President Trump raised the threat of pulling federal funds from the University of California at Berkeley on Thursday after the institution canceled a talk by provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and put the campus on lockdown after intense protests against the planned speech.

While Trump framed his early morning tweet around free speech and opposition to violent demonstrations, his critics are likely to interpret the message as indirect support for Yiannopoulos, a deeply polarizing figure who portrays himself as a champion of open expression but whose detractors view as a hatemonger.

“If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view — NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” wrote Trump.

Since when does any president control federal funding to institutes of higher learning?  I thought that was the job of Congress.  More threats out of Trump.

U. C. Berkeley is not practicing violence on innocent people with a different point of view.  Individuals are practicing violence.  They should be arrested.

What I find odd is that Milo Yiannopoulos pretty much is a hate monger.  The student body at Berkley feels he is repugnant and they don’t want him at their school.  For certain there is a fee associated with his speech.   Don’t they have a right to express their displeasure?  Those who break the law should be arrested.  Setting fires and rioting is illegal.

The scofflaws don’t represent the entire student body.  Why should everyone be threatened with loss of funding?  I wouldn’t want this speaker being paid to speak at my college either.  Milo Yiannopoulos is not just a different point of view, any more than the KKK is a different point of view.  He is an extremist and supports ideas that most of us feel are unAmerican.

Shame on Trump for threatening the entire student body at Berkeley.



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  1. Starryflights

    I don’t care for Milo but those protesters ought not to have behaved that way. They should’ve ignored him. Had no one showed for his speech, that would have sent as powerful a message. The guy is nothing but a troll and he got the attention he was seeking.

    1. But he was uninvited. I guess he got his fees though.

      I think the violent protestors should have been arrested. They do have a right to peaceful protest.

  2. Steve Thomas

    Milo is an “Agent Provocateur”, and the UC Berkeley rioters played right into his hands. Each succeeding event on his tour has ratcheted the tension up, provoked a more visceral reaction, culminating in this riot. It’s no mistake that he chose UC Berkeley as the final stop, as it is the most left-leaning school on the list. His objective was to antagonize the left, until they resorted to violence, and the left reacted as expected.

    Took me a bit to see what Milo is all about, and a bit longer to see the true genius in the execution of his strategy. A flamboyantly gay white European who is an unabashed “new conservative”, willing to confront left-leaning millennials on their own turf, using their language? Not your typical conservative torch-bearer.


    1. But that’s what they do. Whoever accused the rank and file college student of using good judgement?

      Berkeley is Berkeley. Long standing reputation.

      I would say the only thing that Milo wants is money.

      The real stupidity was Trump saying HE was going to cut off the federal funding. He can’t and he shouldn’t make veiled threats. That’s pretty much my point, not whether Berkeley students have the right to set fires. No they don’t. They should be arrested. Actually, I don’t care if Berkeley throws their asses out of school for violent behavior.

  3. Jerome Doublas

    “What I find odd is that Milo Yiannopoulos pretty much is a hate monger. The student body at Berkley feels he is repugnant and they don’t want him at their school.”

    I don’t know this guy… I’ve never read anything he has written or seen him speak. However, it isn’t like he just showed up there. He was an invited speaker.

    What I find odd is these fragile little snowflakes calling everyone who disagrees with them fascists while at the same time doing everything they can to suppress opposing views. They have been doing it for years now. Remember Condoleezza Rice being shut out from speaking at Rutgers? The only difference now is that it is growing more and more violent. Is it everyone who was protesting? No, of course not. But it also wasn’t a few “scofflaws” here and there either. The violent crowd is growing quickly from a few to many and some of them are funded and paid by various Soros groups.

    1. I will be the first one to call college students (some) snowflakes as it pertains to their safe zones and other blather and bullshit. On the other hand, college is a place to explore new ideas and to think for yourself. Some of this is a process. Maybe its good to start seeing things from someone else’s point of view.

