Trump has lied so much to the American people that I have lost track.  It is time for the Republicans to do the right thing and being impeachment proceedings.

Perhaps Mitch McConnell will step down since he clearly has a conflict of interest, since his wife is part of Trump’s cabinet.

There seems to be no honesty, no integrity, and no accountability.  I am very worried about the nation.

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  1. Robin Hood

    When he was running a family business nobody cared if he lied. During the campaign he could put out a diversion and change the subject in a rapidly changing news cycle. What we have now is the product of sustained scrutiny since the election.

    Unfortunately, there are those who believe this guy because they want to and there are those who put party above country. Dante had a great idea when he put those who valued their faction above all else in the same circle of the Inferno as the heretics.

  2. Starryflights

    Trump appears to be suffering from dementia.

  3. Kelly_3406

    Politicians lie all the time. If lying was a high crime or misdemeanor, then Obama would have been impeached for falsely saying “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.”

    Clapper said on Sunday there is no evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians.

    Until you come up with something besides lying or actual evidence of collusion, impeachment is just a pipe dream.

    The real scandal was the unmasking of the identities of Americans whose communications were intercepted by intelligence agencies. If the situation were reversed and it was D’s whose identities were unmasked, the focus would be on the misuse of intelligence agencies to spy on American citizens.

    1. Starryflights


      Obstructing justice is an impeachable offense, my friend. That’s what Trump admitted when he fired Comey.

      And btw, Susan Rice did nothing illegal.

      1. Steve Thomas


        Kinda sorta like both of Obama’s Attorneys General? Holder on “Fast & Furious” and Lynch’s “coincidental ” tarmac meeting with the husband of the subject of a criminal investigation?

        On second thought, don’t bother answering.

        If it weren’t for double-standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

      2. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        That’s a really desperate defense.

        Trump is hanging himself in plain view.

      3. Steve Thomas

        Robin Hood,

        Here is the folly of your reasoning: In order for Trump to be accused of “obstruction of justice”, there would have to be a criminal investigation in progress. There isn’t one.

        Secondly, even if there were a criminal investigation in progress (there isn’t), one would have to establish that by removing the director of the FBI, that this would effectively end the investigation (if there were a criminal investigation being conducted).

        All of this noise being generated by the lefties here, is pure Kabuki Theater. All painted in garish whiteface to exaggerate their emotions. It is cover for the fact that the left has been stripped of all real power to govern or regulate. What they are “left” with is making noise.

        Maxine Waters can rail about “impeachment”. The love-struck-dumb Joe Scarborough can mention it too. Guess what? Trump’s firing of Comey is within the purview of the President. No getting around that.

        Go ahead and roll like thunder. Thunder is impressive, but lighting does the work. You got no power…no “lectricity”. Chew on that.

      4. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        Your tone is desperate if you manage to be offensive and defensive at the same time.

        Trying to get rid of investigators before they get to the truth is obstruction.

        Maybe it takes longer to prove the case, but this president is so reckless it is only a matter of time until he trips himself up.

      5. Steve Thomas

        Robin Hood,

        “Trying to get rid of investigators before they get to the truth is obstruction.”

        If you think Comey was out there “on the streets”, pulling his best Columbo “just one more question” act, you need to seriously consider just how tenuous your grasp on reality really is. Removing Comey will have no bearing whatsoever on the national security investigation examining what, if any, Russian involvement in the 2016 elections existed. Absofreakinloutely NO BEARING.

        Also, you must have a serious reading comprehension problem. There is NO criminal investigation. Therefore, there is no active pursuit of Justice, and therefore, “obstuction” cannot have occurred.

        I thought I had seen the Left completely unhinged during the Bush Admin. That was nothing. Trump could wake up tomorrow and order a couple of eggs, scrambled, toast and black coffee, and you all would try to spin it into an impeachable offense. You have lost it.

        Obama had Fast and Furious, and an American died. He unleashed drones on US citizens and killed them without due process of law. He weaponized the IRS to harass his political enemies. Each of these a truly impeachable offense. Trump firing Comey? Comey needed firing, and as President, Trump has the power, and more importantly the legal authority to fire the director of the FBI.

