RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued a release this afternoon condemning PWC Chairman Corey Stewart’s racialist slur.

From the press statement:

The term “cuckservative” is racist and its use is not acceptable in political discourse under any circumstance. I condemn the use of the term unequivocally and without exception.  No Republican should ever use this type of language in a campaign.

Would someone please tell me what a “cuckservative” is.

The Jeffersoniad has an article explaining the situation.  I am not sure  I understand a bit better. This must be Republican-speak.

The Jeffersoniad also reprinted what Corey originally said and also a few of his more vulgar remarks.

Supposedly Prince William County leaders have called for his resignation.

Why does Corey insist on embarrassing us all here in Prince William County?  I was embarrassed by his antics in Charlottesville also.

Meanwhile, good for responsible Republicans for calling Corey out.  I feel their pain.


22 Thoughts to “RPV Chairman rebukes Corey Stewart for racialist slurs”

  1. Mom

    I’m not one to defend Corey but Whitbeck condemning somebody else for “racist” language is a little hypocritical, pot meet kettle.

    1. I corrected my errors. Mom, I was distracted by one of YOUR friends while I was writing.

      Isn’t Whitbeck the one who told the unfortunate rabbi joke?

      Corey wants to be a real conservative when he grows up. He is showing the political sense of a Billy goat.

  2. Corey needs to stop it instantly. His chances of winning this election are not very good at all. When he comes back out of this election cycle, he will want to go back to being good ole Corey. He won’t be able to do that because he will have the stench of Trump on him as well has what he has rolled in of his own accord.

    He has shown that he will say and do anything for a vote. Too bad. Corey is basically a nice fun guy whose political ambitions just don’t match his position in life.

  3. Robin Hood

    Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked through to the article. The term in question refers to people who are conservative but accepting and tolerant of a diverse immigrant population from non-European, non-Christian origins, etc. Those are the kind of Republicans I like!

    After the week we’ve had in Washington I’m not surprised to see Republicans dividing and excluding each other.

    I may need another shower after this.

    1. I am being told it isn’t a racist term. Not believing it if it came from white supremacists!

      1. Steve Thomas

        I can find no evidence linking that silly word to white supremacy. It is meant to imply a “cuckolded conservative” and while full of sexual innuendo, has nothing to do with racism. Sorta like “tea-bagger”. It’s nothing more than a silly word from a silly candidate, desperately refusing to come-to-terms with the fact that he will likely never move beyond his current elected office, and will have difficulty holding on to that.

      2. All I know is what the chairman of the RPV said. I was unfamiliar with the term. He associated it with the white supremacy movement.

        My daughter says what you are saying. I got it from the Republicans. It sure wasn’t part of MY vocabulary.

        Regardless of meaning–Corey needs to stop name-calling. He name-calls, then sends out beg letters daily.

      3. Mom


        That being said, the Chairman of the RPV is a moron and should have been removed long ago. I just love how RPV and party hacks continue to shoot the party in the foot by exacerbating the negative impact of stupid candidate statements. Nobody would have noticed if the turds at BullExcrement and Bearing Left hadn’t jumped on their soapboxes. Much ado about nothing and you know I rarely defend anything Corey does (save for those rare instances where Election Year Corey (local version) does something right)

      4. Mr. Rabbi joke?
        I do have to say, that wasn’t the only offensive thing Corey said and I respect people who call out their own “kind.’

        I am just embarrassed FOR Corey. I especially resent the unfurling of the Confederate battle flag and trying to associate it with those statues.

        There are very sincere (<-----operative word here) people out there, mostly from Charlottesville, who are putting their name on the line for the ethos of Charlottesville and to preserve the City's history. I am putting my name on the line (and some money) because Paul Goodloe McIntire's mother is my great great great aunt. The land was donated by McIntire to honor his parents. There is a deed associated with that gift that spells out the conditions very explicitly by early 20th century standards. Finally, I don't like yoking people of a different era under that weight of 21st century standards. If we cave into that, then we stamp out knowledge of other times. Why don't we know much about the Aztecs? Destroy the culture! They are heretics. I just don't like this Taliban/ISIS mentality of destroying all evidence of things that don't quite jive with modern thinking. Whatever happened to the concept of teachable moments?

