Corey Stewart announced his run for senate, July 13, at his Prince William home, saying “I’m going to run the most vicious, ruthless campaign against Tim Kaine.”

Corey Stewart, Chairman At-large for the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, who just recently completed a fairly successful run to be the Republican candidate for Virginia Governor, used fighting words to announce his run for the U.S. Senate, challenging Democrat Tim Kaine.

Stewart proposed he would not be “holding back any punches” and said he was “disgusted” when George H. W. Bush had promised “a kinder, gentler nation.”

Corey does not disappoint.   Emboldened by a near-successful primary bid for the governorship, Corey will continue with his mini-me Trump-like behavior as the Trump administration circles the drain daily.  As more and more is uncovered in the various Russia-gate capers,  the Trump administration appears to be headed for a crash-and-burn scenario that will ultimately end in impeachment and removal from office.

Stewart is a seasoned local politician who could overcome the set-backs, on a local level, that a politically naive Trump will have trouble extricating himself from.  Unfortunately for Stewart, he now plans on swimming in shark-infested political waters that might just be a little more than he bargained for.

I can’t see Corey driving “old Dixie down” this go-round.  The primary is over.  Corey won’t be running for governor.  Corey will run for the Senate.

Will Corey seriously run on keeping Robert E. Lee while waving the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia?   On a national level, that stuff just won’t fly.  There has to be substance about issues most Virginians care about like jobs, health care, threats from foreign invaders. etc.    Those who turn out for a primary simply aren’t the same folks who turn out for a general election. v

7 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart announces the “most vicious, ruthless campaign” against Tim Kaine for the Senate”

  1. Robin Hood

    I was born and grew up in Virginia and I speak with a Southern accent, so I’m fed up with people coming here from around the country to tell me about my heritage. We know what to be proud of and what not to be proud of and we don’t need to hear it from some carpetbagger who may not know how to use “y’all,” “reckon” or “yonder” appropriately just because he wants people to know his name.

    On second thought, let him do what he does. If he spends all of his money next year he could be running on empty when his term is up the following year.

    1. I totally agree with you, Robin Hood. I boast similar heritage and I don’t need the “culture” lesson from outsiders. One look at Corey’s manners with his vicious, ruthless campaign will tell observers all they really need to know. Corey is a wannabe.

      1. NorthofNokesville


        Trump was able to convince people he’s a populist. Stewart very nearly won a race he should never have been close in. Normal rules don’t seem to apply now.

      2. Robin Hood


        Some Republicans believe that Gillespie pulled a Hillary by saving campaign money for the general election, which allowed Stewart to come close. But Corey isn’t one of them, of course.

      3. They really don’t. With Corey, I blame it being a primary. He also went after people’s fears with a big highlighter.
        As for Trump, there is simply no explanation other than meddling. I can’t believe that there were so many people ready to give their country away to a bumbling, unprepared incompetent. What were they thinking!!!!

  2. Watching

    It is so embarrassing to be from PWC when Corey is chair and doing all this. Maybe we can get rid of him early. I keep hoping he resigns.

    1. I sure don’t want him in Kaine’s place.

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