      6. The lightning will follow. This isn’t a leftie issue. Not even close. The wheels are already in motion and it isn’t wheels that lean left.

      7. Here we go again….”what abut _____”

        I think every last person ought to be concerned about what is happening right in the here and now. This really isn’t a partisan issue. Our country is under assault from the outside and from within.

      8. Its all partisan with those defending Trump. Hrummpppffff—Trump isn’t even really a republican.

    2. Robin Hood


      Behind your smokescreen is the real problem that Trump has a behavioral pattern of firing investigators who get too close to the truth. Yates, Bharat and Comey were in the process of exposing scandals.

      The Clapper quote is just a status report. They have not found evidence on him yet.

      Trump ruined his own cover story in the letter to Comey by claiming he had been cleared in the text. Then he contradicted his own staff in the interview with Lester Holt.

      It took two years of investigation to overcome the stonewalling and nail Nixon. This is just the beginning.

      1. Steve Thomas

        Robin Hood,

        Clapper? Clapper? You mean the same James Clapper who was found to have lied to congress about the continued (illegal) collection of extraneous communications of US Citizens? That James Clapper?

        Yates? Yates was investigating something? Really?

        I didn’t realize that Lester Dolt…I mean Holt was a government investigator, and Trump’s interview constitutes sworn testimony.

        Yeah…you go ahead and hang your hat on that. When this ends up going nowhere, listen louder. That sound you here is me, laughing hysterically at how desperate and pathetic the Democrats, and their fellow travelers have become. I hear Khols is having a sale on beanies, cargo-pants, t-shirts bandannas, and fingerless gloves…all in black of course. Joining Antifa is the only means of resistance available to you. Better use that Khols Cash before it expires.

      2. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        Kelly brought him up and I responded.

        You can spare me the rest of your bag of wind and start thinking about how to explain why Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians who visited him last week. Not even Fox can defend that!

        You need to give up and go home.

      3. Steve Thomas

        Robin Hood,
        “You can spare me the rest of your bag of wind and start thinking about how to explain why Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians who visited him last week. Not even Fox can defend that!”

        “Highly Classified”…..Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

        Yeah…you go with that.

      4. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        That’s what the Post report said. Today we find out that Trump admitted it in a tweet and the Israelis are angry because it was their report. As president he can declassify information but how wise is it to do that with something you got from an ally?

        Even the brave retreat when their position becomes hopeless. But you stand by your man anyway.

      5. If you seriously think this impeach trump movement is being lead by the democrats, then I have a bridge for sale, not to be trite.

        Steve, I believe all responsible people with a brain, and I absolutely include you in this category, are fairly horrified at what is going on in the White House. Most thinking people know that there is chaos and that this president has put us all at risk.

        Finally, lets just take something as basic as the Russian question. Seriously, do you want our government rubbing elbows with Russian thugs? I do not. These people poison, kill, kidnap, push enemies out of buildings.

        This president is too stupid, too naive, too arrogant, and too unhinged emotionally to know what he is doing. I say this without apology.

      6. Steve Thomas


        What horrifies me is the total insanity that appears to have gripped everyone to the left-of-center. From the Antifa nutbags, to the “OMG that is the most OUTRAGEOUS THING EVAH!” posts and comments on this blog.

        Is Trump really “rubbing elbows” with the Russians, or is this you just embracing the narrative? Remember that little hot-mic incident where Comrade Barry leaned over to Russian President Medvedev:

        President Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

        President Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

        President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

        President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.”

        Looked to be more than “rubbing elbows” going on in this exchange.

        But on balance, I’d rather have my President seeking accord with the Russians, than kowtowing and constantly defending practitioners of a 7th century death-cult. Real Politik….

      7. You can’t defend the state of Trump, it seems, without talking about what the other guy did.

        This White House is out of control. You know it is, I know it is, and many of your fellow Republicans know it is.

        I don’t know why you keep defending this morally reprehensible, unfit individual. He disgraces the presidency. He endangers the country.

        Please stop trying to make it a right/left thing. I probably know as many Republicans clutching their throats as Democrats.