      5. Steve Thomas


        I know all about the “beg letters”. He’s been stuffing my email with them for months.

        Corey’s “relevance dissipation warning light” has been growing bright red for some time, thus the strategy of “any press is good press”.

      6. I like that…”relevance dissipation warning light!”

        I resent the interference in the Charlottesville monument situation. I want the monuments left alone also but I don’t like his attitude about it. He radiates “carpetbagger” if he is going to play the displaced 19th century southerner role. I feel strongly about it and its a cheap way to try to get votes. Lets just say we might agree but only on the surface.

      7. Steve Thomas


        Wasn’t he the President of the Son’s of Confederate Veterans, Duluth MN chapter?

      8. Bwahahahahahahahaha! Steve, I can always count on you for a good laugh.

        Shhhhh—if he reads the blog, he will go around telling people that!!!

      9. Steve Thomas

        {sighs} I would first like to disclose that I am not a Corey supporter. I have been supporting Ed Gillespie since before he announced. As a firm adherent to the W.F.B. Rule, the choice has always been clear to me.

        IMHO, Corey has become a caricature, mostly through his own words and actions. Pathetic, really. But I find the reaction of my party to this situation equally pathetic.

        I know John Whitbeck. I served with him on the 10th CD GOP Committee. I continue to support his chairmanship of the RPV.

        But the reactions of local & state-wide Republicans on this matter is frustrating to me. This has become what fighter pilots call “a self-generating fur-ball”. I read the jeffersoniad article, and noted it was written by Sean Kenny. Sean is well-known in Republican circles. He’s had a beef with Stewart going back to the 287(g) resolution days. I’m not a fan of Kenny. I thought he did more harm than good as Executive Director at RPV. I dislike his toadies over at Bearing Drift even more. They are all nattering nabobs of negativity.

        Really, this is a tempest in a teacup. It’s a family fight. A desperate Corey said something stupid. He was/is going to lose the nomination, anyway. Ed will swat his nomination challenge away like an adult swats away a punch from a toddler throwing a tantrum.

        But this piling on. This rush to issue the most sanctimonious press statements. The effort to produce the most sensational “definition” of a silly made-up bit of hipster slang…and the faux sensitivity. I am a REPUBLICAN. We pride ourselves on our tough, thick hides. Elephants and RINO’s…both have them. What I am seeing is left-wing snowflake “I’m triggered” reactions, which have diminished my respect for anyone making these statements of condemnation, and calling for Stewart to “resign”.

        Let Ed stomp him on primary day. Let Corey drag himself back to the BOCS, and reassess his career. I mean, every chance he gets, he’s running for statewide office, and can’t secure the nomination. He never realizes he’s a “regional flavor”. Krispy Kreme looked to be a Juggernaut, dominating the south east. Then they tried to go north of the Mason Dixon, and ran into Dunkin Donuts. Try as they might, Krispy Kreme couldn’t crack DD’s turf. Corey has had much electoral success in PWC, but keeps getting rejected by the party, elsewhere.

        Corey is a middle-weight fighter, who keeps trying to move up in weight-class, and can’t punch above his weight.

        Leave him alone, and let him lose. This piling on by minor and major party personalities is excessive, embarrassing, and counter-productive. That’s all I have to say about that.

      10. That was a pretty good say if you ask me.
        I have mostly ignored him. My assessment is not from a Republican point of view, however.

        The sad part is that Corey could be a good supervisor if he developed local policies and stuck with them, instead of lashing out at the cause du jour. Guiding PWC doesn’t need a party seal of approval, just common sense.

        Thanks for your input.

      11. If I were a Republican, I would want Corey to stop embarrassing me. I would want him to stop name-calling and I would want him to act with dignity. He is emulating a person who will rejected his antics. When Trump rejects you for bad behavior, then you should take the hint that you need to clean up your act.

      12. Steve Thomas


        I am a Republican. Corey doesn’t embarrass me. Corey embarrasses Corey. My party’s reaction to it, this embarrasses me.

      13. Mom

        Steve Thomas,

        One need look no further than Sean, Brian and their ilk as well as many at BE for the true reason (apart from bad candidates) that the GOP loses so many statewide elections. They are the first members to pull the trigger in the circular firing squad.

      14. Steve Thomas


        I agree with your assessment.

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