June is finally here and we weren’t washed away.  I can’t remember a rainier May than 2017.  Hopefully June will have warm, dry days with low humidity.

Supposedly, the fireflies are out.  That’s always a happy sign of summer.   I haven’t seen any yet but I haven’t been sitting outside on the deck in the rain.

School will soon be out for all the kids. Drive carefully.   Kids and squirrels are on the move.

30 Thoughts to “Open Thread………………………….June, 2017”

  1. As a girls softball coach with two different teams, we have had so many wash-outs, the playoffs were pushed back, but because of the All-Star Tournament, we are not going to be able to get them all in.

    With the lack of snow we received this winter, I’m sure all of this rain has reversed our drought concerns (for now).

    1. I guess the drought concerns are over now!

      We have postponed forest road trips and dog park trips over and over.

      I hope the softball girls had a good season otherwise.

  2. So how does everyone think the Corey hearing went?

    Was John McCain short-circuiting?

  3. Starryflights

    ‘Censored’ TV ad with image of Trump’s bloody head airs in Va. governor’s race

    Republican gubernatorial hopeful Corey Stewart won a battle this weekend with a TV station that initially refused to air an ad with an image of President Trump’s bloodied head.

    Stewart, a supporter of the president who was chairman of his Virginia campaign for most of last year, tried to launch the ad Friday, just days ahead of Tuesday’s three-way GOP primary.

    Titled “Unhinged,” the 30-second spot incorporates a photograph of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a bloody mask of Trump’s head — a graphic stunt that generated fierce blowback.

    “Donald Trump’s the president, and unhinged liberals can’t handle it. Who’ll stop them? Ed Gillespie won’t,” the ad begins, referring to one of Stewart’s rivals in the primary.


    Corey wants to show ads of Trump’s bloody head! What a sick thing to do.

    1. Apparently he figured showing Ted Nugent being repulsive was inappropriate?

      What bothered me the most in that Unhinged ad was how he trashed Ed Gillespie and told bald faced lies about him. I think Ed Gillespie is an honorable man. I plan on voting for Ralph Northam. He represents my values and points of view more than the other candidates. However, there is simply no point in trashing Gillespie the way Corey is doing. If Corey loses the election, and I believe he will, he will have a hard time rte-establishing himself locally and with Virginia Republicans.

      I contrast Corey’s to the three local Democratic candidates for the 13th district. They are very respectful of each other and I believe all have vowed to support the winner. We have a split household for this primary. I am supporting Steve Jansen and Mr. Howler is supporting Danica.

  4. Robin Hood

    Somebody has to begin to learn from history. Democrats went Hollywood with social issues and forgot to include the bread and butter concerns of the working class. Trump exploited that and we are all suffering the consequences.

    When I was growing up in the 60s our country managed to promote economic and social justice at the same time. We got it wrong in Vietnam but the domestic policy worked.

  5. Starryflights

    Congrats to Gillespie and Northampton. Stewart goes down to defeat! I guess Trump’s severed head and statues were far from the minds of Virginia republicans

    1. Robin Hood


      But Stewart beat the polling just like Trump. There are people out there that won’t tell an interviewer what they plan to do. Think about it because it could become something tricky.

  6. Watching

    I agree with Starryflights, Corey came pretty darn close to being the Republican nominee for Governor. The polling was completely off, as it was for Trump. I think there are still a lot of really unhappy people in Virginia that just want a change. That said, I don’t think they are to excited about Gillespie. November should be interesting.

    1. There must be a lot of angry people out there. I guess they haven’t figured out yet that Trump was all bs and bluster.

      1. Steve Thomas


        Oh, there’s angry people on both sides, but the difference is only one side, the side not currently in power, has resorted to violence of the deadly sort. Rational people decry and disavow these actions, and I am sure that includes everyone here. As a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, I believe that the only moral reason to take a life, is to preserve one that is subject to immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury.

        Yesterday’s shooting of Congressman Scalise, plus three others, including a police officer, by an angry Bernie Sanders supporter, is shocking, but predictable. When you have a constant drum-beat of fiery rhetoric coming from pols and media talking-heads, “art” in the form of plays depicting the murder of our constitutionally-elected president, “comedians” doing photoshoots holding up the bloodied severed head of this same president, super-heated social-media calling for “progressives” to “resist and rise up to destroy” those on the right, “Antifa protesters” engaging in physical violence with those lawfully assembling to support the President, left-wing groups calling for and actually targeting police officers for assassination, the specific targeting and attempted mass-murder of elected Republicans is just the predictable step on the violent spectrum.

        and I don’t believe that this is the last, nor do I believe there will be a deescalation. I pray that I am wrong, because I don’t like where I see this going.

