Kris Nohe caught some flak on The Sheriff of Nottingham blog for her humorous video of Corey Stewart.   Actually, the fray Mrs. Nohe joined was a ****storm  with a boatload of derision and criticism.  Kris is not a woman who is going to stand down when she knows she is right.

She figured the Sheriff felt a little left out so she made him his very own video.

It looks like there is a new sheriff in town.

Kris, you go girl!  You rule!


15 Thoughts to “An Oscar for Kris Nohe”

  1. That’s funny!!!! I’ve made public, a number of times (so much so, The Sheriff has asked me to cease, or face not having comments posted on his page), that even though I understand those that need protection from their employers, by posting anonymously, those that do it to hide their identity so that they may post vicious and inaccurate/unverifiable information is cowardice. It is bad that the Internet allows someone to post a comment that they wouldn’t dare say to someone else’s face, but it’s even worse when that person cannot even be held accountable for those comments.

    1. I didn’t realized that you had been censored. While you might disagree with the mind set there, I have never seen you be caustic, biting, snarky or…flash…RUDE.

  2. Kris Nohe

    Oh, you make me blush. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    1. That was great!! You made my week! I especially liked the beginning.

  3. Robin Hood

    We live in a county where people can find confederate battle flags inscribed with racial invective and threatening notes in their mailboxes over school names and Little League baseball. I have seen comments on this blog speculate about who I am. I chose this penname as a foil to the Sheriff of Nottingham, who decided to name himself after a legendary villain. When I have confronted some of his Trump-like hyperbole and outright lies I have been censored over there.

    Joe and I are friends. He knows why I do it my way and I respect him for doing it his way.

    The Sheriff made Kris into a public figure, so she owned it and responded admirably.

    Moon, you have some borderline personalities do deal with as well, so your penname suits me just fine.

    1. Most of my regulars know me. I started off with Moon-Howler back during the immigration debacle. It was fairly crazy back in those days. I also have kids who work locally. I have been Moon-Howler for so long now that it is like second skin.

      I don’t allow “anonymous” over here. Monikers are fine. You can refer back. I have noticed on the tea party blog that nastiest comments are made by “anonymous” and the strongest ad hominem attacks are from that same shield of cowardice. I mean, at least pick a nick name.

    2. Robin Hood,

      Like you and Moon have done for years, readers can point to your comments again and again, but all of the anonymous posting encourages comments that one would not do if it tied back to them. I have commended The Sheriff for “protecting” those that provide information that would otherwise get them fired, but those that are vicious and nasty because they can “hide without attribution” I find disgusting.

      I’m glad we’re friends.

      1. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that sitting down with people face to face who you would otherwise do battle with is invaluable.

        Let me provide, as an example, my dear friend Steve Thomas. Let me tell you–Steve and I disagree on almost everything there is to disagree on politically. However, when we first met face to face, our blog-animosity evaporated as we looked at each other as people. We also strove to find common ground. It really isn’t all that difficult, even with our political arch-enemies.

        I like to remind myself of the Steve example. Steve also knows he can pretty much tell me anything and he will never see it on this blog. There is just no substituting the human touch to blogging.

  4. Steve Thomas

    Did Kris catch “slack” or “Flak”?

    1. Flak. I will fix that. Thanks.
      Don’t give her flak, cut her some slack. 😈

      1. Steve Thomas


        Kris and Marty are long-time friends. If I had an issue with either, I would just arrange a cup’o joe, and we’d talk it out.

        And since this is a dispute between Kris and the Sheriff, of which I am a non-combatant, I have neither flak nor slack to donate.

      2. @Steve, I do hope you got a good laugh. I howled and howled, especially at the beginning. “Here comes Ole Bad News himself…” OMG. I loved the ending with Kris looking all sassy over her coffee cup. She truly deserves an Oscar.

        I don’t agree with the Nohe’s on some stuff but I do respect them both, a lot.

  5. So how did “Old Bad News Himself” like his very own video?

    1. Robin Hood


      He has a new post, so he must have been stung by it. Then the anonymous cheering section had to go after the notion of a stay at home mom with time on her hands. I thought that was their ideal to justify low pay!

      Maybe these people would be interested in careers in broadcasting. There’s turnover at Faux News and they already share the mindset.

  6. From

    “I honor one flag and that is the Stars and Stripes,” said Supervisor Ruth Anderson, who represents the Occoquan District. “The Confederate flag is very painful for many people and it needs to be respected as part of our history, but certainly not celebrated as a main priority of a gubernatorial campaign.”

    I agree with Ruth Anderson. Well said.

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