President Donald Trump didn’t have to issue his threat seriously — “I’m gonna come after you,” he said jokingly to a ringleader of House GOP hardliners opposing his health care bill — to be taken seriously by the 200 Republicans gathered in the Capitol basement.

For a president with a penchant for vengeance – who named “an eye for an eye” as his favorite biblical passage, who banned media outlets from campaign events when he didn’t approve of their coverage, who ousted a GOP state chairman after the election whom he viewed as disloyal, who reminded a GOP governor just last week who didn’t endorse him that “I never forget” – the roll call vote on the Republican health care plan, expected Thursday, will be the first accounting of who’s with him and who’s against him on Capitol Hill.

Those close to Trump describe his largely binary world view: you’re either on Team Trump or against Team Trump. “Get even with people,” Trump outlined his philosophy in a 2011 speech. “If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe it.”

The president may be ideologically flexible, even to the point of disinterest, on the particulars of the health care legislation. But Trump’s been clear and consistent about one message: He wants it done.

That sounds like a threat to me.  Lot’s of people laugh when they issue threats.  They still mean it.  Who will Trump try to screw over 10 times over?

What a vindictive person he is.  Why do people like him?  Are his supporters just trying to save face?  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people would support such a morally defective person who continually lies to the people of the United States.



5 Thoughts to “Trump: I’m gonna come after you!”

  1. Robin Hood

    How can he organize a network of primary campaigns against congressmen who vote no when he can’t even organize the White House? There’s no electoral college for Congress.

  2. Jerome Doublas

    Why do people like him?
    Maybe because he isn’t Hillary Clinton who is a morally defective person that continually lied to the American people?

    1. All politicians lie at some time or another. Trump lies habitually. There is the difference.

      So do you feel that Hillary is more morally defective than Trump?

    2. Robin Hood

      Jerome Doublas,

      The election is over and it’s time to govern. I can see why you would rather talk about last year. He only won because she was a bad candidate. and so far he looks to be in over his head. That’s what matters now.

  3. Robin Hood

    And they pulled the bill off the agenda because they didn’t have the votes. Folks in DC aren’t so easily scared, are they?

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