Cavuto summed up his comments by telling the president that his critics are not the issue. “They’re not the problem, Mr. President,” he said. “Like I said, these days, you are.”

Finally I agree with Neil Cavuto about something. Hats off to him.  More people need to call out this bad behavior. Some lack the courage to do so.  Neil Cavuto has cojones!

Perhaps even Fox is fleeing this sinking ship.

17 Thoughts to “Neil Cavuto calls out Trump: Mr. President, you are the problem”

  1. Richard Hertz

    I don’t totally disagree with this… hopefully this will put President Trump on a better trending trajectory as far as messaging goes.

    As far as the ‘sinking ship’ analogy goes… that is where we may differ in opinion. Since 2008 Democrats have lost some 2,000+ local, state and national races/seats. THAT, is a sinking ship. Kinda like the Titanic… it didn’t go down all at once but it did go down.

    Look at where they are at now… You have the DNC fighting with Hillary Clinton, you have disgraced DWS attempting to obstruct justice and the list goes on and on. They say things must hit rock bottom before they start getting better but there doesn’t seem to be a bottom for Democrats.

    I almost feel sorry for them… almost 😉

    1. Whatever goes on with the Democrats has nothing to do with what is going on with the Republicans. I would probably put that pity on ice.

      Mid-terms are only a year and a half away.

    2. Robin Hood

      Richard Hertz,

      Same old same old.

  2. middleman

    It’s pretty clear that Trump’s tweets will continue to undermine his party’s attempts to eliminate healthcare for poor people, transfer more wealth to the rich, give away public assets and enact the rest of the Republican agenda, which is a good thing. At the same time, he’s undermining his underling’s attempts to mitigate his illegal behavior and orders.

    Why would any sane person want the tweets to stop?

  3. El Guapo

    This is what we really need. We need more conservatives to stand up and be reasonable. We’ve needed this for a long time, but if anything is going to change, then we need more diatribes like this from Cavuto

  4. Robin Hood

    After Comey’s testimony today we have to understand that we are all Trump University students now and it’s a bitter lesson to learn.

  5. Kelly_3406

    Comey’s testimony shows that Trump did have grounds to fire the FBI director. Comey admitted to telling Trump that he was NOT under investigation, but would not make that fact public. With the press suggesting that Trump may have been under investigation, Comey’s refusal to go public forced Trump to endure a cloud of public suspicion that Comey could easily have put to rest.

    1. I know why he didn’t go public. That could all change at a moments notice.
      Trump had no business asking him to make that information public.
      Trump reminds me of a mafia thug.

    2. Robin Hood


      If Trump has nothing to hide then he didn’t need Comey to vouch for him.

      Moving past the smokescreen, our country was very likely cyberattacked and that’s what needs to be investigated. If people fail to put this country ahead of their partisanship it will happen again. Talk about what matters.

      1. Kelly_3406

        Robin Hood:

        If Trump has nothing to hide then he didn’t need Comey to vouch for him.

        Moving past the smokescreen, our country was very likely cyberattacked and that’s what needs to be investigated. If people fail to put this country ahead of their partisanship it will happen again. Talk about what matters.

        This is nothing new. The Russians have been attempting to interfere with US politics and elections for at least the last 30 years, including Obama’s election in 2008. Somehow the issue was ignored until Trump was elected.

        You are absolutely wrong that Trump did not need Comey to vouch for him if he has nothing to hide. The FBI investigation could easily take 6 months to a year to complete. Meanwhile the press and his political opponents would continue to hammer him and use it as a means to thwart his agenda.

        If I were in a similar position, I would have fired Comey too.

      2. Robin Hood


        If you say this problem isn’t new then it’s time for something to be done before they get something besides embarrassing leaks.

        This president puts his pride and you put politics above our national security. If a president can try to put an end to such an investigation and get away with it then that puts us in danger of slipping closer to the threat of dictatorship. Now that’s really what’s wrong and why you are.

      3. Kelly_3406

        Robin Hood,

        Unless Trump is really stupid, there would have been no reason to believe that firing Comey would have any impact on the investigation.

        However, your premise that foreign cyberattacks have not already stolen important information and technology prior to the election is just plain wrong.

        First of all, my identity and the identities of 22 million others were stolen in the OPM hacking. This breach gave a foreign government access to financial records that could show who might be vulnerable to foreign recruitment. Obama chose to do nothing.

        The White House was breached in 2014. The NSA was likely breached,since its powerful hacking tools were posted in 2016. The new Chinese fighter J-32 looks exactly like the American F-22 and F-35. There were news reports that aircraft technology was hacked from the prime contractor, Lockheed-Martin. The Obama and McCain campaigns were hacked in 2008. The Federal Reserve has been hacked over 50 times. Were these events too insignificant to merit a stern response from our federal government? I think not.

        So I have to ask myself why the same people that allowed US military readiness to drop to its lowest level since WWII are suddenly concerned about national security. Why are the same people that unwisely pushed for a Russian reset after the Russian invasion and hacking of Georgia so concerned about hacking now?

        The answer of course is politics. As an Air Force officer, national security was my top priority throughout my career. Yet I learned enough to smell a rat when people who are usually not very concerned about national security push for an investigation that clearly furthers their political aims. This investigation was politicized from the very beginning in order to cripple the incoming administration.

      4. Robin Hood


        If you want to respond to my comment correctly you should try to read more carefully.

        I never said how serious the damage done by the Russians was. My point was that something must be done before it gets worse. As a private citizen, my access to the details is limited to public reporting. You have no right to put words in my mouth.

        My concern about the Russian hacking arose from the publicity it got last year. Our president should put aside his pride and openly confront the Russians.

        The French president did that and his constituents appear to support him. On this side of the Atlantic Trump doesn’t need anybody else to destroy his agenda because he’s doing that by himself.

      5. I absolutely don’t think ANY president should be able to put an end to an FBI investigation, especially if said president is in any way involved or perhaps could be involved.

        Why is this even a question? I don’t care who the president is.

      6. The FBI director is supposed to be a non-partisan position. What if a day later Trump became part of the investigation. Then Come would be a liar.

        No one ever said Trump WAS under investigation. The FBI director works for the country, not the president.

    3. Pat.Herve


      The FBI – in the course of normal work – neither confirms nor deny’s that anyone is under investigation. Why should they go out of their way to confirm or deny that the President is under investigation?

      1. I can think of several good reasons why Corey didnt want to go out on a public limb. In the first place, it was an inappropriate conversation to be having.

        Also, in other examples used by Kelly, there was no connection or suspicion of members of the administration involved with hacks– Unlike this current Russian situation, which is loaded with suspicion and bread crumbs.

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