      Go read some of Milo’s crap. Breitbart contributor. I remember the kerfluffle over the students causing a stink over Ahmadinejad being at Columbia. That’s what students do. It wasn’t just about fascists.

      At Indiana University, the college finally got smart and took down their metal fish from the sculpture outside the arts building. The big challenge was for students to steal them after big events (usually football and basketball wins) The university returned them to their rightful place after the celebration.

      Would you feel the same way about students protesting people they find repugnant if some didn’t vandalize?

      I came of age during a time of great campus unrest. Vietnam was a huge issue. However, my parents told me if I got mixed up in any demonstrations they would whip me out of college faster than I could breath. I didn’t. They weren’t kidding. They didnt necessarily support the war in Vietnam. I think they didnt want me shot and killed by the national guard.

      You and I have no idea how many are involved in violence. “Paid by Soros” is just pure bullshit. You have no proof of that and it is just a righty thing to say. It very well could be kids who think Milo sucks. I do.

      If you think college kids don’t do stuff like that…well, yes they do. Try going to Morgantown after a big Mountaineer win. Sofas a-blaze! Makes no sense to me. Its just what they do. To quote my granddaughter, “They does what they want to do.”

      1. Jerome Doublas


        “Go read some of Milo’s crap. Breitbart contributor. I remember the kerfluffle over the students causing a stink over Ahmadinejad being at Columbia. That’s what students do.”

        I remember there being protests about the Ahmandinejad visit but not sure I remember mobs storming the venue he was speaking at and trying to set it on fire and smashing the place up while at the same time physically assaulting people (even multiple women) attending.

        “At Indiana University, the college finally got smart and took down their metal fish from the sculpture outside the arts building.”

        This isn’t drunk college kids destroying property after a ‘big game’. This is well organized mobs rioting and assaulting anyone they can find with opposing political views.

        “Would you feel the same way about students protesting people they find repugnant if some didn’t vandalize?”

        Not really. I would find it upsetting that they didn’t want to hear opposing views because isn’t that part of what college is for? It use to be at Berkeley… now it’s think like us or we will punch you in the face.

        “However, my parents told me if I got mixed up in any demonstrations they would whip me out of college faster than I could breath.”

        Sounds like you had great parents Moon. Unfortunately today I think that a lot of what we are seeing are the kids of those 60’s radicals doing what their parents either encourage or turn a bling eye to. To borrow a phrase, their “chickens are coming home to roost” now.

        ““Paid by Soros” is just pure bullshit.”

        See Steve’s comment below…

      2. Ok kids (@Steve and Jerome) Yes, in the 60’s and 70’s there were organizations who probably were funded by the soviets and others. I have lost track. Most protest, however, was just ordinary kids who didn’t want to get drafted and who had had their consciences raised to dislike what was being done in Southeast Asia in their names.

        I attended a women’s college right down the road from Quantico, Belvoir, Fort Meyer, etc. We dated military guys. There was just not the same campus unrest because we were girls and because many of our boyfriends were military. In fact, I would say that Virginia colleges in general missed a lot of the campus unrest, but not totally.

        Many of the situations that inspired student unrest on campuses have been resolved. You aren’t going to get the same ground-swell. New issues have sprung up but they are just different. People aren’t being picked off campuses to go die in Vietnam, for example. Nowadays, if you are in the military, you are there of your own free will. Big difference.

        Finally, and I am probably repeating myself, Berkeley is Berkeley.

  4. Steve Thomas

    ” “Paid by Soros” is just pure bullshit. You have no proof of that and it is just a righty thing to say.”

    Um…Moon…There is mountains of proof. You just refuse to accept it. George Soros operates the Open Society Foundation (OSF). OSF must disclose to whom it provides funding. It provides either direct, or indirect funding to the majority of groups organizing Left-wing protests, including BLM, The woman’s marches, Anti-Trump campaign events, and the myriad of campus groups opposing Milo.

