Trump once again proves what a rude, ugly person he is as he shoves past the Prime Minister of Montenegro, just so he can be in the front center position.  He even poses once he has secured the position.

Something is just wrong with a person who behaves in this manner.  It appears his only concern is himself and his own ego.

I would love to have heard the verbal exchange, although I am sure it was cringe-worthy.

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4 Thoughts to “The “Shover in Charge” pushes past the PM of Montenegro”

  1. The sad thing is, his supporters will say that “He’s the ‘Leader of the Free World’, so they should have made sure he was front and center. If they don’t, then it’s his duty to ‘push his way up front’ and get his rightful place.”

    This act will not turn a supporter into a detractor (they’ve done so a while ago). I have spoken to a friend who’s with the GOP that is stepping down from their position within their party, because they are unable to defend 45’s actions anymore.

    1. Your friend is becoming brave!! It won’t be easy.

      I simply cannot believe he shoved that prime minister like that! The PM was very gracious, unlike Trump. I also couldn’t believe he threw his head back and posed after he had been so rude. He embarrassed the nation.

  2. Robin Hood

    He used to do promos with WWE and now he’s got a tag team partner with a court date coming soon from Montana to a city near you.

  3. Starryflights

    What a dick

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