Is Big Bird out of a job?

How many kids grew up on Sesame Street and all its characters? How many of us watched Downton Abbey religiously? How many of us record American Experience and learn about our past?

Cutting funding for PBS could very well eliminate those programs. Good grief, many kids have learned to read and count because of children’s programing. Public television is particularly important in rural areas were there is no internet. Those families don’t get HBO, Netflix or Amazon Prime. They do get public television though because it can go right to an antenna.

Then there is the Meals-on-Wheels Scandal. The federal government kicks in 35% of the funding for MoW. MoW feeds many elderly and disabled people who otherwise might go hungry. A spokesman said that this administration saw no visible signs that the program worked. What are they talking about? What measurable signs are there?

This administration is a national disgrace on so many levels. Meals-on-Wheels and Big Bird are just a few examples.