    I think you might be conflating what you experienced during the late 1960’s or early 70’s with what is going on today. Yes, SDS was active then, and SDS is again active. The difference is in the 1960’s SDS received their support from the Soviets via the American Communist Party, and today, they get a bunch of money from Soros via OSF.

    No you can dismiss this as me seeing Soros under every bed in America, and you’d be wrong. When I first started hearing his name, I thought “This guy can’t possibly have that much power and influence”. I began to apply my training as a student of history and political science to researching George Soros, expressly to prove my thesis that Soros isn’t the existential threat to the world, as some on my side of the political spectrum made him out to be, in much the same way as Lee Strobel used his training as an investigative journalist to disprove the existence of God.

    I had a similar experience. The more I read, the more I listened, the more I learned. The proof is there. You just need to be willing to accept it. George Soros wants a world governed by wealthy elites. George Soros had no problems betraying his fellow Jews to the Nazis. George Soros has no problems collapsing the currencies of entire nations, and getting rich in the process. From his own mouth, it is neither moral nor immoral to engage in such practices (just watch his interview with 60 minutes from the early 1990’s). And we know he funds groups with the express purpose of injecting instability into society, and he does it on a global scale.

    1. Steve, you don’t even know who was arrested in Berkeley. How could you know that they were paid by George Soros? That knee jerk answer just makes me sick–as sick as blaming the Koch brothers for all right wing reactions/behavior.

      The issue goes back to the fact that the president of the united states threatened to cut off federal aid to a university because of the actions of some. Group punishment is a horrible means of discipline. Furthermore, the president doesn’t really have control of those funds that go to institutes of higher learning. Its time for Trump to learn a little about the who owns the power and who doesn’t. His threats make me sick.

      In the past two weeks, he has proven to be the worst president in my lifetime.

    2. I left out that Soros was a boy when he “betrayed” other Jews. That’s not quite the whole story and it has nothing to do with Trump’s behavior.

      If OSF contributed to the women’s marches, so be it. What did the money buy? Every woman and man I know who gathered did so under their own steam and without Soros money. I do think you are seeing boogey men under any rock. I see one boogey man and he is living in the White House. I resisted the urge to say that it seems Soros and Trump have a lot in common.

      Steve, if current events don’t scare you, then you do have nerves of steel.

      1. Jerome Doublas


        It is not a knee jerk reaction to say that Soros funded the group(s) that were responsible for all of the fires and vandalism that happened at Berkeley. Matter of fact one group openly boasts about it. The group is called the Alliance for Global Justice (along with another group ironically named Refuse Fascism) and they freely take credit for what went down there that night.

        Who funds the Alliance for Global Justice? According to their most recent 990 tax form one of their biggest donors is the Tides Foundation run by none other than George Soros.

        Here is the actual tax form is you wanted to see it… http://afgj.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/AFGJ-990-2015-Small.pdf

      2. Well, I know they haven’t had time to file taxes yet….re the fire setters in Berkeley. I want to see documentation that you know who they are. As for the Tides Foundation, ok. So what? I support many of their initiatives (and probably some I don’t)

        My point is, every time a sofa is burned or a fire is started, there is a tendency to start screaming George Soros, like he is the anti-Christ.

        My real point, which you don’t want to address (and actually, I don’t blame you) is that Trump threatened to cut off the school’s federal funding. I find that deplorable on the part of hysterical Trump.

        Let’s talk about limits of office of the presidency.

      3. Jerome Doublas


        I don’t know what else to tell you Moon when it comes to the proof that I have laid out about Soros funded groups being behind what we are seeing today with these riots disguised as ‘protests’ under the banner of “The Resistance”. It’s almost a Bagdad Bob type of situation we have going on here 🙂

        I’ll address your point of Trump threatening to cut off the school’s federal funds. It was stupid.

        I don’t have a problem with calling out my side when I see something that I don’t agree with. I’ve said here before I wish he would just delete his twitter account.

      4. Is Trump really your side? I am not sure whose side he is.

        Berkeley is known for unrest and dissent. I wouldn’t assume that anyone was part of a paid group. I actually don’t care about paid groups. Both Democrats and Republicans have them. Oh well.