    3. If Trump doesn’t offend you I really don’t know what to say. To me he is unpresidential and unAmerican on a level that has not been demonstrated in my life time. I cringe every time I hear his evoke the name of Ronald Reagan who would probably take Trump out the the center of town and buggy whip him.

  4. Richard Hertz

    I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying here or not… are you saying that Republicans should impeach President Trump because he lied more than what you think is acceptable? Or is there something that I’m missing?

    1. Every word out of Trumps mouth is a lie. Sometimes he contradicts himself in the same sentence.

      Please, don’t try to justify anything Trump does on this blog. He is morally reprehensible and dangerous.

      I really don’t want to hear the old “well, what about ___”

  5. Starryflights

    Trump should be impeached for obstructing justice

  6. Kelly_3406

    @Starry @RH

    In the case of Nixon, the break-in at the Watergate was well known to the entire country. Hence, the investigation that revealed the coverup by Nixon was well justified.

    In the case of Trump, there have been vague allegations, but certainly no definitive evidence of criminal wrong-doing. If no justifiable suspicion exists, then an investigation is not warranted. This whole exercise would therefore amount to nothing more than a political witch hunt, in which case the firings were more than justified.

    If there is indeed evidence of criminality, certainly political foes would try to make the case that the firings were an effort to impede the investigation. But there are two problems with that interpretation.

    First, it seems highly improbable that evidence of criminal wrong-doing really exists, given all the leaks that have taken place. Any evidence surely would have come out in screaming headlines on the front pages of the Washington Post or NYTimes.

    Second, McCabe, the Acting FBI director and supporter of Hillary, stated that the firing of Comey would not have any impact on an investigation. He said that the firing of any one person would not, and could not, affect an investigation conducted by the FBI.

    So, what exactly do you think is the high crime or misdemeanor that provides grounds for impeachment?

    1. Robin Hood


      I must remind you that the Post reports that Trump shared highly sensitive information with the Russians who visited him last week. Now that’s a contrast! Nixon would never have done that. Quit now before he embarrasses you again. Defending him is just impossible.

      1. Kelly_3406

        Robin Hood,

        I am interested in facts, not political hyperbole. If Trump is truly in Putin’s pocket, I want him gone. The problem is that so much of this crap has been made up. Point me to an impeachable offense or shut up about it.

        This release of classified information by Trump to the Russians does not sound very likely either. I bet the WAPO story falls apart within the next 24 hours.

      2. Robin Hood


        Do you read what I write? I have not said he should be impeached yet. What my comments are about is the suspicious conduct. At this point what we have is probable cause to merit investigation.

        Take a break from brainstorming the spin and pay attention to what is really happening.

      3. I am the one who said he should be impeached. It’s there. They just have to dig it out. Of course we don’t know all the details. We don’t and we shouldn’t, but its there.

      4. Steve Thomas

        Robin Hood,

        “Do you read what I write?”

        General McMaster just concluded a press conference, regarding the WaPo’s claims, which form the basis of your “OMG TRUMP LEAKED CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!”

        The General basically says the WaPo is full of CaCa…and so is your argument.

      5. What do you think the General is going to say? All of them are lying for their boss. McMaster might not even know he i lying.

        I am watching the Presidential luncheon. Interesting. Not a woman present. We might as well be in Saudi Arabia.

      6. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        The White House is covering their hind parts with carefully worded denials that sources and methods were shared. The information came from an ally and they weren’t consulted about sharing it. Trump even tried to defend his actions in a tweet!

        This guy wants to trust people who can’t be trusted and you’re so desperate that you sling mud. Don’t you know when you’re beaten?

      7. Starryflights

        Robin Hood,

        I am interested in facts, not political hyperbole.If Trump is truly in Putin’s pocket, I want him gone. The problem is that so much of this crap has been made up. Point me to an impeachable offense or shut up about it.

        This release of classified information by Trump to the Russians does not sound very likely either. I bet the WAPO story falls apart within the next 24 hours.

        Trump just admitted it all on his Twitter account.