      2. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        How is it appropriate to spin a tragedy like that politically? Many in Congress are speaking of the need to tone down the political rhetoric. You can help by doing your part.

      3. Steve, no one is condoning violence or shooting people. Please don’t act like this behavior is an on-going occurrence. It is not. How many shootings did we have during the Obama years? Far too many. There are deranged people on all spots of the political spectrum. Fiery rhetoric does not help matters.

        I won’t insult you by listing many of the right wing shootings from the past. They did happen. That’s why we all have to be very careful about what we say. No one should be shot. That is pretty much all I can say about it.

      4. Steve Thomas


        “I won’t insult you by listing many of the right wing shootings from the past.”

        You won’t insult me by listing them. Please do. Just to make it easier, let’s narrow the focus to say the last 20 or so years. This way I won’t be able to mention the Weathermen, SDS, SLA and the rest of the left-wing terror groups of the 60’s and 70’s…you know, Obama’s pals, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. Let’s just start with say 1997 and go forward from there. I’m game. Let’s start with yesterday:

        James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill.: Attempted mass-murderer. Democrat-socialist. Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer. Member of multiple social-media groups, such as “Terminate the Republican Party”. Told wife he was going to Washington to “fix the tax system”. Approached practice field. Inquired of Congressmen DeSantis (R-FL) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) as to whether it was “Republicans or Democrats” practicing on the field. Upon ascertaining it was “Republicans”, he reportedly retrieved an Norinco SKS rifle (not an AK, not an “assault rifle), and a 9mm handgun, and proceeded to shoot the Republicans present, wounding 4, including Congressman Scalise.

        Your turn.

        “Steve, no one is condoning violence or shooting people.”

        Moon, THIS insults me. Perhaps there is no one here on this blog writing so and so “needs to be shot”, but I’d love to see where someone condemned the Shakespeare’s Julius Cesar production depicting Trump being stabbed to death.

        Is “Black Lives Matter” a progressive-left group, or a conservative-right group? Is Antifa, a conservative group, or a progressive-left group? Both actively call for and actually engage in physical violence, massive civil disobedience, and destruction of public and private property. When has the Tea Party rioted, destroyed property or assassinated police officers?

        When Gianforte body-slammed that aggressive reporter, there was quick condemnation of the violence, and not without reason. However, no one mentioned that the body-slammed reporter had once tweeted how he wanted to “punch Barron Trump”.

      5. Robin Hood

        Steve Thomas,

        This is pointless. The blame game does nothing to solve the problem.

      6. Oh the weathermen…could we go tit for tat with all the lynchings in the south to even the score on two sets of toads?

        When I said “no one is condoning” I meant here on this blog and perhaps extended to our circle of acquaintances.

        I knew nothing about Julius Caesar depicting Trump being stabbed to death. I would probably offer up one of those road side signs with Obama being lynched to offset that one. There is a difference in depiction vs actually killing. I approve of neither but in the grand scheme of things, one is just bad taste–the other you don’t walk away from.

        I am not a big fan of BLM. I think they have some good points to make. However, I have seen them do things I really don’t like. However, have they ever killed anyone? If they have, I am sure not aware of it. Antifa stabbed a horse. They are certainly in my do not like list now. I pretty much think that all people in those groups are brats and thugs. Do they represent the mainstream? Nope.

        Most of the people I have read about who kill have been right wing malcontents. I am not classifying ISIS wannabes as either. However, not all have been right wing. Some have been –gasp…left wing. I think it’s sad to assume that all have a screw loose and they certainly don’t represent the values of even those with whom they generally share political commonality.

      7. Steve Thomas



        Are you seriously going to argue that it was Republicans lynching blacks in the south? Are you not aware of all of those directly associated with, or inspired by BLM who assassinated cops during the last two years of the previous admin? And let me ask you for a SINGLE mainstream publication that actually published an op-ed calling for the “execution” of Obama? Huffpo published and then pulled the following: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:XJ3ktGIGyz8J:www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/impeachment-is-no-longer-enough-donald-trump-must_us_593dfafee4b094fa859f19ce+&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

        And Antifa…are you not aware of their showing up at lawfully permitted pro-Trump events, armed with clubs and brass-knuckles, molotov cocktails and more, and physically attacking those in attendance?