        Do you think that the women’s march was paid people?

      5. Jerome Doublas


        Was the women’s march paid people? Yes, without a doubt. Dozens of the groups that organized the march are funded by Soros. A vast majority of the attendees to the march were not paid to be there but look at who organized it.

        This was not the women’s march that you knew in the past. Hell, it’s not even the same movement that you once knew. It has been hijacked without you even know it. You dismiss the speakers at the march but they are a reflection of the new generation of the progressive left that has taken over.

        Linda Sarsour was the co-chair of the women’s march. Ever heard of her? She is the new darling of the progressive left. She openly advocates and wants sharia law in the United States. Now ask yourself, how in the hell does sharia law fit into the women’s movement to empower women?

        She is also an outspoken anti-Semite who advocates for violence against women that do not share the same views as her. Ayaan Hirshi Ali is an outspoken critic of how women are treated in majority Muslim countries. Linda Sarsour recently sent a tweet about Ayaan Hirshi Ali:

        “Ayaan Hirsi. She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women”

        As a young girl Ayaan Hirshi Ali was the victim of female genital mutilation.

        This is who not only represented the women’s march but who now represent women in the progressive movement.

      6. Is that what you think the women’s march was all about? Silly man. What has remained constant with all the marches I have been to (and I did not go to this one) is that people from all walks of life are involved. I think you need to acquire a “large tent” mentality. Linda Sarsour is not the “darling of the new left.” She is but one person.

        I laugh at you men. You all have come through here citing one undesirable woman after the other. So what? Each of us is entitled to our opinions. Certainly 3rd generation feminists have different goals than a 1st plus generation feminist like I am. (I say plus because I think I actually fall between generation 1 and 2) At some point we have to represent our own goals and at the same time, realize that we have passed the baton to younger generations.

        Did Soros “pay” for any groups to attend? Don’t know and don’t care. Most people I know who went were local people who very much cared about issues. Not all were abortion rights supporters. I had drinks Monday night with 4 other women. 3 had gone to the march. 1 was a Republican who would describe herself as pro-life. She still marched because there were issues she felt were important, as a woman. All of the women marching, I think its fair to say, were very defiantly opposed to Trump, his behavior towards women, minorities, ethnicities, certain religions, and those with special needs. Everyone I talked to felt he is a crude, ill-informed, mentally unbalanced vulgarian who simply lacks the experience to lead this country and to appoint qualified representatives.

        That women’s march to date is the largest outpouring nationally and world-wide. Something to think about. I also think my friends will probably send their Soros check back if one arrives. They marched from conviction.

      7. Jerome Doublas


        I agree with you Moon when you say that people from all walks of life were involved when it comes to the women’s march. I too know several women and a few men that attended including friends and my own mother and one of my brothers (remember, I grew up in MD after all till middle school). I was told by friends that attended that when some of the speakers spoke at the march they were shocked/appalled and there was audible booing in some cases. Around 1/2 of the people that I know that attended said they probably won’t attend the next one.

        Not quite sure why you laugh at me though. Believe it or not I actually support some of the feminist views of your and my mother’s generation. You mentioned that you have passed the baton and like I have said here before, you may want to take it back because it has transformed into something other than the empowerment of women.

        When the co-chair of the march is a known anti-Semite and is fine with violence against women that she doesn’t agree with and nobody seems to care… pretty soon you’re not going to recognizance the party and movement(s) you once supported. Keep an eye on Linda Sarsour because she is going to quickly climb the ranks in the Democrat party and wouldn’t be surprised if she starts out running for a local office in NY. She has recently receive the Democrat Party Social Media Endorsement from the official DNC facebook page and has had glowing articles written about her in Cosmo and Elle.

        Keep in mind that this woman is scheduled to speak at an event next month with Rasmea Odeh. Ms. Odeh was convicted of terrorism in Israel in 1970 for two bombings, one in Jerusalem killed two Israeli students and injured nine others and the other bombing was of the British consulate. She is an anti-Semite and turning out to be the new face of the Democrat party.

