The court ruling against Donald Trump’s travel ban is “a judicial usurpation of power,” the White House said on Sunday, as one of the president’s closest advisers strongly defended his troubled policy.

“Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned,” said Stephen Miller, Mr Trump’s senior policy director.

The 31-year-old, who began his rapid rise to power with attacks on multiculturalism, criticism of women’s protests against pay inequality, and urging against political correctness, was dispatched on Sunday to hammer home the president’s point of view on television chat shows.

On ABC News, he argued that the Judge James Robart, the Washington state judge who blocked the travel ban on February 3, had made his ruling for political reasons.

Apparently Mr. Miller, the chief policy director of Donald J. Trump needs a civics lesson. Any president can be questioned and overruled by the courts.   It appears that not a week goes by that there isn’t some Constitutional crisis brought on by this administration.

What if a policy advisor of Obama had said the same thing?  I can only imagine the uproar.  This administration holds the greatest amount of cry-babies and authoritarian personalities I have ever seen.  Trump needs a reset with personnel.  Stephen Miller needs to be fired immediately, rather than getting an “atta boy.”


5 Thoughts to “Senior policy advisor says powers of the president will not be questioned”

  1. NorthofNokesville

    This was a padwan passing the loyalty test. First few weeks have been seriously scary.

  2. punchak

    THIS is one scary individual. Not since I saw Goebbels
    on newsreels during WWII, have I heard someone speak
    like Miller. Like an automaton who has been spoon fed
    what to say, he’s spitting it out without any emotion.
    I don’t say this lightly, but he even looks a bit like Goebbels.
    A 31 year old!
    Bannon and Miller running the Oval Office. Watch out!

    1. Yes it is very scary. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Goebbels. Yes, we can all see old footage but it was current to you as it was happening.

      Flynn is gone now. I think this “resignation” will start the domino effect. No one in the White House has any real experience in DC, and there is real scary stuff out there, starting with North Korea.

      1. Robin Hood

        They’re living up to expectations.


      2. Yup. Unfortunately, you are right. To all those who implored us to give him a chance….Done.

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