10 Thoughts to “Joan Baez: Nasty Man”

  1. Jerome Doublas

    Typical word salad when a Republican is President…

    * Call the President a dictator – check
    * Suggest there is some sort of ‘dirt’ that has yet to come out – check
    * The President is killing mother earth – check
    * The President has a mental disorder – check
    * The President will be obsolete sometime soon – check

    The only thing that it was missing from the laughably predictable lyrics was a call to violently overthrow the President but I’m sure Ms. Baez is already working on that catchy tune as we speak.

    Great guitar play though… 🙂

    1. Which part(s) do you disagree with?

      She still does some great strumming and picking.

      1. Jerome Doublas


        I agree Moon, beautiful guitar play no doubt. What do I disagree with? For starters calling our President a ‘dictator’ as well as saying he has a mental disorder. You obviously agree with the lyrics and that’s fine. Change one or two lines and this song very well could have been about President Obama.

        I’m not really into ‘folk’ music but I was introduced a while back to something you may like. A neighbor of mine took me to a concert at the 930 several months ago. It’s a band called ‘Trampled by Turtles’

      2. Why obviously? I didn’t listen that carefully. I do think he has a mental disorder.

        Could it have been about Obama? What you miss, and continually miss, is that it wasn’t. You also miss that Obama isn’t in office and Hillary didn’t win the election.

    2. Robin Hood

      Jerome Doublas,

      Predictable because it’s true. How’s the weather in Moscow?

      1. Jerome Doublas

        Robin Hood,

        Yawn… yeah, the weather in Moscow is great. Way to regurgitate alt-left talking points, very original. You do realize that you’re just proving my point, right?

        You’re probably one of those types that actually believes the alt-left conspiracy theory that Putin and Trump planned the whole gassing/airport strike to distract from the other conspiracy theory of collusion between the two during the election.

      2. Alt left? Get a little more imagination than that one.

      3. Robin Hood

        Jerome Doublas,

        Oh, you like to dish out the stereotypes but you can’t take it yourself. Why am I not surprised? You don’t know me and I’m not “probably” anything you could imagine.

    1. I have a good opinion of Winston Churchill. Not all Brits do.

      No one here has criticized the cruise missile strike. The jury is out.

      There are probably lots of places in the world who would love to be rescued by the USA. Ukraine comes to mind as well as several African countries.

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