      8. Co-chair is a misnomer. There were several co-chairs. I don’t know why she was chosen but I simply don’t think it is important. Why did your people get so close to the stage. I don’t know anyone who even got close. I never listened to the stage when I went. There were always people up blathering about things I really didn’t care much about.

        I don’t know how much you have dabbled in politics but you need to recall that politics makes strange bedfellows. I have had to rub elbows with some fairly repugnant (in my opinion) individuals in my quest to support reproductive freedom. Perhaps the most outlandish was walking fairly close to a brigade of bare-breasted lesbians. Probably the most embarrassing was the antics of Queer Nation. The most politically embarrassing was going to a meeting that was co-sponsored by the communist party of America. But hell, that isn’t so bad now Trumpie is in the White House. KGB is becoming a household friendly word.

        I laugh at you because you are trying to argue the minutia rather than looking at the overall impact of that huge gathering. Not one of those speakers mattered a hill of beans and 99% of the people didn’t even hear them.

        It’s a lame attempt to minimize the impact of that many people protesting the new president. If Sarsour is all that bad she will not be accepted.

        Maybe the younger generations should reshape the women’s movement. Obviously the tactics of the older (now) women need some fresh blood, since we are still fighting for the same old shit. You would think it would be over. Geez. As I see it, its still men trying to dominate and unempower women by controlling reproduction.

        I think you are wasting a whole lot of time trying to analyze speakers that 99% of the people couldn’t care less about. You are not seeing the forest for the few trees.

        BTW, why weren’t you out there with the rest of your friends and relatives? [stern look] Its easier to sit back and criticize minutia than to get out there an support a cause you might believe in, or maybe you don’t.

  5. Jerome Doublas

    “It’s a lame attempt to minimize the impact of that many people protesting the new president. If Sarsour is all that bad she will not be accepted.”

    You may be right about that Moon but that isn’t what I was trying to get across. However, at the same time you are doing everything you can to downplay and minimize the fact that the co-chair of the march is an anti-Semite extremest planning to meet and speak at an event with a convicted terrorist next month.

    You say that if Sarsour is that be she will not be accepted… news flash, she has already been accepted. Let’s take a look at some of her recent accomplishments:

    * She was a delegate at the DNC convention.
    * She co-chaired organizing the Women’s March.
    * She received the “Champion of Change Award” from President Obama

    Trying to downplay and minimize this person’s involvement in the Democrat party is just dishonest at best.

    Why didn’t I attend the march with my family and friends? Because I knew that it was more about anti-Trump than anything else. Not a single person in my family voted for Trump besides me and trust me it has caused issues. One of my brothers won’t talk to me and thinks that I have brought same upon the family. I know the ‘stern look’ as well 🙂 my mother uses it on me any time politics is brought up in the house.

    1. Can I vote with your family? I already told my son if he voted for Trump not to tell me because it would be a deal breaker. He says he didn’t but I am not so sure. He wanted me to “give him a chance.” He had his chance.

      So tell me, are you pleased with the results of your vote? I am horrified on your behalf if you are not.

      As for Sarsour, I really don’t care one way or the other. I think you might have gotten some of your information off one of those right wing Brietbart type websites. I won’t discredit an entire women’s march because of one small group. I have been to enough of those things to know that all sorts of people I don’t care much for are included. You just have to think big tent and common cause rather than the particulars.
      I guess anyone can be a delegate who is selected. Don’t know.

      Remember also that I am not a democrat. I generally vote for democratic candidates but I don’t have any allegiances.

      1. Jerome Doublas


        Lol! Yes, I’m sure my family would happily trade you for me politically. All kidding aside I am hurt that my mother would react in the way that she has just because I have different political views. At family functions she introduces my other brothers with glee and excitement. She introduces me as an afterthought, never using my name but instead just saying… and this is my conservative son (with a heavy sense of extreme disappointment in her voice).