      8. I am guessing then that you want him gone. What has been made up?

        I think Trump can and will pretty much do whatever he wants. He is too arrogant to even care.

      9. Impossible to defend the indefensible.

        I have lived through a lot of presidents–some good, some bad. Nixon was at least smart and pretty much new what he was doing. Trump can’t find his ass with both hands. He shoots himself in his own foot. He doesn’t need political enemies.

    2. People are going to say and do anything to protect themselves.

      Do you seriously not see that our country is under assault?

  7. Starryflights

    If I had done what Trump just did, I would have been thrown in jail. He put our nation in grave danger

    1. Richard Hertz


      Talking with the Russians about ISIS (if it really happened the way the WAPO says) = putting our nation in grave danger

      I would love to know what you think about flying unmarked private jets to supply the planets biggest state sponsor of terrorism with billions of dollars worth of foreign currency equals.

      1. Are you a Russian supporter also? Geez.

      2. Richard Hertz


        Not at all… are you an Iran supporter?

        It is a serious question… if ‘talking’ to the Russians about ISIS threats causes “grave concern” then what does shipping BILLIONS of cold hard cash to the planets biggest state sponsor of terrorism equal?

        Remember, the Obama administration even admitted that a portion of this cold hard cash would go directly to supporting terrorists determined to kill U.S. troops.

      3. Robin Hood

        Richard Hertz,

        We are talking about Trump. Obama’s gone. Same for Hillary. I suppose you have to change the subject to divert attention from Trump and his total lack of judgment.

      4. Stick to the present. This discussion is not about what Obama, Bush, Clinton, or anyone else did.

      5. Richard Hertz


        Just putting things into perspective here because the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is getting progressively worse here by the day.

        The other day you wanted Republicans to impeach the President because you think he lied too much.

        This discussion is not about what Obama, Bush, Clinton, or anyone else did.

        This comes after years of but but but Bush…

        Also, in the interest of full disclosure, President Trump has already done most of the things that I voted for. If he does get impeached, so what, Pence will just pick up where he left off.

      6. What are his accomplishments? I actually can’t think of one. The courts have stalled his Muslim ban, there is no Great Wall of Mexico, There is no health care plan in affect and the tax reform plan will probably take you to the poor house if it is ever passed.

        He has failed at his efforts.

      7. Robin Hood


        He’s shot himself in the foot repeatedly. I suppose the ability to do it again and again is an accomplishment.

    2. Steve Thomas


      Says the one who said everything we on the right accused Clinton of was a lie. “Leaks” in the press were “unsubstantiated”, and we were “rushing to judgement”…until Comey (yes, that Comey) laid it out, item by item. Then Comey subverted the Justice Department prosecutorial powers, and concluded that even though it was established that Clinton did violate Federal law by the very act of standing up the server, passing email traffic on the server, storing classified data on the server, and worst of all, DELETING/DESTROYING emails on the server…there wasn’t any “intent” so no prosecution.

      Comey, more than any possible Russian action influenced the election outcome. He made hash of it. He should have been fired on day 1 of the Trump admin. “President Hillary Clinton” would not have hesitated, and you would have defended this action.

      Liberals…if it weren’t for double standards, you’d have no standards at all.

      1. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        You retreat to the past because the present isn’t going well. Trump’s timing is what matters. If the original excuse were true, then why did he contradict it later in the week? He can’t keep his story straight and neither can anyone else on his side.

      2. Also the Reppublicans are circling now. I have been watching all morning.

        His time is drawing near, in political terms.

  8. Pat.Herve

    There is too much smoke – Trump may not have colluded with the Russians – but he is creating his own optics problem around the issue –

    Campaign manager – Manefort – fired. Has involvement with Ukraine and Russia. Did not reveal he was representing a foreign entity.
    US Attorney Preet Bharara – Fired. Was looking into Russia connection (and was told by Trump he could stay on).
    Acting Attorney Genera – Yates – fired. Had issues with Flynn and Russia ties. Warned White House.
    Michael Flynn – Resignation asked for (oh, resignation asked for – Trump did not even have the Kahunas to fire him) – unreported money ties to Russia, Turkey and some other issue (Yates). Did not reveal he was representing a foreign entity.
    FBI Director Comey – Fired – was running the investigation into Russia ties to Trump campaign.

