    Certainly impressive numbers, but ultimately, so what? Trump doesn’t need to win the numbers game, he won the election (yeah, yeah, popular vote, I know… rules were in place long ago, there’s a round file for complaints). What’s next? Anything operationalized? Or was that a great PR moment that goes the way of most great PR moments? Or, Moon, using your analogy, what does the giant do now?

    1. Ah….good question. The giant first of all makes sure that its only 4 years. The giant makes everyone aware of just how important voting is, even if only for dog catcher. Let’s face it, most Americans got slam dunked by Trump’s election. No one thought it possible.

      I think there will be a national movement to watch every move he makes and to upend him at every turn.

      You are right. The numbers don’t really matter to him. But they sure do matter to those that were empowered by the experience yesterday.

  2. NorthofNokesville

    Translating moment to movement is key. It was a moment, very powerful juxtaposed with the low turnout inauguration. Movement has to be sustained, not just feed off emotion.

    A few other thoughts…

    Can’t be merely political, ie, vote Dem. Has to be room for moderates, GOP of good faith.
    Dems need to clean their own house, too.
    Social media snark has to be supplemented with real outcomes…. likes, retweets, etc aren’t outcomes.
    Need some new spokespeople…. with more youth, diversity. Madonna is old guard (and while unparalleled in her capacity for self reinvention as an artist, she rings totally hollow as an “outsider” or marginalized person).
    Drop the “not coastal elites” BS. A lot of commenters kept saying, we’re not coastal elites, this look at Nashville, or Austin. Trump won rural/blue collar, not just fly-over country. Austin is a university town/tech center, and frankly Nashville is more that than anything else.

    1. @NorthofNokesville

      Interesting observations.

      As a moderate, except on reproductive rights, I find it difficult to fit into a niche. I actually don’t want to.

      I was appalled that Angela Davis spoke at the March. Who wants to see that criminal. I agree, Madonna is somewhat outdated but….There are lots of us out there who certainly can relate to her, Cher, and all sorts of “has-beens.” I thoroughly enjoyed watching Gloria Steinem for what that’s worth. She is timeless.

      I do agree that to move forward, younger people must be involved both with women’s issues and with the Democrats. It’s marches like this one and the sister marches that light the spark in younger women (and men) and that is critical.

      It doesn’t hurt to appeal to old birds like me who can also reach for their check book. Nothing wrong with being vintage either. However, our issues are simply not the same.

  3. NorthofNokesville

    Moon –

    You’re right, old birds have the nest eggs. And Madonna’s issue isn’t age per se, but the narcissism and faux-victimization (she’s got a net worth of over half a billion; she’s a global business in her own right). She doesn’t need to make herself relatable by faking it. I guess she’s also earned the right not to get “coaching” as well. Small point.

    Agree on Angela Davis. Communist to boot.

    For broad based support and impact, this movement has to be more than a simple negation (and in tone many of the marches seemed positive on balance). “Standing for” > “standing against” and also naturally attracts more supporters.

    In other words, avoid becoming the deplorables of the left …. like this…

    Obama’s (and it has to be said, Michelle’s) class during the transition and inauguration was visible and potent. I’d like to see more of that on both/all sides.

    1. We don’t know what the young deplorable on the right did to stir this woman up. How did she even know what his political beliefs are? Why do people have to talk about it in non-political public situations? I had some old biddy go nuts on Obama about a year ago in my physical therapist’s waiting room. I didn’t want t. Theyto hear all that. It became uncomfortable for everyone. I don’t like remaining silent when I know lies are being told but in the interest of decency, you have to hold your tongue.

      I think if you haven’t been to one of these “gatherings” it looks like the stage and the celebs are the focal point. They really aren’t. Most attendees can’t get that close to the stage. They can’t see or hear what is going on. I thought all the bellowing from the stage went on way too long. On the other hand, it was almost too crowded to follow a march route.

      Of course I am arm chair quarterbacking all of this. I am a veteran of 3 major marches and I do feel I have “commenting privileges” even though I stayed home on Sat. I am just too old and gimpy for these things now. (and probably too impatient)

      For the record, I haven’t thought of Angel Davis in years. I thought she had died in prison somewhere. Silly me.

      I did love hearing Gloria Steinem speak. There, I just dated myself.

      1. NorthofNokesville


        The older lady asked him if he came to protest (ie, march) and he said no (there’s all kinds of videos from cell phones, but the comments are… well, deplorable). She was the aggressor. Certainly the Trumpsters can be equally tiresome and cringe-worthy (and on planes, they’ve gotten similar reception from decent people), and this woman’s harridan-like behavior isn’t representative.

        Also, as a frequent traveler, there are some basic rules. If a conversation goes south because of what you’re asking, STFU. And you never go after the flight crew… they have tough jobs, and don’t need the added trouble. Last… if you’re the one making a flight late because extra personnel and law enforcement have to board the plane, you’ve lost everyone else. And I say this as someone on the “sure, let’s talk all the way to Denver” end of the traveler spectrum.

        I hear you on holding your tongue, and its a judgment call. Sometimes I do, sometimes I can’t, particularly when I know an example is being set (ie, kids are watching or listening). That can cause friction in an extended family where some feel Trump was not just the least-bad option, but a great choice. And then the misogynist comments, etc. I felt it not just appropriate but necessary to call out the actions themselves, and the weak attempts to excuse them. It’s ok to be offended when something is offensive.

        Last, on the Dems getting their house in order, that’s a bi-partisan need. Think about where the GOP was a few hours before the polls closed…. seriously wondering if they’d hold the Senate and fully expecting to lose the WH. They didn’t win because of a mandate or strong majority. But sadly, victory also comes with free amnesia, and opposition comes with a “no time for thinking” excuse built-in. Been that way since forever I suppose.

      2. I can’t say a word. I once called a man an A-hole because he was harassing women who were sorting the paper work after registering people to vote. This was in a local coffee store. It just got unbearable and a couple of us told him he was making everyone uncomfortable. He had to not take that as a hint and my filters came off. Sigh. I would do it again today.

        I usually sit next to drunks on planes. Grrrrrrr.

        There are obnoxious people in both parties. That’s one reason I am an independent. There is no forced camaraderie.

      3. NorthofNokesville


        Pro-tip. Need to create “space” on a plane. Calmly but in full view check in the seatback for the air sickness bag, then say (as if to yourself but make sure it’s heard), “Yep, just might need that.”

  4. Trump on Twitter:

    “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote?” Trump asked on Twitter.

    “Celebs hurt cause badly,” he said.

    Seriously, does anyone really think that Cher or Madonna or Angela Davis will have anything to do with how I feel about women’s rights or Trump’s absolute unacceptability as president?

    He kids himself and so do you if you think any of the celebs changed anyone’s mind or determination.

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