        Am I pleased with my vote? HELL YES! There were two main things that I was voting for (and several minor). The main one was the supreme court pick and the second was his promise to crack down on H-1B visa abuses. Working in the IT field this has been a huge issue which exploded under President Obama and would have no doubt gone even further under a President Clinton (shutter…). I may have lost some love from my mother but that is her issue. I don’t love her any less because she voted for Obama or Clinton.

        Keep your head in the sand when it comes to Sarsour if you want. Just remember the name and that this is what the new Democrat party is shaping up to be.

      2. Well, since I am not a democrat, it really isn’t my concern. I don’t like having boogie men although Bannon is a pretty significant one, in my world.

        H-1B – what has Trump done with those? Those aren’t your terrorists. That’s not to say that those people aren’t undercutting American workers. I think they probably are.

        I voted for Clinton for the Supreme Court pick. I think Obama was robbed and I will never forgive the Republicans for doing that. It was dishonest and basically unconstitutional, in my opinion.

        What do you feel are the abuses of H-1B’s?

        Why is Trump hunting down undocumented immigrants who have not committed crimes?

        It sounds like your mother should be me although I only have one son. I seriously told him just not to tell me. I think he voted correctly because of reproductive rights but I think he was tempted.

        I would be very upset if one of my kids had voted for that incompetent vulgarian.

      3. Jerome Doublas


        H-1B’s have nothing to do with undocumented immigrants or terrorists. I work in the IT field and large companies have been abusing the H-1B visa program to essentially replace all of the highly skilled American workers with cheaper IT staff from other countries.

        For example, Disney told 250 of their IT staff that their replacements were coming in and that they would all be let go once their had their H-1B visa replacements trained to do their jobs. If they didn’t train their replacements in the allotted time they would not receive a severance. This trend didn’t start under President Obama but exploded under his watch and he has largely ignored complaints about it.

        President Trump made it one of his campaign promises to crackdown on abuses of the H-1B visa program and a few days ago signed an executive order to start that process.


      4. I don’t disagree with you about abuses with H-1Bs. Not all companies but definitely some. Those are the dudes that are often taking American jobs, not the illegal immigrants. I can’t read the link you left. I don’t recall Trump making an issue of H-1B’s. Feel free to leave a different link.

        I did know that H-1B had nothing to do with undocumented immigrants. I think some companies abuse the H-1B workers also and have them working for peanuts.

      5. Jerome Doublas


        forgot to address your other question… why is President Trump going after undocumented immigrants who have not committed crimes? I have no clue. I only know of one, are there more?

      6. Most undocumented workers I know are not criminals. Most keep a low profile and are hard working.

        I do not want these people targeted. As for criminals–prosecute them. Send them to prison and then deport them when they have served their time. I mean real crime, not jay walking.

    2. I have to come back to your post. You are right. The march was more anti trump than purely reproductive rights. In fact, I would probably walk back some of my own words I wrote before the march took place.

      Another comment–I am somewhere between 1st and 2nd generation feminist–probably closer to 2nd than 1st. My daughter is very disparaging about the old ways of feminism. Here are my thoughts–passages–I was part of the first wave. Times change. The baton has been passed. I won’t criticize them. They are not to criticize me. Everyone functioned in her own time. In my day, reproductive rights and work rights were very important. When I first started working, you would be fired after 4 months of pregnancy if you hadn’t resigned. That is serious business. That rule was for married women. I don’t know what would have happened if you were unmarried. There was no equal pay for equal work and contraception was not always available for unmarried women under 21. I can’t remember if you were 21.

      Now the problems are different. The 2nd and 3rd waves of feminism will take care of those things. I did my part on the things I just described.

      I bring this up because I prefer not to focus on individuals I feel are objectionable. Put in your terms, the Religious right, Tea Party, $$ Republicans, Operation Rescue, Lambs of Christ all come to the same conventions and gatherings of conservatives. I am sure some are objectionable to others. One big tent.

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