    Yeah, I believe there is nothing there. He keeps praising Manefort and Flynn – yet tries to sour the legacy of the others. There Is Something There. It might just be Trump’s thin skin showing.

  9. Pat.Herve

    Also with today’s commentary from Trump – that he has the right to share classified information with others – that is blatently false. He does not have the right to share other countries classified information – which is what he is being accused of. If this story turns out to be true – it will do harm with our information sharing opportunities.

    1. No kidding. That information from other countries has saved our bacon on many occasions and has stopped terrorist threats.

  10. Apparently the classified info Trump leaked was provided by Israel. I am not sure if that is bad or good.

    I mean good or bad that it was Israel instead of some other country.

  11. Kelly_3406

    McMaster today said that Trump could not have revealed the city that the information on the laptop came from because he was never briefed on it. Moreover every US person in the meeting said the story was not true.

    Whom are you going to believe? Unnamed sources that were not in the room? Or McMaster and Tillerson?

    There is plenty of reasons not to believe everything you read, particularly if it is from the WAPO. Its record of getting the facts right has been atrocious over the last year.

    1. Robin Hood


      Why should we trust anyone who owes his job to Trump? I trust the Post more than Fox, Breitbart or the Russians! How about the NY Times latest report of a memo documenting that Trump told Comey to lay off Flynn? It may have been Feb.14th but I don’t think he was asking him to be his valentine.

      You are defending what can’t be defended.

      1. Defending the indefensible.

        /so where did this memo come from that asks Corey to drop Flynn investigation?

        Surely the honorable Mr. Trump couldn’t possibly do something like that.

      2. Robin Hood


        Let’s clarify the details. The memo is what Comey wrote to document a private conversation with Trump. He shared it with colleagues and they told the NY Times.

        It is important to note here that, in spite of all the complaining about leaks, Deep Throat became a hero for informing on Nixon. We have to remember the lessons of World War II that sometimes it is necessary to stand up against tyranny in order to save your country.

      3. I wonder what else Comey was asked to do.
        Trump has done so much compared to all the other presidential misdeeds that its hard to keep track. I just roll my eyes at those who try to defend that which cannot be defended.

        What will tomorrow bring. It is something new every day. Trump is his own worst enemy.

      4. Robin Hood


        Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. You know who they are. We read their comments and then their hero gives himself away on an impulse.

      5. Starryflights

        I wonder what else Comey was asked to do.
        Trump has done so much compared to all the other presidential misdeeds that its hard to keep track.I just roll my eyes at those who try to defend that which cannot be defended.

        What will tomorrow bring.It is something new every day.Trump is his own worst enemy.

        Here are the answers to your questions:

        Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation

        May 16, 2017

    2. Not McMasters and Tillerson. They belong to their master.
      Think Watergate. Who broke the Watergate story? Hmmm—WaPo?

      1. Kelly_3406


        Today’s WaPo is but a shadow of its former glory. It is under different ownership and it depends on reporters with different ethical standards. I own nearly every book written by Woodward and greatly respect the great lengths that he went to in order to get the story right. The WaPo of 30 years ago did not publish something until it did the necessary background work.

        Today’s WaPo publishes stories very quickly because it is afraid of being scooped. Its journalistic standards have sunk to a level not much better than the National Inquirer.

        McMaster said that Trump was not briefed on the information that he supposedly released because he did not have a need to know. Those words have meaning for those who know something about handling classified information. WaPo should have been much more skeptical.

      2. Why did the Washington Post agree not to print what Trump divulged? It was critical information which an ally had given to us with the expectation it would stay private.

        McMaster is being played if he believes what he said in his press release. All the major newspapers and the Wall Street Journal seem to agree.

        I really think you are grasping at some idea that you really don’t want to get by the tail.

        Let me ask you something…what if Hillary Clinton had done what Trump has done? Some S-Storm would be blowing through.

      3. Robin Hood


        One way to tell when a deception is being attempted is the elaborate and excessive explanation. Anybody who works in the judicial system can pick up on that.