      8. I was not going to call out a political party since in the south, that has changed back and forth. It isn’t the label. I never said Republicans or Democrats I don’t think.

        However, during the time frame we are talking about it could have been—But it doesn’t matter. I think we safely can say that the lynchers were conservatives.

        I somehow classify execution after a trial a little different than I do shooting someone on the street. We still have capital punishment in this country. I thought the article was extreme but it wasn’t an unlawful suggestion.

        Anyone showing up at any political event with weapons should be arrested and removed from the site. Any physical attacks should involve jail time and fines. Did they kill anyone?

        I don’t feel any differently about them than I do any other group of thugs.

      9. This notice posted on Huffington Post near the article you referenced:

        This post is hosted on the Huffington Post’s Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and post freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email.

        While the article might have been extreme or distasteful, I saw nothing illegal. Did you send them an email expressing your displeasure? I am not a big reader of Huffington Post.

      10. middleman

        Steve Thomas,

        Steve, you asked for right-wing shooting data over the past 20 years – the total is 106 right-wing killings compared to 119 by Muslim extremists since 9/12/01, according to the GAO. What’s your data on left-wing extremists total up to?

      11. You control Ted Nugget and I will control Kathy Griffin. I think both of our chances of fulfilling that request are two–slim and none.

        Meanwhile, I think we both have a responsibility to demand that the president turn down the volume on his rhetoric that involved punching people in the face, jailing people, etc. He still must think he is campaigning. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

        Hopefully he will behave more maturely. He certainly hasn’t done so up to this point.

      12. Steve Thomas


        “ou control Ted Nugget and I will control Kathy Griffin. I think both of our chances of fulfilling that request are two–slim and none.”

        The Nugent has pledged to self-sensor. No tearful press-conferences standing next to an attorney. No mass-media prompting. He just issued the statement:

        I seriously do hope that we as a society take a step back, and think about what we are saying about each other, and saying to each other, but “hope” is what you cling to, when everything around you is telling you it isn’t likely to happen. While some divisions have always existed in our society, be they regional, socio-economic, ethnic, I cannot recall a time in my half-century on this earth, where we have become so course, our hearts so hardened against anyone with whom we disagree. If we couldn’t stay united as a people after 9/11, while there are still others in the world who would do us harm, simply because we don’t subscribe to their particular theocratic ideology, the attempted mass murder of elected Republicans by an American citizen who was unhappy with the results of our electoral process won’t have much effect either.

      13. Nugent is like a reformed drinker who has been one day without a drink. Great expectations. i wish him well.

      14. Who was the last progressive who shot and killed someone?

        What left wing groups targeted cops?

        Is most mass murder or attempted mass murder usually politically driven? Dylan Roof? Yes. Orlando? Yes. San Bernadino? yes but I sure wouldn’t characterize that as progressive.

        Most mass killings are committed by nut jobs, not politics.

        I am just not comfortable leaving your remarks unanswered.

    2. Watching,

      The polling was off on the Democratic side as well.

      1. Robin Hood

        Joe George,

        Or out of date. How are you, my friend?

      2. I think that much of the data was out of date. I literally got hounded by one or two candidates–all on my cell phone which really pissed me off. I got very few calls on the house line this election cycle.

  7. Richard Hertz

    Check out this story…
    See if you can watch the video and not shed a tear. I didn’t but got something in my eye about 1/2 way thru…

  8. Pat.Herve

    I just need to rant a bit….Jason Chaffetz – the one who wants to cut all funding for all and everything – thinks that the $174,000 that a Congressman makes is not enough and would also like a $2,500 per month housing allowance. Talk about an entitlement…..Luckily for us – he is out of Congress – good riddance – by his own mysterious choice.


    Congress is also looking for $25,000 each for additional security, more capitol police funding, office funding, etc. Talk about living in another world. When it comes to themselves – the money keeps flowing. Lets cut Medicaid to a disabled person, but give myself a body guard.


    1. Absolutely @ Pat. Very much a sense of entitlement. They have the best health care plan in the United States to start with also.

      Please rant on!!

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