Trump needs to surround himself with experts.  He needs to stop dumbing down the the office of the presidency.  He is just an embarrassment.

Trump, know what you don’t know and fire your blogger, Steve Bannon.  Hire the folks who know Washington and how it works.

Maureen Down just eviscerated you.



2 Thoughts to “Trump doesn’t know what he doesn’t know”

  1. Robin Hood

    Reagan had been governor of California and dealt with Democrats in the state legislature. When he got to Washington he generally knew what he was doing. Trump ran a family-owned business and never even had to deal with a board of directors. He is not ready for prime time and neither is Bannon or Kellyanne Conway.

    We can only hope that moving Ivanka into a White House office will help minimize the damage. He called her his eyes and ears on The Apprentice.

    (I can’t believe I’m comparing this White House to a TV show! But right now it’s farce and one that isn’t funny.)

    1. Most of us would probably want to string jared and ivanka up by their toes except they are the most normal thing out there. Sad isn’t it?

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