      4. That’s also what eventually trips the person up…they can’t keep their lies straight.

      5. Robin Hood


        And that’s what we are seeing now.

  12. Starryflights

    Trump cannot be trusted with classified information. He compromised an Israeli intelligence asset. The Russians share that kind of information with Iran. Israel will never trust us again.

    1. Richard Hertz

      I refuse to take this as a serious comment considering how the previous Admin has treated Israel over the past 8 years.

      The most recent example was the Obama Admin telling Israel that “they can be Jewish or Democratic but cannot be both”.

      So spare me your faux outrage over this nothing burger…

      1. Robin Hood

        Richard Hertz,

        That’s a false equivalency. Criticism of a policy is one thing, but sharing secrets is something else. Putin had a little fun with this today by offering to share his transcript of the meeting last week between his diplomats and Trump.

        You want to talk about Obama because Trump is such an embarrassment. When our allies stop laughing at him they will reconsider sharing intelligence.

      2. Richard Hertz

        Robin Hood,

        President Obama did the same exact thing (assuming the Trump story holds up)… he shared secrets with Russia about ISIS. Does that make President Obama an embarrassment as well?

      3. Robin Hood

        Richard Hertz,

        I don’t see a link to the coverage.

        You’ve got nothing. Nothing!

      4. He can’t defend Trump, Robin Hood. Yet he has to make gutter noises attempting to distract us.

      5. Starryflights

        Richard Hertz:
        I refuse to take this as a serious comment considering how the previous Admin has treated Israel over the past 8 years.

        The most recent example was the Obama Admin telling Israel that “they can be Jewish or Democratic but cannot be both”.

        So spare me your faux outrage over this nothing burger…

        Former Mossad chief: Israel will “think twice” before sharing sensitive info

        By Emily Tillett CBS News May 16, 2017, 5:03 PM
        A former head of Israel’s national intelligence agency has responded to reports that Israel was the source of information that President Trump revealed to Russian officials at the White House last week.

        “We will think twice before conveying very sensitive information,” said Danny Yatom, Israel’s former head of Mossad.

        Trump doesn’t understand how grave these matters are.

      6. That isn’t exactly what was said and you have taken the comments out of context.

        20% of the people living in Israel are not Jewish. Kerry was addressing issues with the minority population. We are not a Christian nation either. Now, what does this have to do with the outrages committed by Trump?

        I am thinking that you cannot discuss and defend Trump’s conduct so you will deflect back to Hillary, Obama, or anything else you can last grasp to avoid the fact that we have an UnAmerican president endangering our country. I hope you aren’t real fond of him because the pack is turning on him.

  13. Richard Hertz

    Has everyone forgotten that President Obama shared top secret information about ISIS with the Russians just last year. Where was all of your outrage then asking for President Obama to be impeached?

    1. Robin Hood

      Richard Hertz,

      I follow the news and I don’t remember that. Now let me clarify that I follow real news, so that doesn’t include Fox or Breitbart.

      1. Richard Hertz

        Robin Hood,

        If you don’t remember Obama sharing top secret information with Russia about ISIS in 2016 then you may want to reconsider what you believe to be ‘real news’.

      2. Stop. Stop. Stop. Defend Trump. Please.

        We aren’t talking about Obama. He is out of office.

        You are thinking if you repeat that enough it will become true.

      3. Robin Hood

        Richard Hertz,

        Real news is what the alt-right calls mainstream media. They don’t put out fake news like the Russians, Breitbart and Fox.

        Fox got caught just recently about the DNC staffer who died a while ago. The man’s family blew up their story with real facts, not the stuff and nonsense you people try to pedal.

    2. Are we talking about Obama? No. He is no longer in office. Please deal with the current issue which is Trump. Obama is in your rear view mirror.

      1. Robin Hood


        He can’t deal with Trump.

        This is like the turning point of the battle of Midway. Three carriers burning. But this time their names are Trump, Spicer and Conway. Or maybe Kelly, Steve and Richard.

  14. Kelly_3406

    Part of me almost hopes you all are correct. Then Pence takes over as POTUS, names an electable VP, and with luck, we get Supreme Court justices named by a Republican Administration for the next 8 years or more.

    None of the information that has come out as reported is particularly damning. I expect that much of it will turn out to be exaggeration. We have a rabid press that will print anything and malleable minds that will believe anything.

    MH mentioned above that if Hillary had done anything like this, there would be a firestorm. During one of the debates, Hillary confirmed the time delay between a presidential order and the launch of US nuclear missiles. There is no justification for that at all. The response from the press of course was muted.

    RH insists that bringing up the previous administration is just an attempt to divert attention from the issue at hand. No. The reason to bring it up is to examine whether similar mishaps provoked the same furor at both administrations. If it did not, then we know all this is just political posturing. And in fact, the same people that shrugged at the highly classified information on Hillary’s server are those putting up a big fuss now.

    The difference is that we know for sure that classified materials were compromised by Hillary. In the case of Trump, we do not know.

    1. Robin Hood


      A special counsel has been appointed to investigate the Trump campaign and their connections to Russia. So your smokescreen and spin are pointless. The difference is that Trump doesn’t have the discipline to keep his mouth shut and he gives himself away.

    2. There is a huge difference in intent.

      Secondly, the Hillary case was careless, at worst, taking into consideration that cyber business grows exponentially. Trump’s situation isn’t just flapping his jibs to Russians–its an onion we have just begun to peel. Start with his taxes, move on to his former relationships with Oligarchs, his relationship with Comey, his firing Comey, and his blabbering and big-assign with the Russians, in the Oval Office. Just take the latter–how careless is that?

      I don’t give a rat’s ass what Hillary did, Obama did, Bush did, Clinton did or Bush Sr. I care what is going on right this minute because I think Trump is evil, unAmerican and dangerous to our way of life.

      I also have thought that I am so vocal in my criticism that some day, if he gets more powerful, that I might have a knock at my door….you get my drift.

      1. Robin Hood


        Oh, they are on defense now, which is good. There are only so many hours in a day and they will be very busy trying to save themselves.

      2. Kelly_3406

        I don’t give a rat’s ass what Hillary did, Obama did, Bush did, Clinton did or Bush Sr.I care what is going on right this minute because I think Trump is evil, unAmerican and dangerous to our way of life.

        Now you know how I felt about Obama for eight years.

      3. Robin Hood



        By the way, Trump is effectively neutralized, so I’m not fond of the idea of a President Pence. Let the special counsel’s investigation take all the time it needs.

      4. I am not fond of the idea of President Pence either but I will take it over someone I feel is mentally unstable.

      5. I don’t see how you can equate Trump and any other American president in my life time. I include Nixon in that statement. I didn’t feel Nixon was dangerous. He did a lot of good.

        What good has Trump done?

    3. I don’t like Pence. I think he is a religious nut. BUT….I don’t fear for my country under Trump. I think he is sane but I would hate his policies.

      I think Trump is unhinged and has mental illness.

      I hope that makes sense. I don’t think Pence would goad another country into declaring war.

      1. Robin Hood


        He’s crazy like a fox. All of his moves make tactical sense even if we don’t like them. His failure is strategic thinking. He’s shortsighted. I remember Watergate and this kind of investigation holds any authoritarian behavior in check. The downside is that North Korea can become emboldened. That’s when people like Kissinger and McMaster become so important.

        Pence is clueless. He agreed to be Trump’s Veep!

      2. Robin Hood,

        Pence may end up with the whole enchillada. Scary thought but not as scary as Trump remaining in office. While I disagree with nearly everything Pence says and thinks, I don’t think he is mentally unstable.

      3. Robin Hood


        He ran the transition and Flynn got appointed anyway, which shows a lack of conviction or credibility. Investigators follow the facts, so the possibilities are endless.

  15. middleman

    Pence has his own issues, which will likely come out in the investigation. It appears that he may also have lied in an effort to obstruct.

    Meanwhile, China moves forward with trade pacts and influencing regional players through lending. And subsidizing clean technology. While we turn inward and try to bring back coal jobs.

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